v 13.0 Third Party 221
Live Preview
Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Inventory (stock)
Website (website)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 21032
Technical Name theme_prime
Also available in version v 14.0
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Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Inventory (stock)
Website (website)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 21032
Technical Name theme_prime
Also available in version v 14.0

The next generation Odoo eCommerce theme is here

Builtin Tools

The inbuilt suite of tools used to generate dynamic UI blocks.

Fully Responsive

This theme looks great on mobile and small resolutions devices.

Beautiful UI

All snippets are beautifully crafted and have a stunning design.

Highly Configurable

Most features of this theme can be configured based on your choice.

The next generation Odoo eCommerce theme is here

Builtin Tools

The inbuilt suite of tools used to generate dynamic UI blocks.

Fully Responsive

This theme looks great on mobile and small resolutions devices.

Beautiful UI

All snippets are beautifully crafted and have a stunning design.

Highly Configurable

Most features of this theme can be configured based on your choice.

Multipurpose eCommerce Theme

Most Powerful Multipurpose Highly Configurable Super Flexible Best Quality Most Complete

Odoo eCommerce Theme

Start focusing on your goals by spending less time on creating pages using our theme.

Theme prime is a powerful eCommerce theme powered with numerous features like Dynamic snippet builder, Background Gradient Generator, Beautiful Design, Domain Builder, PWA support and many more. Carefully crafted components ready to use on your website. Its smart dynamic snippets save lots of time by showing products based on filter rules. This is just a tip of the mountain, the theme is bundled with tones of features and tools. In other words, you can say, It is more than a theme, it is a suit of Powerful eCommerce Tools.

Key Features

The Product Snippet Builder tools

These tools helps you display dynamic products blocks on any page. It comes with a wide variety of UI options and stays up to date with backend changes.

types of
types of

Domain Selector Fully Dynamic Inline Products pages
Grid, Slider, Tabs support Pricelist Timer Action Buttons
Multi-website Fully Responsive and many more ...

See it in action

Background Gradient Tool

With this tool, you can set gradient for background and background images overlays.
See it in action

Domain Builder

Choose products for dynamic snippet based on domain rules. It's also supporting and-or conditions.
See it in action

Theme Configuration Options

The theme provides powerful configuration options to change shop based on your preference.
See it in action

Progressive Web App (PWA)

The theme has inbuilt PWA support so your user can install your website as an app on mobile and desktop.
See it in action

Product Quick View Popup

Access full product information without redirecting to product page. See it with the Quick view popup. Works in mobile too.
See it in action

Filter and Cart Sidebar

Filters and cart can be converted to sidebars to save the space and improve mobile experience.
See it in action

New Product Attributes Type

Added new display types of product attribute for better UI/UX. It provides users the best look & feel.
See it in action

Dynamic Blog Snippets

Display latest blog post cards on any page. 3 dynamic snippets available with different design.
See it in action

Category Based Product Search

You can search products with category filter. It is available from headers and mobile
See it in action

Multi-Website Support

You can use our theme in multiple websites with different configurations like different colors, menus, footers, etc.
See it in action

Multi-Language and RTL Support

The theme is Multi-Language and RTL ready so you can use it for right to left languages.
See it in action

Coming Soon Pages

Using this, you can keep your online presence intact or start the hype for something new early.
See it in action

Dynamic Mega menu Snippets

With this snippet, you can generate product category list. It can be used in Mega menu or pages .
See it in action

Highlighted Menus

The special menu helps you highlight a certain menu in the header. It can be used with any mega menu.
See it in action

Manage Product Brands

This theme support product brands. It also has a brand filter in the shop and dedicated all brands page.
See it in action

Dynamic Brand Snippet

Display your product brands dynamically on any page. Available in grid and slider mode.
See it in action

Pricelist Offer Timer

Show price offers or deals of product based on rules set on the pricelist.
See it in action

Countdown Snippets

Use Countdown Snippets to highlight certain offers or deals to the customers.
See it in action

2700+ New Icon Support

Apart from 600 font awesome icons. we have added additional 2700+ line and solid icons.
See it in action

Verified Product Ratings

Verified Purchase label will be displayed on rating if user has really purchased it.
See it in action

120+ New Snippets

15 Dynamic Snippets
5 Hero Block
11 Mega menus
4 Offer Blocks
5 Headings (Titles)
13 Offer Banners
2 Animation Blocks
5 Call to action
4 Clients Grid
4 Countdown blocks
5 Numbers block
5 Gallery blocks
12 Icon Block
6 Info blocks
4 Category Offers
6 Pricing Blocks
4 Newsletter Blocks
5 Team Blocks
5 Testimonial Blocks
1 Map Snippet

