Sync Outlook and Odoo calendar Items

Office 365 Calendar Sync
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Sync Outlook and Odoo contacts

Office 365 Contact Sync
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Framework for syncing with Microsoft Office 365 API

Office 365 OAuth Client
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The product approval module will allow you to approve or reject products only by-product manager, Only approved products can be used in Sale, Purchase, Invoices, CRM & Inventory, etc. When product create that will put it in the 'Under Approval' state by default and then after product manager can move in approve or not approve state. The approved product will appear in the whole odoo. This module gives the facility to the product manager to select multiple products means mass approval or mass reject products. Product Approval Odoo, Product Management Odoo Product Manager Approve Product Module, Product Rejection By Product Manager, Mass Product Approve, Multiple Product Approve In Single Click, Bulk Product Reject, All Product Reject In Single Click Odoo. Approve Product Module, Product Manager Product Reject, Mass Product Approve, Single Click Multiple Product Approve, Bulk Product Reject, Single Click All Product Reject Odoo. Product Approval 产品认证 Approbation du produit Produktzulassung Approvazione del prodotto Aprobación del producto Aprovação do produto

Product Approval
Softhealer Technologies
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Report preview, download and automatic printing

Report Print Preview
renjie <>
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This apps helps to Send Email to All Followers of Document when Log an internal note.

Send Internal Note as Email To Followers
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A collection of modules built to enhance the overall usability and simple customizations to Odoo List/Tree views.

Smart Plugins
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Year and month selection and display, support multi-languauge, custom display format

Year and month picker
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