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The tool to make inventory data essential and comfortable for elaboration

Stocks by Locations
Odoo Tools
36.00 €

Financial manager helper to add products in invoices fast and comfortable

Invoice Lines Screening
Odoo Tools
219.00 €

The fastest possible tool to select products in Sales, Purchases, WMS and Invoicing

Product Search Bundle
Odoo Tools
282.00 €

Purchase managers tool to add products to RFQs in a few clicks. The fastest and comfortable purchase orders creation

Purchase Screening
Odoo Tools
219.00 €

Warehouse manager helper to add products to pickings in a few clicks. Quick and comfortable

Stock Items Screening
Odoo Tools
219.00 €

Salesperson helper: find and pick up products to sale orders in a few clicks. The fastest and comfortable quotations creation

Product Screening
Odoo Tools
219.00 €

Bridge app to show available stocks by locations in smart product search results

Product Search Available Stocks
Odoo Tools
246.00 €

Odoo app shows Stock Quantity for different Location on Product

Product Stocks By locations & Report
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
14.00 €

This plugin helps to show stock balance of different location on product level.

Product Stocks By locations report in odoo
15.00 €

The tool to automatically assign a current user warehouse in sales orders

User Default Warehouse
Odoo Tools
19.00 €