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Excel Odoo Connector

Product dimensions (Width, Length, Length/Width Measurement, Square Measurement)on Sale Form, Purchase Form,Invoice view.

Product Dimension Height Width Measurement on Sales, Purchase and Invoice
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

The tool to motivate vendors to prepare product catalogs in Odoo. Import supplier info. Import vendor details. Import supplier details. Import vendor info. Vendor portal. Vendor product portal. Vendor portal management. Supplier portal management. Vendors product portal. Purchase portal price. Supplier products portal. Suppliers products portal. Vendor products portal. Vendor portal for pricelists. Vendor portal pricelists. Vendor pricelists. Vendor price lists. Supplier pricelists. Supplier price lists. Vendor portal price lists. Purchase portal management. Website portal for purchases. Website vendor portal. Portal purchase price. Manage products from portal. Online vendor portal. Vendor product catalog. Vendor product import. Vendor products import

Vendor Products Portal

All in one purchase reports all purchase reports merge purchase price history import purchase cancel purchase order RFQ Sequence purchase auto worklow purchase excel report split purchase order tags purchase multi warehouse purchase force date on purchase

All in One Purchase Management | All in One Purchase Tools

Dynamic, customizable and flexible approval workflows. Streamlining and optimizing your approvals and document processing. | dynamic approval module | Odoo approval system | flexible approval routes | document approval workflow | efficient document approvals | customizable approval stages | Odoo document management | multi-level approval process optimization | automated approval routes | dynamic document workflows | multilevel approval route customization | seamless document processing | flexible document routing | dynamic approval stages | Odoo workflow enhancement | approval automation

Dynamic Approval Workflows [Base]

Merge PO App Merge Request For Quotation Merge RFQ Merge Requests For Quotations Combine Request For Quotation Combine Requests For Quotations Combine RFQ Module Combine Purchase Order Append PO Append Requests For Quotations Append Request For Quotation Append Purchase Order Merge Odoo

Merge Purchase Orders
Softhealer Technologies

Quick Sale Order To Purchase Order So to PO Quotation to Request for quotation Sales to purchase sales order to purchase order quotation to rfq sale to purchase odoo Create Purchase Order From Sale Order Create Purchase Order From Sales Order Purchase Orders From Sale Order RFQ From Quotation Quick Purchase Order Quick RFQ Quick Request For Quotation Purchase From Sales Quick PO Create Sales Order From Purchase Order Quick Purchase Order From Sale Order Quick Purchases Order From Sales Order to Purchase Orders Sale Order to Purchase Orders

Quick Sale Order To Purchase Order
Softhealer Technologies

Manage Multiple RFQs Module Vendor Change RFQ Price App Manage Request For Quotation Price Request For Quote Update Price Automatic Backend Price Change Odoo Client Change RFQ Price Supplier Change Quotation Price Odoo request for quotation portal RFQ portal Vendor RFQ Vendor Request For Quotations Portal Manage RFQ At Portal Manage Purchase Portal Vendor Quotations Website Vendor Portal Vendor Price Portal Supplier Purchase Portal Supplier Portal Supplier RFQ Manage Multi RFQ

Request For Quotation-Portal
Softhealer Technologies

Send Product Images, Brochure or any other Attachments automatically related to your products when you send proposal by mail.

Mail Product Images, Brochure and other Attachments on Purchase Order Mail Automatically
Almighty Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This module enable you to set analytic distribution on Purchase Order Header and will be passed to each created line and enable you to update all lines analytic distribution.

Purchase Analytic Distribution Mass Update
CorTex IT Solutions Ltd.

odoo app allow to generate purchase advance payment (Fixed/percentage) On purchase order,vendor Advance payment,supplier Advance payment,Purchase advance payment ,Advance Payment Product, Advance down payment purchase, Purchase Payment

Purchase Advance Payment, Rfq advance payment, Purchase Payement
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

The module allows you to set discount in fixed/percent basis for purchase orders and order lines separately. The total discount in an order is sum of global discount and order line discount.

Discount On Purchase Order
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Purchase Return module manages purchase picking return and invoice bill.

Purchase Return
AppsComp Widget Private Ltd

Odoo purchase: compute the vendor assessment

Purchase Vendor Assessment
Domiup (domiup.contact@gmail.com)

Order Automation Inter-Module Integration Cross Purchase Order Transformation Procurement to Sales Integration Module Order Creation Quick Purchase Orders To Sale Orders Purchase Order To Quotation Manage So From Po Handle Quotation From RFQ Manage Quote From Request For Quotations Odoo po to so quick procurement to selling Create Sales Order From Purchase Order Quick Sale Order From Purchase Order Quick Sales Order From Purchase Order to Sale Orders Purchase Order to Sales Orders

Quick Purchase Order To Sale Order
Softhealer Technologies

Odoo vendor portal: Send your RFQ to your vendor online, they input the price and sign online also

Odoo Vendor Portal: Sign Purchase RFQ Online
Domiup (domiup.contact@gmail.com)

Product Purchase Requisition for employee product Requisition for users manufacturing product Requisition manufacturing Requisition for product Requisition picking Requisition purchase material Requisition Requisition manufacturing material Requisition

Product/Material Purchase Requisitions by Employees/Users in odoo

Print custom product barcode labels for purchase orders | Barcode product label printing from purchase order

Purchase Product Labels
Garazd Creation

Backdate and Remarks Backdate Remarks in Odoo Force Date Purchase Order Confirmation Backdate Mass Confirmation Backdate Mass Back Date Mass Backdate Purchase confirm date Purchase Pastdate old date RFQ backdate Purchases Backdate Odoo

Purchase Backdate | Purchase Confirmation Backdate | Back Date In Purchase | Purchase Order Backdate
Softhealer Technologies

Purchase Order approval : Purchase Manager, Finance Manager, Director Approval multi level approve three level approve purchase order approve purchase order three level approval multi-level approval purchase_order_triple_approval double Approve double Approval Tripple Approve Purchase Tripple Approval Process Sale Order Tripple Approval payslip_tripple_approval Payslip Tripple Approval invoice triple approval sale order triple approval Tripple Approval Sales Quote sale_tripple_approv generate barcode product auto Restrict Read Only User Hide Any Menu Restrict User Menus multi level approve three level approve Tripple Approve Purchase Tripple Approval Project Checklist Task Checklist website document attachment product attachment

PO Three Level Approval