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Technical Name mail_forward
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Now tou can forward mail in 9.0 version Odoo

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We can´t use it in Odoo 9 // we got error message
Hendryk Knuth
on 7/12/17, 2:57 AM

Uncaught Error: Expected "}", got "(name)" https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/py.js/lib/py.js:361 Zurückverfolgung Error: Expected "}", got "(name)" at advance (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/py.js/lib/py.js:361:19) at F.symbol.nud (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/py.js/lib/py.js:253:9) at expression (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/py.js/lib/py.js:351:22) at Object.py.parse (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/py.js/lib/py.js:1315:16) at Object.py.eval (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/py.js/lib/py.js:1454:16) at https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/src/js/framework/pyeval.js:835:28 at iterator (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/underscore/underscore.js:176:16) at Function. (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/underscore/underscore.js:191:14) at _.(anonymous function) [as reduce] (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/lib/underscore/underscore.js:1484:34) at eval_contexts (https://odoo-dev.grimm-gastrobedarf.de/web/static/src/js/framework/pyeval.js:823:24)

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