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Technical Name web_tree_image
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Display images and icons in tree view

This module defines a tree image widget, to be used with either binary fields or (function) fields of type character. Use widget='image' in your view definition. Optionally, set a height attribute. Default height is 16px.

If you use the widget with a character field, the content of the field can be any of the following:

  • The absolute or relative location of an image. For example, "/<module>/static/src/img/youricon.png"
  • A standard icon from the web distribution, without path or extension, For example, 'gtk-open'
  • A dynamic image in a data url base 64 format. Prefix with 'data:image/png;base64,'


This module defines a new widget type for tree views columns.

Set the attribute widget=image in a field tag in a tree view. You can also set height=<height> to set the height the image will have. Note that this just sets the image height attribute, if you want to make the server return a resized image, maybe to reduce the size of the transferred file or to have uniform images, use the resize="<width>,<height>" attribute.

You can set display=icon in order to get a clickable picture icon that will open a full screen preview of the image. Set display=thumbnail to get a clickable thumbnail.




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Good Job
on 8/6/16, 7:17 AM

What I've looked for
Evgeny Fomin
on 4/26/16, 6:09 AM

Worked as charm. Btw, in "Set the attribute widget=image in a field tag in a tree view" needs widget='image', I think.

Works Perfectly
murali krishna reddy
on 4/21/16, 2:18 AM

Nice module, thanks

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