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Required Apps Website Builder (website)
Technical Name theme_octra
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Required Apps Website Builder (website)
Technical Name theme_octra

Theme Clarico Vega

ClaricoVega is a Responsive, Clean, Modern & Sectioned Odoo eCommerce Theme. Crafted to be Pixel Perfect, it can be suitable for any kind of online store category like Furniture, Fashion, Electronics, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Jewellery, Sports etc. Clarico Vega is an Ecommerce business-oriented theme that fulfills the main feature of ecommerce. It is a fully responsive theme and looks equally stunning on all kinds of screens and devices. Our team has put years of web development experience into Theme Clarico Vega that would take months for you to build by scratch. All the information blocks are neatly displayed to customers so they can easily find the information they need. Rest assured, Clarico Vega will make your web store look stunningly beautiful.

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One-click installation
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Multi-website compatibility
Interactive User Interface
Multi-language and RTL compatibility
Fully Responsive in any screen resolution

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Give a light-weight web app experience to your customers which behaves the same as a native app in mobile and desktop also.


Video in website banner

Showcase your products in a stunning video in the banner section, which will be eye-catching as soon as the users land the page.


Show Product Count in Filter

Help your users find how many products match the filter that they have applied on the category page.


Ajax Cart To Add Products Quickly

Allow customers to add products to cart without leaving the current webpage. Save time & make the shopping experience flawless.


Different Filter Attributes in Different Stores

Choose which attributes to show on the category page filter panel as per the need. Different attributes can be enabled in different stores of the website.


Hide The Attribute Value That Matches No Products

In the filter section of the category page, if any attribute value does not have matching products in it, you can skip to display that value.


Optimize the Product Load Through Ajax

As you scroll down the page, the products will be listed automatically. You can also show the button for Load more as an option.


Ajax Mini Cart

Make it easy for your customer to update and delete the products in the cart from any page without leaving the current page.

Advanced Product Quick view

It helps customers to preview product details & images in a pop-up window and does not require them to open different product pages while browsing.

Feature Products in Dynamic Product Slider

Display selected products on any custom page with a variety of interactive sliders. Sliders help highlight the products in a distinct manner.

Dynamic product tabs

Easily add and customize the tabs on the product information page as and when you need it.

Shop by Category Slider

Display the categories beautifully in a slider. The user can view the 'shop by category' breakdown that explains the products of which categories you sell.

Special Slider for Discounted Products

A special snippet to display discounted products from the whole store or specific categories.

Multi-Language Compatibility

The theme supports all the languages in your eCommerce store that are supported by Odoo.

Multi Website Support

Make the look of every store unique and attractive by setting different layouts for different stores as per your requirement.

Customized Products Promotional Label

Highlight the specialties of your products like the offer, bestseller, new arrival, featured, etc on product and category pages.

Document tab on product page

Give easy access to your customers for important documents like user guide, terms & conditions, etc with any file format.

RTL Support

The Right-to-Left alignment support makes the access easy for your Arabic customers. The web design will be pixel perfect as usual.

Lazy Load for Images

Improve the category page performance by loading the product images as and when the page gets scrolled.

Color palette for header and footers

Set your favourite colour scheme in headers, footers and the menu text color section. Color it the way you want.

Dynamic Google Map Snippet

Show your desired address in a Google map snippet so that the users can easily locate the place.

127+ Snippets


Dynamic snippet


Service Plan (pricing) Snippet


Google Map Snippet


Offer snippet in header


Banner Video snippet


Offer blocks


Mega Menu


Title (Heading)




Team Block


Customer testimonial blocks


pre-defined Home Page blocks


Custom Landing Page


About us Page


Services Page


Icon Block


Offer Banner


Home page banner slider


category blocks


statistics count snippet


Offer Banner


Page not found (404) page


Coming Soon Page


Text + Image Block (Info blocks)

All Features

11 Header Styles

Choose the best suited header for your shop from 11 distinguished styles

Label in Header Menu

Highlight specific menus in the header section with attractive labels on them

Inline Header Product Search

A search bar is added in the header menu to make the search handy and space-saving

Pre Header Support

Few header styles offer pre header support useful at the time of theme installation

Restyled Mobile Header

The header section in mobile is specially designed to deliver best navigation experience

Transparent Background of Header

Transparent background of the header helps you highlight the background color scheme

Change Header Text Color

Set any color for the menu in header section and the color for the hover effect on the menu

7 Footer Styles

Select the perfect footer layout for your store out of 7 unique styles

Website Logo in Footer

Display website logo in selected styles of footer same as it is shown in header

Social Icons in Footer

Show your social media account links in the footer based on backend configuration

