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Website integration of MRP

Website Configurator Manufacturing

VAT number required in checkout form

e-commerce required VAT
Agile Business Group , Tecnativa ,

Track Page views, events with Facebook pixel

Terrabit Facebook Pixel
Terrabit , Dorin Hongu
15.00 €

Website Stock Notification

Website Stock Notification
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
30.00 €

Quickly Find the Spare Parts for a Vehicle

Auto Parts Website Quick Search
ErpMstar Solutions
70.00 €

Cookie Notice allows you to inform users that your site uses cookies and to comply with the EU cookie law regulations.

Cookie Notice
11.00 €

Configure products in e-shop

Website Product Configurator

print quotation from website | website print quotation | download quotation from website | webshop quotation download | webshop quotation print | website download quotation | sale order print | sale print

Website Download Quotation
Equick ERP
10.00 €

Lock user account after maximum login attempts, user can select Captcha to unlock

Website Login reCAPTCHA
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20.00 €

eCommerce Stock Availability

eCommerce Stock Availability
Terrabit , Dorin Hongu
1.00 €

Disables robots.txt for indexing by webcrawlers like Google

Alter robots.txt disallow indexing
B-Informed B.V. , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Website Address Birthday allows buyer to input birth date information in address Step.

Website Address Birthday
Vo Minh Bao Hieu
8.51 €

Website Address Gender allows buyer to input gender information in address Step.

Website Address Gender
Vo Minh Bao Hieu
8.51 €
Display UoM in Website
Aurium Technologies
6.00 €

Website Phone Duplication does not allow to input existing phone at address step.

Website Phone Duplication
Vo Minh Bao Hieu
5.10 €

Website Email Duplication does not allow to input existing email at address step.

Website Email Duplication
Vo Minh Bao Hieu
5.10 €

Allow to customer pick a date and leave a message/comment on before placing the sale order.

Website Order Notes (Website Delivery Duration)
18.00 €

This Module Allows helps you to limit the Order When user tries to add quantity greater than that specified in backend to cart, it will show error message.

Website Sale Product Limit (Website Product Order Limit)
23.00 €

Build custom snippet for website snippet builder for website easy snippet designer for website ecommerce snippet builder for ecommerce snippet designer for shop snippet builder for shop snippet designer custom snippet designer add snippet for website

Website Snippet Designer
19.00 €

Alternative product url

eCommerce Product Link
Terrabit , Dorin Hongu