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Buy Again allows your customer to quickly re-purchase the products which have been bought from your shop in the past. It will be helpful for customers to re-purchase individual products instead of the whole orders. The thing to understand !!!! The scenario is quite frustrating in which a customer has to hurdle go through his/her many, many orders to find products. He / She wants to buy again but cannot remember the exact details of the products. What if a customer of yours wants to buy some product again? Opening each order to track a product that he/she bought is a painful chore that is both tedious and unnecessary.

Buy Again | Re-Order | Re-Purchase
Weblytic Labs

Now you can limit your customer from bulk orders of any individual product. Add checkout restrictions based on product. so that customers can only order products in a quantity specified.

Limit Cart Quantity | Minimum OR Maximum Order Quantity
Weblytic Labs

The Minimum Order Amount App for odoo empowers your e-commerce business with the ability to set minimum order requirement to complete a purchase. Encourage customers to enhance their shopping experience by adding more item to their cart, ultimately increasing your average order value and revenue.

Minimum Order Amount | Restrict Orders
Weblytic Labs

Website country product restriction ecommerce product country restrict web store country product web shop country product restriction ecommerce product country constraint website validate product country restrict product country

eCommerce Product Country Restriction

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