Unused Attachment Cleaner
Geminate Consultancy Services

Show Bulk Quantity Offers in Website

Website Show Pricelist Offers
ErpMstar Solutions

Geminate Website Gallery

Geminate Website Gallery
Geminate Consultancy Services

Portal user can manage Resume line and Skills from Website Portal

Employee Portal Skills / Resume Management
Techinsider Solution

Contact Us Form Attachment,Website attachments contact us form,Contact-Us Page Attachments, Contact Us Form Documents,Contact Us Attachment,contact us form With Attachments, Contact Us Send Attachments, Contact Us Multi Attachments Odoo

Contact Us Attachement
Softhealer Technologies

Invoice Address Page Mobile Number,Shipping Address Page Mobile Number,Ecommerce page mobile number,Mobile Number Option In E-commerce,Additional Phone Numbers on Website,Add Mobile Number In Customers Address Page,Phone number Odoo E-commerce Odoo

Mobile Number Option In Odoo E-commerce
Softhealer Technologies

Odoo Sign Up With Mobile,Odoo Login With Mobile, Password Reset With Mobile Number, Change Password With Phone Number Odoo, Sign Up Using Mobile Number Odoo, Log-In With Phone No Module Odoo

Mobile Number Option in Sign Up | Mobile Number Option in Login | Mobile Number Option in Reset Password Pages
Softhealer Technologies

Vendors to see the Product Pricelists from the My Account Portal from your website.

Vendor Portal for Pricelists
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

Website Event Check Email does not allow visitor can check the email is already registered or not

Website Event Check Email
Vo Minh Bao Hieu

Website language flag

Website Language Flag

Website Multiples Product Quantity, Multiple Quantity, Multiples qty on shop, multi product qty website, Ajax Shop Cart, Add Product To Cart, Cart Without Page Reload, Add To Cart Window In Shop, Ajax Website Cart Odoo

Add To Cart Ajax & Multiples Quantity Option At Shop Product List
Softhealer Technologies

Ticket Timer for Helpdesk Timer for ticket start and stop timer pause helpdesk start helpdesk timer stop helpdesk timer start and stop helpdesk timer helpdesk timesheet timer record timesheet with timer start timesheet timer task timer stop timesheet timer

Helpdesk Ticket Timer with Timesheet

Website Minimum Product Quantity, Minimum Quantity, Minimum qty on shop, min product qty website, Ajax Shop Cart, Add Product To Cart, Cart Without Page Reload, Add To Cart Window In Shop, Ajax Website Cart Odoo

Add To Cart Ajax & Minimum Quantity Option At Shop Product List
Softhealer Technologies

Default category data for Odoo documentation

Website Document Odoo Category Data
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)

Documentation Management System for Odoo Websites

Website Documentation Management
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)

Extend Helpdesk (viin_helpdesk) module, user can create/send/discuss a ticket without sign in on website.

Website Helpdesk Integration

Manage and Publish Odoo documents on your websites

Website Odoo Versioning Documentation
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)

Chat With Your Website Visitors

Google Dialogflow
Geminate Consultancy Services

Website hide any menu website hide sub-menu website hide pages for user website page security website menu security shop page security shop menu security hide page on website hide menu on website invisible menu website invisible menu hide menu on shop

Website Menu and Page Security

Adds age, height and weight on sign up form

Sign Up - weight, height, age
Piotr Cierkosz