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Website Slides Local Video.

eLearning Local Video
Geminate Consultancy Services
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Employee Hierarchy - Multi Company - Drag and Drop - Search - Add - Edit - Delete - Screenshot - Horizontal - Vertical

Organization Chart Premium
SLife Organization , Amichia Fréjus Arnaud AKA
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The module shows the geolocation of the customer to him/her based on the address saved in the Odoo.

Website Customer Geolocation Address
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
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Add base for gantt view

Base for Gantt view
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Enable auto cancel transfered delivery or cancel stock picking. Auto Cancel Delivery Order and Auto Cancel Receivable products.

Cancel Delivery Order & Reset to Draft
Craftsync Technologies
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All in one secondary unit of measure Sales, Purchase, Accounting and Inventory.

All in One Secondary Unit of Measure Sales, Purchase, Accounting and Inventory
Edge Technologies
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Dynamic List View

Dynamic Tree View | Dynamic List View
Geo Technosoft
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This apps help to make invoice from the

Invoice From Picking(Shipment/Delivery Order) Odoo
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Search any data in Odoo. quick and easy. all data search. global search. fast search ever. fast search easy search search quick search search any object global search odoo search all databse search all search search products search invoices search orders search vendors search customers search any data

Odoo Easy Search, global search, quick search
Simple Apps
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Hide Menu / Restrict Menu / Hide Field On The View / Make Field Readonly / Hide Stat Button / Change Parameters of M2o Fields: ('no_open', 'no_create', 'no_quick_create', 'no_create_edit')

Generic Security Restriction
Center of Research and Development
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Product template manage multiple variants of single products in POS screen easily and manage Alternative/Suggestion Products

POS Product template/variant
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The module allows the customers to add notes in their orders. They can add delivery instructions for the seller in the orders.

Website Order Notes
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
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Default Make Barcode Module,New Product Barcode Generate App,Existing Product Barcode Generate Application, Existing Multi Product Barcode Create, Custom Product Barcode Generator Odoo.

Product Barcode Generator
Softhealer Technologies
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Stock Force Date Inventory force date Inventory Adjustment force date Stock Transfer force date stock picking force date receipt force date shipment force date delivery force date in stock backdate stock back date inventory back date receipt back date

Force date in Stock Transfer and Inventory Adjustment
Edge Technologies
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This module helps to put different stickers/tag for product which shows on website as Ribbon

Odoo Website Product Labels & Stickers on Shop
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Import Product, Customer, Supplier Images From URL, csv, xls file Import Image URL CSV XLS Import Image URL CSV Import Image URL XLS Import Image CSV URL Import Image CSV XLS Import URL Image CSV Import Image XLS URL Import Image XLS CSV Import URL Image XLS Import URL CSV Image Import URL CSV XLS Import CSV Image URL Import CSV Image XLS Import CSV URL Image Import URL XLS CSV Import URL XLS Image Import CSV URL XLS Image Import URL CSV Import XLS Image URL Import CSV XLS Image Import CSV XLS URL Import XLS Image CSV Import XLS URL Image Import XLS URL CSV Image Import XLS Image Import XLS CSV Image Import XLS CSV URL Image Import CSV XLS Image URL Import XLS URL Image CSV Image URL Import XLS Image URL CSV Import XLS CSV Image URL XLS Import URL Image XLS CSV Image XLS Import URL Image URL Image CSV XLS Import CSV XLS Image CSV URL Import XLS Image XLS Import CSV Image XLS URL Import XLS URL CSV XLS CSV URL Import CSV XLS CSV Import XLS CSV URL XLS CSV Import Image CSV URL XLS URL CSV Image CSV URL Import URL Image CSV XLS Image CSV Import CSV URL XLS URL Import Image Import CSV URL CSV Image CSV Import Image URL CSV Image CSV XLS CSV Import URL CSV Image XLS Image Import URL Image Import CSV Import CSV Import XLS CSV XLS Image XLS URL Image XLS Image URL XLS CSV URL XLS Import Image XLS Image CSV XLS URL XLS CSV Import XLS Image XLS CSV Image Import URL Import URL XLS Image URL CSV XLS CSV XLS Import Image Import CSV XLS Import XLS URL Import URL XLS Import CSV XLS URL CSV XLS Import URL XLS Import Image URL Image CSV URL Import

Import Images From URL / CSV / XLS
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Print Dynamic Product Barcode Labels Template Purchase Order Picking Print Dynamic Barcode Labels Dynamic Product Labels dynamic label Odoo Barcode Labels Dynamic Product Label Print Dynamic Barcode Product Label Print dynamic label dynamic product label Barcode Label product barcode label dynamic product barcode dynamic barcode

Print Dynamic Product Barcode Labels For Product, Template, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Picking
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Useful extension for Odoo Purchase

Product images on Purchase order and Quotation
Dusal Solutions
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Sales order line numbering, product photo, product image, sale order

Product images and line numbers on Sales Order and Quotation
Dusal Solutions
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Shows Language Flag with image and Name on website

Website Language Flag with Image & Name
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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