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CFDI (XML and PDF) Downloader and SAT PDF validations Enterprise CFDI Downloader

Tour and Travel Booking Management Visitor Management Tour Booking Service Tour Agents Hotel Booking Room Management System Hotel Rooms Management Hotel Room Management Hotel Reservation Management complete Hotel Management Solution Odoo Reserve Hotel Rooms Hotel Operations Hotel Administration Hotel Marketing Hotel Revenue Management Hotel property management Hotel guest services Hotel Booking Management Hotel Management System Manage Hotel Booking Manage Room Booking Manage Rooms Booking Room Reservations Room Reservation System Room Reservation Management Manage Hotel Rooms Hotel Management Odoo App Hotel Management Odoo Module

Hotel Management System | Hotel Reservation System
Softhealer Technologies
RicefieldComm Industrial
Ricefield Digital

Create warranty from sales or picking or manual Warranty claims and repair request Warranty renewal request Warranty certificate and verification Auto and manual Renewal and Expire Notification on renewal and expiration

Product Warranty and Claims

Dairy farm management system is use to manage data related to Dairy Animals, milk and manure Manages Animals Data ( Health, Weight, Breeding) Animals Daily Milk Sheet and Milk inventory<br/> Milk Distribution and Grain purchase and other expenses Manure Collection, Inventory and Distribution Milk ledger, income analysis and farm accouting Health, Weight, Breeding PDF and other reports Milk management system Animal management system Dairy farm management

Dairy Farm Management

Hotel room Hotel reservation hotel folio hotel restaurants housekeeping Hotel Laundry hotel agent commission hotel commission hotel room booking hotel website hotel property management hotel resort property resort online hotel booking property booking

Hotel Management System
Edge Technologies

Music School Management Music School Institute music Institute music art school musical school music academy management music conservatory school of arts music management music classes art classes tuition classes music tuition classes of musical academy

Music School Management | Musical Academy Management

Hospital Pharmacy Management pharmacy medical management healthcare pharmacy healthcare pharmacy product medical stock medical pharmacy medicine stock medicine pharmacy medical healthcare medical hospital odoo pharmacy drugstore dispensary apothecary odoo

Medical Pharmacy Management | Medical Dispensary

Manage Freight Transportation Management and Logistics System which has key features which include transporter details. Vehicle,route LR number of parcelinformation for all delivery order details. Create auto entry transport entry with reporting those entries make it more easy to operate Transport details in Odoo. Manage Trans-shipment and vehicle by transporter and Transport Delivery Charge. Freight Transport Management and Delivery Routes Delivery Transport Mangement with Freight Transport for Delivery and Picking Order

Transport Management System

Quality Management System which manages Quality Control Points and Instructions.Quality control plans to trigger quality checks at specific inventory operations and Define quality instructions or rules to automate actions

Quality Management System

Law Management System Law Firm Management System legal firm management law Practice management legal Practices management court case management legal firm management advocate firm management law ERP law matter lawyers trials court trials legal case matter

Law & Legal Practice Management System

Create sub production orders from main bill of material (fabric, button , thread) and use those sub production order as bom (sleaves, font and back) in garment (shirt) production Cloth manufacturing Textile manufacturing Garment Manufacturing

Garment Manufacturing System

Manage whole sales process from order to delivery,invoices upto payment and you can also create advance payment for particular order and adjust on partial payment from point of sale screen

Pharmacy Management Sytem

Create bulk RFQ with vendor management and comparison all RFQ from same screen and confirm purchase order based on comparison filters and rest will cancel automatically

Advance Purchase Management

Create bulk RFQ for selected vendors. Auto send RFQ in mail. Show all send rfq into vendor profile. Update price and expected date from portal and add vendor description Multiple RFQ creation

Vendor Management System

Farmer as portal user and can see his services and processes Farmer register Cultivation area and distribute into Blocks Cultivation activities and services given by service provider Inspection by responsible person and Farmer can create his Claims Agriculture Multiple Processes as project and tasks Claim and Service invoices and Crops and fees reports Agriculture dashboard with crops and services area farmer deatils Agriculture or Farming solution as service providers

Agriculture Management System

Received Payment from paypal or bank or credit card or any other way and charges or commission will be separate as new payement for invoices and bills or direct payment Separate invoice payment or normal payment for fix or percentage commission or charges

Charges or Commission on Payment

Create Equipment Maintenance Add multiple components tobe used Create stock movements Create invoices for Maintenance Auto create request based on define recurring days Skip request on weekend or holidays

Equipment Maintenance Management

Complete Hostel management

Educational Hostel Management
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Manufacturing Components swapping which defines dynamically exchange lot-serial of raw materials in production orders Main Product : CAR Components Engine Serial E1 Seat Serial S1 Tyre Serial T1 Production Orders MO/1 : 000001 MO/2 : 000002 Now Swap Engine E1 With E2 Main Product CAR Transaction Serial 000001 and 000002 Production to stock Stock to swapping Swapping to stock Componets Transaction Serial E1 and E2 Production to Swapping Swapping to Stock

Manufacture Swapping Management