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POS Order Rounding App, POS Enable Rounding, POS Rounding Amount Module, Point Of Sale Rounding Value, POS Total Number Rounding, POS Total Rounding, POS Round-Up Value, Cash Rounding, Payment Rounding, POS Rounding To Fifty Normal POS Rounding Normal Rounding POS Rounding Module Rounding POS Order Product Rounding Products Rounding Payment rounding app Round Amount In Receipt Manual Payments Price rounding Odoo

POS Rounding
Softhealer Technologies

This module allows users to split products from a POS cart and generate receipts based on the split products.

POS Split Cart (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Reserve Order and Product with paying some amount and then confirm when pay full amount

POS Order In LayBy
Caret IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

POS Validate Authenticate POS Manager Add/remove Quantity POS Change Price POS Remove Order Line POS Remove Order POS Close POS Screen POS Validation POS Order Validate POS Manager Approval POS Order Validation Order Deletion Order Line Deletion Discount Application Order Payment Price Change Decreasing Quantity Odoo POS Validation Odoo POS Validate Odoo POS Confirmation Odoo POS Confirm Odoo POS Checking Odoo POS Check Odoo POS Access Odoo POS User Access Right Delete Order Delete Order line POS Closing Decrease Quantity POS Cash In/Out POS Cash Out/In POS Cash Movement POS Order Deletion POS Order Line Deletion POS Order Discount Application POS Order Payment POS Order Price Change POS Order Decreasing Quantity Odoo POS Validation Type Odoo POS Validate by Password POS Validate by Barcode Odoo Point Of Sale Confirmation Odoo Point Of Sale Confirm Odoo Point Of Sale Checking Odoo Point Of Sale Check Odoo Point Of Sale Access Odoo Point Of Sale User Access Right POS Delete Order POS Order Delete Order line Point Of Sale Closing POS Order Decrease Quantity Cash In/Out Cash Out/In Cash Movement POS Order Refund Cash In Cash Out POS Order Cash In POS Order Cash Out Point of Sale Order Deletion Point of Sale Order Line Deletion Point of Sale Order Discount Application Point of Sale Order Payment Point of Sale Order Price Change Point of Sale Order Decreasing Quantity Odoo Point of Sale Validation Type Odoo Point of Sale Validate by Password Point of Sale Validate by Barcode Odoo Sale Confirmation Odoo Sale Confirm Odoo Sale Checking Odoo Sale Check Odoo Sale Access Odoo Sale User Access Right Point of Sale Delete Order Point of Sale Order Delete Order line Sale Closing Point of Sale Order Decrease Quantity Cash In/Out Point of Sale Cash Out/In Point of Sale Cash Movement Point of Sale Order Refund Point of Sale Cash In Point of Sale Cash Out Point of Sale Order Cash In Point of Sale Order Cash Out Refund Cash Refund POS Refund POS Cash Refund Point of Sale Refund Point of Sale Cash Refund POS Manager validation Point Of Sale Manager Validation

Point Of Sale Manager Validation
Softhealer Technologies

Clear all order lines in one click

Clear All And Item Button

Point of Sales Shortkey

Point of Sales(POS) Shortkey
Banas Tech Private Limited

Create POS Refund Credit Voucher POS Order Return Coupons Point of Sale Refund Via Voucher POS Refund Via Coupon Point of Sales Refund Vouchers POS Product Return Vouchers POS Order Refund Voucher POS Refund by Voucher POS Refund Via Credit Vouchers

POS Credit Voucher | POS Order Refund Coupon

This module allows users to print gift receipts along with payment receipts from the POS interface.

POS Gift Receipt (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This module helps you to restrict to print product in pos receipt | Hide Free Product in POS Receipt | Hide Product in POS Receipt | Restrict to print product in pos receipt

Restrict to Print Product in Receipt | Hide Product in POS Receipt
Preway IT Solutions

App helps POS Loyalty Management pos loyalty pos rewards pos club membership POS by Loyalty Program POS promotion pos offers pos customer loyalty POS Loyalty & Rewards Program pos Bonus Gift POS Referral pos coupons

POS Loyalty and Rewards Program in Odoo

Add images on Payment Methods available in the PoS

Point of Sale - Payment Method Image
Odoo S.A. , GRAP ,

point of sales item count of total number app POS Item Total Count in pos total quantity in POS screen pos total discount in POS screen pos total discount in POS receipt receipt pos item number count pos product count pos order item count pos product count on pos item count, Adds the functionality to display the total item count and total quantiy and total discount in POS product screen and pos receipt,Item count in Order and Receipt in Point of Sale,This module allows the POS user to keep track of the number of products added to the POS in each order. The item(s) count and total discount is also shown on the POS receipt,POS Items Counter Point Of Sale Product Counter POS Total Item Count Point Of Sale Item Calculate POS Product Count POS Item Counter Module POS Item Management Point Of Sale Total Product Odoo POS Counter POS Product Counter Cart Item Counter Cart Product Counter Display Product Count Display Item Count Display Count Point of Sale Counter Point of Sale Item Counter Point of Sale Product Counter POS Item Total Count Total Item Count in POS,Pos Item count module show you number of products in cart, custom receipt, pos custom receipt

Pos Item count | Item count | Total Discount
Khaled Hassan

Point Of Sale Product Search By Tags,POS Product Search By Tags,POS Search By Tags,Point Of Sale Tags,POS Tags,POS tags search,pos product tags,point of sale product tags,filter product by tags,POS tag filter odoo

Point Of Sale Product Tags Search | POS Product Tags Search
Softhealer Technologies

Point of sales product bundle pack combined product pack in POS product category bundle pack pos product bundle pack based category pos category bundle product category pack pos product pack pos category bundle pack pos kit pos product category bundle

POS Product Bundle Based on Category

create customer in offline mode point of sale offline customer pos offline customer pos customer offline creation point of sale order customer offline customer pos create Orders without Internet Resume POS Session without Internet Create Customer Offline Odoo

Point Of Sale - Offline Customer Creation | Point Of Sale Offline Customer creation
Softhealer Technologies

POS Restaurant Floor Pricelist, Point Of Sale Table Based Pricelist, POS Pricelist, Point Of Sale Pricelist, POS Floor Based Pricelist, POS Table Pricelist,POS Different Pricelist, POS Price List Odoo

POS Floor Pricelist | Point Of Sale Floor Pricelist
Softhealer Technologies

Generate cash flow report for Point of Sale

POS Cash Report
Dustin Mimbela

POS Different Currency POS Multi-Currency Point Of Sale Multi Pricelist Point Of Sale Various Currency Pricelist POS Multi-Currency Payment POS Multiple Currency Pricelist POS Pricelist Management POS Multi Currency Pricelist Odoo

Point Of Sale Multi Currency Pricelist
Softhealer Technologies

This module helps in add salesperson on pos orderline from pos interface.

CSL POS Sales Person
Cloud Science Labs

POS Realtime Warehouse Quantity Point Of Sale Warehouse Product Quantity Realtime Realtime Update Qty While Validate Sale Order Validate Purchase Order Realtime Update Qty While Cart Qty Update Realtime Update Qty Between 2 POS Sessions Odoo

Point Of Sale Realtime Stock Update | POS Realtime Update Product Quantity | POS Inventory Real Time Update
Softhealer Technologies