All Features

9 Header Designs
Choose the perfect header for your shop using various header options.
Header Menu Label
With the menu label you can highlight menus in the header.
Resize header logo
Via theme options you can resize the your logo image in the header.
Highlighted Menu Item
The special menu highlights a certain menu in the header.
Inline Header Product Search
Some headers have inbuilt surch input with category filter.
Header Product Search Popup
Minimal headers opens product search inside the popup.
Pre Header Support
Some headers are having pre header support and It is fully configurable.
Revamped Mobile Header
We have completly redesigned header mobile UI.
Transparent Header
Prime theme having transparent menu variant to show full image.
9 Footer Designs
Choose the perfect footer layout for your eCommerce shop.
Website Footer Logo
Allow you to set/display different footer logo then header for darker footers.
Dynamic Payment Icons
Auto update payment icons in footer based on active payment methods.
Footer With Newsletter Input
Few footers bundled with inbuilt newsletter subscription inputs.
Dynamic Social Media Icons
Footer have dynamic social media links based on backend config.
PWA Support
The theme has inbuilt PWA support so your user can install your website as an app on mobile and desktop.
Fully Responsive
Theme is mobile friendly for any resolution and any devices. Theme looks fine on all screens.
Multi-Website Support
It's possible to run multiple websites on same instance with different configurations using this theme.
RTL Support
The theme is RTL ready so you can use it for the languages with right to left direction.
Multi-Language Support
Theme is ready to be translated to any language you need.
Boxed layout
Using theme options you can convert whole website into boxed layout.
Highly Configurable
Lots of options help you to change shop behavior based on your requirements.
Shop Filters
Completely revamped products filter with beautiful UI and better accessibility.
Filter Sidebar
Turn product filter in sidebar to show more products on a single row.
Searchbar in Filter New
Values of filter attributes to can be searched now.
Expand/Collapse Filter New
Allows expanding/collapse filter attributes when a large number of attributes are present.
Hide Attribute in Filter New
Now you can optionally hide/show the attribute in the shop filter.
Active Filter Chips
See active filters at a single place and allow to remove the filter when necessary.
Price Range Filter
Added price range selector to filter products between price range.
Brand Filter
Added brand filter to search product brand wise.
User Action Toast
Show the customer action on products in the form of toast notification with undo option.
Mobile Bottom Bar
Cart, wishlist, account info are converted into bottom bar for better usability.
Perfect Grid for Any Image Size
Perfectly designed product grids that look great in all size images.
Configurable Add to Cart Behavior New
Instead of redirection, Add to cart will display confirmation immediately in sidebar or dialog or via notification.
Lazy Load Products New
Provide an ever-growing and seemingly never-ending amount of products when user scroll Shop page.
Two Column Grid in Mobile New
Display products in two columns grid for maximum products per row in mobile.
Product Search Popup
Search products directly in popup rather than go and search on the shop page.
Product Search with category
This theme includes powerful product search with category filter.
Product Label
Display label on products to highlight products.
Product Brands
Manage, filter and display product brands.
Grid Color Preview
Show product color variant preview directly on the product card.
Product Quick View
Enhance the user experience allowing them to access more detailed information.
Pricelist Offer Timer
Show product offer timer on product page and snippets based on pricelist.
Product Image Zoom
Zoom product image for better accessibility. Even on mobile too.
Sticky Follow-Up New
Allows users to follow up on your product Add to Cart button until bottom scroll riched.
New Product Attribute Type
Added new display types of product attribute for better UI/UX.
Discount Percentage on Products
Calculates and displays discount percentage on the product.
Product Tabs
Show any additional content in the product page tabs.
120+ New Snippets
120+ well crafted, beautiful, highly configurable and responsive snippets to design your shop.
Snippet Builder
Snippet builder help you to easily configure dynamic snippets.
Dynamic Product Snippets
Drag & drop to display products on any page. Products can be selected manually or based on rules.
Dynamic Collection Snippets
Display products based on your custom collection. You can create collection manually or by domain rules.
Dynamic Brand Snippets
Display product brands dynamic in various styles. It supports grid and slider layout.
Dynamic Mega Menus Snippets
Dynamic Mega menu snippets comes with the builder tool, to help bind category to menu.
Dedicated Shop Snippets
Specially designed snippets for shop category and filters to show offer on the shop page.
Countdown Snippets
Use it to highlight certain offers or deals.
Gallery Snippets with Preview
Showcase your images with a full-screen previews.
Google Map Snippet
Display map with location marker on any page.
Dynamic Blog Snippets
Display latest blog post on any page (3 design avaialable).
Revamped Recent Product Snippet
We have updated the recent product snippet with more clean and friendly UI.
Background Gradient Builder
With this, you can set gradient for background and background images.
New Icons
Added tons of icons for better UI/UX.
Button Style
Theme support various button styles. It be configured from theme options.
Color Picker Support
Can be changed any colors of almost any elements where you need it.
Verified Ratings
If user purchased product, Verified lable will be displayed on his/her comment.
All Brand Page
Dedicated all brand page where users can explore all the brands and navigate to the brand's products.
Revamped Wishlist Page
Improved wishlist page with better UI and usability.
Revamped Product Compare Page
We have updated the default product compare feature with more clean and user-friendly UI.
Coming Soon Page
Beautiful coming soon pages with auto-reveal the deal after the time is over.
Custom 404 Page
Customize 404 pages with useful links and search to get back lost user.
Detailed Documentation
Detailed doc available which help you to setup your shop on every step.

