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Odoo 31
v 8.0 v 9.0 v 10.0 v 11.0 v 12.0 Third Party 16567
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Website Builder (website)
Technical Name website_support
Also available in version v 10.0 v 11.0 v 9.0 v 12.0
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Website Builder (website)
Technical Name website_support
Also available in version v 10.0 v 11.0 v 9.0 v 12.0


A helpdesk / support ticket system for your website


  • Search through website based help documention
  • Submit ticket bthrough the website

Using the module

Creating help pages

1. Go to Sales->Configuration->Support Tickets->Help Pages

Managing help tickets

1. Go to Sales->Customer Support->Support Tickets

Inherited Views

res.partner.form (base.view_partner_form)

Adds "Support Tickets" button in the top right button box.

Web Controllers


Public, lists help groups and their help pages.


Public, Page where public / registered users can submit a support ticket.


Public, insert support ticket into database, send email to all follows of the tickets support category and redirect user to thank you page.


Public, thanks the users for submitting the ticket.


User, views a list of support tickets submitted by the logged in user.


User, views an individual ticket with the id <ticket>, shows error if the ticket is not owned by the logged in user.


User, Inserts support ticket comment into database and redirects user back to /support/ticket/view/<ticket> page.


Public, broken but it's meant to allow people to search for help pages.

Inserted Records

Support (website_support_ticket): Adds "Support" to your website main menu.

Technical Support (website_support_tech_support): "Tech Support" ticket category.

Billing Issues (website_support_billing_issues): "Billing Issues" ticket category.

Open (website_ticket_state_open): A ticket that is new/open

Staff Replied (website_ticket_state_staff_replied): A ticket staff have replied to

Customer Replied (website_ticket_state_customer_replied): A ticket the customer has replied to

Customer Closed (website_ticket_state_customer_closed): The customer has deemed the issue fixed and has closed the ticket

Staff Closed (website_ticket_state_staff_closed): The staff consider the issue fixed or have not got a reply in a long time and have closed the ticket

Models / Fields

res.partner (Inherited)


Tickets (support_ticket_ids): Support ticket list in the form of a button

Ticket Count (support_ticket_count): The amount of support tickets this customer has (Support help articles are grouped together under a common title)


Help Group (Help Group): Name of the help group as displayed on the website

Pages (page_ids): List of help page articles that are part of this group

"Number of Pages (page_count): number of help page articles in this group (An individual help article)


Page Name (name): Name of the help page

Page URL (url): Auto generated url of the help page

Group (group_id): The help group this page belongs too (A support ticket)


Partner (partner_id): The partner this ticket belongs to if any

Person Name (person_name): The name of the person that submitted the ticket

Email (email): The name of the person that submitted the ticket

Category (category): The category of the support ticket

Subject (subject): The subject of the support ticket, remains the same throughout the life cycle of the ticket

Description (description): The initial content of the support ticket when it was first submitted

State (state): The current state of the support ticket, starts as open ends with closed

Conversation History (conversation_history): History of the conversation between various staff and the customer (A message in a support ticket conversation)


Ticket ID (ticket_id): The ticket this message belongs too

Content (content): the content of the message (Categories a support ticket can be)


Category Name (name): Name of the category as seen in the support ticket submit webpage (The states a ticket can be in, starts as open, goes back and forth between customer replied and staff replied and finally closes when the issue has been resolved)


State Name (name): Name of the state as seen by staff


No Group () Read, Write and Create Read Read and Create

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Nice module. Just a little modification.
on 9/17/20, 2:22 PM

Is there any way to put the attached file of the support ticket on the /support/view section of the web in order that the customer could download the data he previously uploeaded or the one that the support staff have attached on the backoffice?

Something like: <b>Attachment</b><br/><t t-esc="support_ticket.attachment_filename"/><br/> but it show the file for download it instead just the file name.


V8 Send email
on 7/31/18, 1:16 PM

Hi friends, i am using this module but i have a question. why is nos posible send email in v8??