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v 9.0 v 12.0 Third Party 11
Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Technical Name insurance_management_globalteckz
Also available in version v 14.0 v 13.0 v 12.0
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Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Technical Name insurance_management_globalteckz
Also available in version v 14.0 v 13.0 v 12.0

Insurance Management Module with Odoo version 9

Insurance Management module with Odoo version 9 developed by Globalteckz offers you with powerful features that insurance companies or insurance agency needed this solution for insurance management has been developed the latest version of Odoo 9 to ensure other ERP features can be used as per the requirements. Apart from handling customers, policies, policies time, date of expiry, company details you can also use multiple odoo modules such as Human resource, Accounting, services management, CRM and so on

Insurance Management Module with Odoo version 9

Below is the list of features you gain from our Insurance management module in Odoo
  • Insurance Management module Overview from Menu View.
  • Insurance Branch Details
  • Policy Schemes Details.
  • Agent Details.
  • Customer Details.
  • Policy Register Details.
  • Print Reports
  • Invoice Details.
  • Auto Generate Invoice and send email with invoice attachments.
  • Logs.
  • More Reports.
  • Dashboards
  • Invoice Details.
  • Send Payment Due Email.

Insurance Management module Overview from Menu View:

After installation, You will find the menu as following:

Insurance Management -> Policy -> Policy Quotation (Where you can prepare quotation for particular policy to your customer)

Insurance Management -> Policy -> Customer Details (All the information about the customer) Insurance Management -> Configuration -> Insurance Company (This is nothing but the company who is offering the Insurance )

Adding of Insurance Company or Branch :

Insurance company menu which is a part of configuration you can add the insurance company name from where you are allocating the insurance Here is the view of adding up of Branch registration or adding of insurance company

Adding up of Branch form view Branch Registration menu which is a part of configuration you can add the your company’s branch or sub-branch.

Currency Configurations.

List of all Companies and Details : As an agent or Insurance company you can view all the list of insurance company where you have tie up with you can also see details such as address, contact numbers and so on . . . This part helps you to understand the list quickly from which companies you can offer the insurance schemes to your customer.

Adding Policy Type : - As an insurance company we sold different-different type policy like Personal Insurance , Health Insurance, etc.

An Example of adding Policy type and details.

List of all policies.

Add Policy Schemes : In policy schemes form we can configure insurance policy structure. In schemes form we add schemes details like policy name, type, minimum duration maximum duration, minimum amount, maximum amount, etc..

Below is the form for adding schemes

1. Product Name

2. Policy type

3. Policy Code

4. Minimum duration of the policy

5. Maximum duration for which the policy can be taken

6. Minimum Amount

7. Maximum amount which the policy can be taken

8.Tax in case any

9. Interest rate

10. Adding of Agent

11. Save the scheme.

List Of All Added Schemes :

Agent Details :

Agent Detail is another menu which offers you to create new agent and fill agent details

Agent Form view

List of all your Agents

Customer Details :

Customer Detail is another menu which offers you to create new customer, their policies details, the policy number, expiry dates and so on . .

Customer Form : As you can see we have different fields available here in the customer form where you can enter the details such as address, phone number, tags, multiple contacts, notes, policy details and so on . .

The number of fields can be added based on the requirements

View Customer Policy in Policy Details Tab:

In the policy detail tab you can easily identify the number of policies taken by the customer with details such as policy number, insurer name, end date, renewal date and so on . . .The best thing about this tab is that a single customer may taken different policies from one company or different insurance company which can be easily find out

List of all your customers in one view.

You can directly send email from policy registration functionality.

Put Policy in done stage directly to get the easy monthly installments with due dates.

Here is an example of getting policy number and the Easy monthly installments including the invoices attached

Till the final number of EMI's with due dates EMI amount.

Automated emails - Run scheduler - Every Day automatically run scheduler and generate policy EMI invoice and send email to customer with invoice attachment.

Policy Quotation :

To prepare an insurance policy quotation to your customer you can simply enter all the details you can also set up the payment method as monthly, quarterly and so on . .

After all the details you can save policy directly or for confirmation you can email the quotation directly.

Send email to customer and view all invoice button as well as print report.On click confirm button the Policy detail line will be generated base on number of duration and amount..

Invoice Details:

On click view all invoice button we are navigate to invoice form where all policy quatation invoice alrady created.

Free Support

You will get 15 Days free support incase any bugs or support while installing and testing the module.

At GlobalTeckz we specialize in providing ERP implementation using the best of industry methodology that ensures successful ERP implementation. Be it manufacturing trading or eCommerce industry our resource thirve to make every project success for our clients. Globalteckz is an official partner of one of the leading open source erp solution named as Odoo and have completed more than 50+ implementation across the globe.

If you feel that this module (insurance management) can be helpful for your business feel free to email us on

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