Payment Method Icons in Footer

The icons of payment methods can be shown in footer for the enabled payment methods

Google Map in Footer

Some styles of the footer allow you to show Google map snippet in it

Change Footer Text Color

Choose the color of the menu in footer section and for the hover effect on the menu

Newsletter Input in Footer

Some styles of the footer comes with an input box for newsletter subscription


Inbuilt PWA support to use website as a light-weight app on mobile & desktop

Fully Responsive Theme

The theme is designed focusing customer experience on all the screen sizes and resolutions

Multi-Website Support

The theme is flexible to support multiple Odoo websites with different configurations

RTL Support

The theme looks perfect in right to left alignment for your Arabic webstore

Multi-Language Support

The theme supports multiple languages as configured in your Odoo instance

Boxed Format Layout

You can set a boxed appearance of your website using theme settings

Totally Configurable

The theme allows you to set the behaviour & appearance as per your wish

Product Filters

User-friendly filters on the category page to enhance product search experience

Filter Sidebar

It will show the slider bar when user access the website from mobile

Expand/Collapse Product Filter

Dealing with large attributes in the product filter made easy with expandable & collapsible filter

Chips for Applied Filters

Filter chips show you all the filters applied and allows you to remove them as required

Price Range Filter

One of the most important filter which is used to search products based on price range

Brand Filter

Brand filter lets you search the product according to brand

Mobile Bottom Bar

A bar is added at the bottom in the mobile view having specific menus to increase usability

Sticky Product Image section

The image section on the product page remains sticked until scrolling the upper half page

Sticky Layered Navigation

The layered navigation remains sticked on the left panel to increase ease of accessibility

Ajax Add to Cart

Ajax powered add to cart allows users to quickly add products to cart without leaving the current page

Lazy Load Products

Lazy load increases the page performance by loading the products only when the page gets scrolled

Two Column Grid in Mobile

Mobile view shows products in two columns grid to accommodate more products in a row

Product Promotional Label

Highlight products with fully customizable product promotional labels

Product Brands

Show the brand and description of brand in the product page

Product Quick View

Let your users have a glimpse of the product information wiithout opening product page every time

Product Quick Filter

Pin the frequently used filters on the top section of the product listing area for quick access

Product Offer Countdown

Show the countdown timer on the product page which prompts the user to make purchase

Discount Percentage on Products

Automatically calculate the percentage discount applicable products and display it

Customizable Product Tabs

Easily create, edit and delete the tabs on the product page to display extra information

127+ New Snippets

127+ beautiful, responsive, fully-configurable snippets to design your store as desired

Powerful Product Snippets

A set of snippets designed to showcase products in the way you wish with quick and easy configurations

Dynamic Brand Slider

Show all brands in a slider which contains brand-wise arranged products in it

Countdown Snippets

Show a countdown timer that highlights the offers and deals created in your store

Advance Google Map Snippet

Display the map of your location anywhere on the website with this snippet

Dynamic Blog Style Snippets

Your latest blog posts will be displayed in block format in 3 different designs

Recently Viewed Products

Show your users their last visited products to prompt them to buy it

Button Style

16 different styles for any button to be used in the entire store

Gradient Button Style

A gradient style button is provided to enhance the look and feel of your store

Color Selection Palette

Set your desired color for any snippet or element with color selection palette

Wishlist Page

Wishlist page is designed to give a better UI experience to the users

Product Compare Page

Quickly compare products with this well-designed compare page

Coming Soon Page

A static coming soon page to let your customers know about upcoming products

404 Page Not Found

Beautiful 404 page to help your lost users take back to home page

Transition effect snippet

Present selected blocks with an image and different transition effects on that snippet

Animation effect

Make static snippets attractive with animation effects like sliding, fade in & fade out.

Limit Product Name Length

Trim the name of the product if it is too long to fit in the predefined space

Demo Pages

Furniture Page

Electronic Store

Fashion Store

Food Store

Jewellery Page

Home Template 1

Home Template 2

Home Template 3

Create a Support Ticket

If you face any issues while using our app and the issue is arising due to our app, we provide you complementary support for a duration of 90 days from the date of purchase of the respective app.

To create a support ticket, please register on Emipro Support Desk and provide us necessary information to help you resolve the issue.

Emipro Support Desk

COPY LINK http://bit.ly/3jeZGu5

Support Policy

COPY LINK http://bit.ly/2T0RIKn

Yes, Clarico Vega v13 is compatible with Odoo's Multi Website Feature. If you have multiple websites in Odoo v13 and want to have different look and feel for each website, you can install Theme Clarico Vega for each website and change the look & feel as per your need.

