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Cancel Stock Moves

Technical module, update price unit for stock move related to Purchase.

Purchase Stock Backdate
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA) , Viindoo

Print Product image in picking print product serial in picking print image in delivery order print barcode label from picking label print product serial number in picking report print product serial number in delivery report product image in picking report

Product Image and Serial Number in Picking-Delivery Report

Disabling the update quantity feature on product disable update product quantity feature hide update product quantity feature disable update quantity feature on warehouse update stock hide update stock button disable update stock button disable update qty

Disable Update Quantity Feature

Backdated Inventory adjustment backdated stock moves stock back date product moves inventory back date warehouse back date allow backdate on inventory stock force date on stock inventory adjustment force date on inventory adjustment back date on stock

Inventory Adjustment Backdate | Backdated Inventory
Edge Technologies

Import picking from excel import delivery from excel import shipment import transfer from excel import internal transfer from excel import transfer from csv import transfer from xls import picking from xls import delivery from xls import picking from csv

Import Internal Transfer from CSV/Excel file
Edge Technologies

Print Stock Product Labels print warehouse product labels print picking label print product label from delivery order print product inventory label print inventory product labels dynamic product label product barcode label product stock barcode label print

Print Product Stock Labels from Picking
Stock Product Labels

This module works to show the quantities in the Source Location and Destination Location

On Hand by location
Basem Walid

Adds approval process to internal transfers by adding 2 buttons in profile user first approval and second approval

Internal Transfers Approvals
Basem Walid

Real time inventory analysis report real time stock analysis report inventory Ledger onscreen report warehouse ledger report warehouse analysis report stock card stock ledger stock ledger excel report inventory report real time inventory valuation reports

Inventory Ledger Analysis Report | Onscreen Stock Ledger Report

Geminate comes with the facility of Generate Expiry Date / Lot in Vendor Bill - Customer Invoice. If you have set traceability with Tracking on the product and related customer invoice or vendor bill does not set with Expiry Date on product lines then you will receive a warning. so you need to add an Expiry Date before invoice / bill confirmation and once you set the Expiry Date, it will automatically generate a Lot related to expiry date.

Generate Expiry Date / Lot in Vendor Bill - Customer Invoice
Geminate Consultancy Services

Mass Product Stock Update mass update product stock mass update product details mass product quantity update mass product qty update mass stock qty update mass stock quantity update mass lot number update mass inventory update mass product inventory update

Mass Update Stock | Mass Update Products Stock

Send packages by GEIS service (PL)

GEIS Shipping (PL)

Allow to apply factor adjustments to buffers.

DDMRP Adjustment
ForgeFlow , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Add HTML notes in Picking/delivery order and pass to the Invoices.Picking/delivery notes, Picking/delivery html notes, Invoice html notes, HTML NOTES Picking/delivery, Picking/delivery order hmtl notes,qutation html notes, invocie html notes

Picking HTML Notes
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

User Warehouse Restriction Warehouse location restriction user restriction on warehouse location stock access control stock access rules stock restriction restrict warehouse restrict location operation restriction stock access rules warehouse access rules

Warehouse Restriction for User | Stock Location Restriction

Consignment Management System Create consignment purchase order consignment account sale consignment purchase consignment process Consignment Management processing Consignment processing Consignment business process

Consignment Management System App
Edge Technologies

Stock Reserve from location stock Unreserve From Location Inventory Reserve From Location Inventory Unreserve From Location stock reserve from transfer stock reservation from location inventory reservation from location stock reservation from location

Stock Reserve/Unreserve From Location And Transfer App
Edge Technologies

Close stock operations at date

Deltatech Stock Close
Terrabit , Dorin Hongu ,

Stock Change Effective Date in stock backdate stock back date stock force date on stock picking change effective date inventory effective date change on stock picking effective date change inventory backdate inventory back date picking backdate in stock

Change Effective Date on Stock App
Edge Technologies