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Discount on Total in Sale and Invoice With Discount Limit and Approval

Sale Discount on Total Amount
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
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CRM dashboard module brings a multipurpose graphical dashboard for CRM module and making the relationship management better and easier.

CRM Dashboard
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
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Enable auto sale workflow with sale order confirmation. Include operations like Auto Create Invoice, Auto Validate Invoice and Auto Transfer Delivery Order.

Sale Order Automation
Craftsync Technologies
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Our Shopify Connector helps you in integrating and managing your Shopify store with Odoo by providing the most useful features of Product and Order Synchronization. This solution is compatible with our other apps i.e. Amazon, ebay, magento, Inter Company Transfer, Shipstation.Apart from Odoo Shopify Connector, we do have other ecommerce solutions or applications such as Woocommerce connector, Magento Connector, and also we have solutions for Marketplace Integration such as Odoo Amazon Connector, Odoo eBay Connector, Odoo Walmart Connector, Odoo Connector.Aside from ecommerce integration and ecommerce marketplace integration, we also provide solutions for various operations, such as shipping , logistics , shipping labels , and shipping carrier management with our shipping integration, known as the Shipstation connector.For the customers who are into Dropship business, we do provide EDI Integration that can help them manage their Dropshipping business with our Dropshipping integration or Dropshipper integration.It is listed as Dropshipping EDI integration and Dropshipper EDI integration.Emipro applications can be searched with different keywords like Amazon integration, Shopify integration, Woocommerce integration, Magento integration, Amazon vendor center module, Amazon seller center module, Inter company transfer, Ebay integration, integration, inventory management, warehouse transfer module, dropship and dropshipper integration and other Odoo integration application or module

Shopify Odoo Connector
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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Helpdesk Management
AdaptiveCity , C2i Change 2 Improve ,
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This module will help you to use barcode scanner in sales and purchase.

Barcode scanning support for sale and Purchase
Cybrosys Techno solutions
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Sales commissions
Tecnativa , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
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Odoo Shopify Connector, Odoo Shopify Integration

Odoo Woocommerce Integration Lite
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With the help of this module, You can find the rate which you have given to that customers/suppliers in past for that product.

Sales and Purchase Price History for Products
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Provide Product's Previous Sale & Purchase Price History for Partner.

Previous Sale/Purchase Product Rates
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
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You can see Invoiced Amount, Invoice Amount Due, Invoice Paid Amount in sale order

Invoice Details on Sales order
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This plugin helps to manage after sales services as claim management

CRM Claim Management
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Sale Order Type
Grupo Vermon , AvanzOSC ,
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This module helps the user to get the status of delivery and invoice of sale order also available filter for a sale order with full or partial delivery orders, fully or partially invoiced order.

Sale Delivery and Invoice Status
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Product Image for Sale Reports

Product Image for Sale
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
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Send and receive messages. Real ChatRoom. WhatsApp integration. Send Product, WhatsApp Connector. GupShup. Chat-Api. ChatApi. Drag and Drop. ChatRoom 2.0.

Real All in One WhatsApp - Product
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Product Cost Price Will be Visible Only for Specified Group

Hide Product Cost Price
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
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Pipeline Product to Quotation CRM Product to Sales Order CRM Product to Sale Order add products on pipeline to quotation add product on pipeline to sales order product from lead add product on lead to quotation add product on crm pipeline to quote product

Pipeline Product to Sales Order | CRM Product to Quotation
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Remove Internal Reference(SKU) From Product Name
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Customer Balance in Invoice
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