Import Purchase Order Lines from CSV,Import Purchase Order Lines from Excel, Import RFQ Lines From CSV Module, Import RFQ Lines From Excel App, Import PO Lines From CSV, import PO Lines From XLS, import request for quotation line XLSX Odoo

Import Purchase Order Lines from CSV/Excel file
Softhealer Technologies
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Easy to Import multiple purchase order with multiple purchase order lines on Odoo by Using CSV/XLS file

Import Purchase Order from Excel or CSV File
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The tool to add suppliers to a number of products simultaneously

Mass Vendors Update
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split purchase order Lines | split rfq order | split orders | bulk product order easy to split | split purchase order lines | split rfq order line | split line | split request for quotation orders | split RFQ | split request for qutation | Split po | split order Lines | extract rfq | extract purchase | extract qutation

Split Purchase Order
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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This module is used to quickly add product in purchase order.

Quick Add Product on Purchase
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Using this apps Purchase User can Easily add custom field on Purchase Order Form view

Add Custom Fields to Purchase Order Form
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hide all vendors of the products from normal users odoo hide vendors remove vendors hide supplier remove supplier generate barcode Read Only User Hide Any Menu multi level approve website document attachment product attachment

Hide Vendors Of The Product
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Import/Export Purchase Order Lines

Import/Export Purchase Order Lines
DRC Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
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Manage supplier credentials

Password Manager
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Allow user to print price list report Print product pricelist product pricing Product brochure

Pricelist - Product Catalog XLS Report
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
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Product prices helper view

Product Pricelists
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Useful extension for Odoo Purchase

Product images on Purchase order and Quotation
Dusal Solutions
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Purchase Dashboard, RFQ Dashboard, PO Dashboard, Request For Quotation Dashboard

Purchase Dashboard
OMAX Informatics
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Supplier Invoice Discount

Purchase Invoice Discount
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Purchase Order Confirm & Send Email in Bulk

Purchase Order Confirm & Send Email in Bulk
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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odoo App will show Partial Shipment,Partial Invoice, shipped, Invocied Status on Purchase Order | purchase invoice status | purchase shipment status | purchase vendor bill status | partial shipment status | partial invoice status | purchase order status | purchase status | quotation status | Partial Ship Status | Shipped | Partial Invoice Purchase | Invoiced Purchase | Purchase shipment status

Purchase Order Status
Devintelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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Purchase managers tool to add products to RFQs in a few clicks. The fastest and comfortable purchase orders creation

Purchase Screening
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Prevents merging of RFQ's for Purchase orders

SW - Prevent RFQ Merge
Smart Way Business Solutions
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Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Stock Picking, Stock Delivery XLS Reports
OMAX Informatics
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Split RFQ
Softhealer Technologies
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