Yes, the theme installation is very simple and can happen with just a click.
If you just have a single website associated with your Odoo Database, you can simply go to the app list, find the theme there and click the Install button.
If you are using Odoo 13's Multi Website Feature, you need to follow the below steps for installation.
Login into your database and Go to Website --> Configuration --> Settings. Select Website and then click on "Choose a Theme" button.You will be redirected to the available themes list and from there you can install Theme Clarico Vega. The same process has to be followed whenever want to update the theme.

No, you will not get any Images, PSD or demo data which is used to showcase the sample blocks in this Theme.

No, you do not have the rights to resell this theme. Your purchase is only valid for your own commercial use. It is not allowed to use anything related to the theme including the Source Code, Logo, Images etc in any distributed end products. Emipro owns the full Copyright of all the resources associated with the theme.

Clarico Vega is a fully customizable theme and our team can help you customize it as per your need. Theme Clarico Vega can be customized by anyone but getting it customized from the same expert team that has developed and carefully crafted it gives you an added advantage. Our team will ensure that you get what you need without compromising the technical integrity of the theme or Odoo itself. Please fill out the Contact Us form to request customization.

Yes, we do. Being a Certified Odoo Gold Partner, we provide end-to-end services in Odoo. In our Odoo team, we have a special department for Odoo Website & eCommerce that consists of several Senior Odoo Experts, eCommerce Analysists, Graphic Designers, Web Designers & SEO Experts who have years of experience in Odoo. Whether it is setting up the products with striking images and content, configuring payment methods, designing streamlined landing pages, optimizing your Odoo Website speed & performance or offering Digital Marketing Services, our specialists are always ready to help you. We request you to Contact Us if you are interested in our Odoo Website & Implementation Services.

Yes, this theme works perfectly well with Odoo Enterprise (On-premise and Odoo.SH) as well as Community. Odoo Online (Cloud) does not allow installation of third-party apps/themes and hence this theme cannot be installed on Odoo Online.

Free Upgrade (Same Odoo Version)

Yes, we provide free upgrades to Theme Clarico Vega for the same Odoo Version. We make changes to the theme from time to time and make sure that all our customers benefit from it. You can always download the latest version of the theme, replace your old theme module with the latest theme module, go to the website settings, find the website in which Theme Clarico Vega is installed and update the Theme.


Kindly read our Support Policy to know more in detail.

You can contact us to avail the extra features. Our Sales Team will make you an offer to include these extra features on your current Theme Clarico.

Odoo Proprietary License v1.0

This software and associated files (the "Software") may only be used (executed,
modified, executed after modifications) if you have purchased a valid license
from the authors, typically via Odoo Apps, or if you have received a written
agreement from the authors of the Software (see the COPYRIGHT file).

You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
by depending on it, importing it and using its resources), but without copying
any source code or material from the Software. You may distribute those
modules under the license of your choice, provided that this license is
compatible with the terms of the Odoo Proprietary License (For example:
LGPL, MIT, or proprietary licenses similar to this one).

It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
or modified copies of the Software.

The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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Bert Delgado
on 8/20/18, 2:16 AM

This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a product from Odoo and with any other product I've dealt with and that is a strong claim to make but this company gets the reward for that. I purchased the theme and they installed it on one server. After finding out there was an issue there I asked them to install it on another server but they first requested that I pay $100 to do this. No way beings that the issue was with the code. They installed it on the server and it was fine for less than a day before yet again another error. I didn't do anything at all to cause this as we haven't started using Odoo yet. They connect and it takes 3-4 hours of my time on the phone with them trying to figure it out and then its fixed yet again, so I think. Another couple days goes by and another error! We are still not using odoo yet and the error is now a random java scripting error when compiling. I've absolutely had it with all the errors with this theme. Rest assured, we did nothing to cause this. The instructions that come with the theme are also incorrect. The footer file had issues with it and it had to be corrected. DO NOT BUY THIS THEME.

Octra is 100% Compatible with Odoo V11 Community version
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 1/22/18, 11:31 PM Author

Hello Seichi, Octra can be definitely compatible for Odoo V11 Community version. For which Odoo version you would like to have theme in? Contact us at info@emiprotechnologies.com for more details.

can i use this in community edition?
on 1/19/18, 4:07 PM

I want to buy this theme but I don't know if I can use it in my community edition, and don't know if I will have support either.