Dostavista Shipping
Nilesh Sheliya
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Stock Card & Product Period Reports

Stock Product Period
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Define xyz coordinates for location position and location dimension in mm Set tags to locations to filter and identify with color in 3D view Set Warehouse image for the plant and define xyz dimension of the site.

Base Stock 3D Location
Andrea Piovesana , Loris Tissino ,
70.00 €

Import Stock 3D Location from csv file using barcode to find location and parent location, colums separated by ; see example folder

Import stock 3D Location
Andrea Piovesana , Loris Tissino ,
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Stock 3D View enable to view pan and zoom multi warehouse locations in a 3d space

Stock 3D View
Andrea Piovesana , Loris Tissino ,
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From picking and batch picking the Locate button open the 3D view to show the locations containing the products in the pickings

Stock 3d Locate per Picking
Andrea Piovesana , Loris Tissino ,
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Product Stock Aging Reports Inventory Aging Report warehouse Aging Report product Aging Report for stock expiry report inventory expiry report stock overdue stock report due stock report product due report stock overdate report overdate stock reports

Inventory and Stock Aging Report for Warehouse
Edge Technologies
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Edit Delivery Information on Operation Barcode

Delivery Barcode Enterprise
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Edit Information on Operation Barcode

Stock Barcode Enterprise
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Courier Manager Shipping
Terrabit , Dorin Hongu
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Multiple products Scrap Order for multi product scrap orders for multiple product scrap order create scrap order for multiple product scrap order mass product scrap order create scrap for multi product create scrap order for mass product scrap orders

Odoo Scrap Order for Multi Products Apps
Edge Technologies
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Enhance Stock Locations

Stock Location Expiry
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Odoo app auto fill done Quantities into delivery order | Reserve qty | done Qty | delivery order reserve

Auto fill Done Quantity from Reserve Qty
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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Enhance Stock Locations

Stock Location Kanban
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The stock aging analysis report helps you to analyze the age of your stock by organizing the value and quantity into periods.

Inventory/Stock Aging Report
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Stock to Shelf Location

Stock Location Shelf
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This module allow employees/users to create Internal Requisitions.

Product/Material Internal Requisitions by Employees/Users
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Inventory Tags Module, Stock Tags App, Incoming Order Tags, Delivery Order Tags, IO Tags, DO Tags, Warehouse Tag, Shipment Tags, Internal Transfer Tags Odoo

Inventory Tags/Incoming-Delivery Order Tags
Softhealer Technologies
15.00 €

Set and show delivery price in stock picking, customize set delivery carrier. Auto purchase order to carrier. Auto calculate delivery price to override default.

Delivery Provider Custom, for sale and Delivery
68.00 €

tracing Procurement Group in All Order,MTO Only.

Procurement tracing in purchase mrp sale,供应链溯源
422.00 €