Why theme prime

There several reasons to choose theme prime. One of them is, its wide range of configuration options. With tons of configuration option you can mold your eCommerce based on your choice. These configuration options are so easy to use that even user with no technical knowledge can configure the eCommerce.

Theme prime has all the options that are required to run any modern eCommerce theme. It supports multi-language and multi-website so you can run multiple website with different configuration in the same odoo instance.

Theme prime is developed by experience developers so it has top notch quality. Even if it has tones of feature it does not slow down and runs without any hassle.

Full Documentation

We would like explain each and every feature of our theme that's why we have created detailed documentation. We are constantly improving and adding new content and videos.

A full documentation can be accessed after purchasing the theme. It is available in /docs folder of theme module.
See Sample Documentation


Click on Live Preview button on top to see the live demo or visit https://www.droggol.com/r/demo


v13.0.0.8-October 13, 2020

  • New
    Featured Category, 2 Column Deals, etc. Snippets now support products label.
  • Updated
    Improve product accessibility and make product image clickable for dynamic snippets.
  • Updated
    Improved PWA redirection handling.
  • Updated
    Improved search bar for everywhere(when the search by category is enabled).
  • Fixed
    Minor bug fixes and usability improvements

v13.0.0.7 (Major Release)-August 27, 2020

  • New
    Added option to hide attribute in shop filter.
  • New
    Added option to collapse shop filter.
  • New
    Added option to enable searchbar in shop filter attributes.
  • New
    Added variant selector when product add to cart.
  • New
    Configurable add to cart options. Instead of redirection, Add to cart will display confirmation immediately in sidebar or dialog or via notification.
  • New
    Product sticky followup in product detail page.
  • New
    Added new dynamic snippet Full Products + Cover.
  • New
    Added new dynamic snippet Category Megamenu-3. (with category images)
  • New
    Added option to display line subtotal on cart page lines.
  • Updated
    Pull selected attribute values on top in filter value list.
  • Updated
    Added product count in all brand page.
  • Updated
    Added custom install prompt for PWA in iOS.
  • Updated
    In product detail page, product images are sticky.
  • Updated
    Revamped notifications.
  • Updated
    Revamped product detail page tab UI.
  • Updated
    Revamped collection snippets.
  • Updated
    Remove Back to Top button in smaller devices.
  • Updated
    In mobile, hide discount percentage of products.
  • Updated
    Move price above offer timer in product detail page.
  • Fixed
    Always activate first tab in product detail page.
  • Fixed
    Special snippet container now support dynamic snippets.

v13.0.0.6-August 18, 2020

  • New
    Added option to install multi website compatible customization modules.
  • New
    Added option to set limit for brands snippet.
  • New
    Added product remove option for the mini cart.
  • New
    Added hover effects to clients snippets.
  • Updated
    Switching mode for brand snippet will support live preview.
  • Updated
    Documentation and Components
  • Updated
    Ribbon are also supported in products in shop.
  • Fixed
    Minor bug fixes and improvements

v13.0.0.5-July 27, 2020

  • New
    Add option to show two column in mobile for shop page.
  • New
    Add option to lazy loading products on shop page. (AJAX loading)
  • New
    Add option to disable zoom on products detail page.
  • New
    Add option to disable grouping on all brand page.
  • Updated
    Improved selector to make compatible with sass v0.17.0.
  • Updated
    Product selector improvement, no more 3 char limit improved performance.
  • Updated
    Make parent category link clickable in dynamic mega menu snippet.

v13.0.0.4-July 16, 2020

  • New
    Added gradient tool support for parallax and carousel type snippets.

v13.0.0.3-June 25, 2020

  • Updated
    Made perfect layout for small laptop screens like 1280x800.
  • Updated
    Improved inline single product snippet for mobile.
  • New
    Added changelog for versions.
  • Fixed
    Minor bug fixes and improvements

v13.0.0.2-June 11, 2020

  • New
    Added 2 new snippets for Offer Banners.
  • Updated
    Improved mega menus.

v13.0.0.1-June 5, 2020

  • Initial release

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on 3/17/21, 10:37 AM


Jesus Astuvilca
on 3/7/21, 1:31 AM

Theme Prime by Droggol is amazing, they are improving the features all the time.

Highly recommended Theme Prime, the support team are great, they are supporting you on time. They are very professional.

The tutorial and manuals about the theme are very helpful.

Good job guys.

on 2/19/21, 9:21 AM


Excellent Theme for Ecommerce
Bernard Weinstein
on 1/29/21, 3:09 PM

Replaced another popular theme with Prime. It was like day and night especially if you have a product store with many products and categories. A lot of functionality that is not seen in any of the other themes in the Apps store.

All queries and tech support issues were sorted out promptly by the developer.

It is no surprise that Prime Theme rose to one of the top selling themes on the Apps store in a very short time.

Very good job from Droggol
on 12/28/20, 10:23 AM

The template works perfectly well and good documentation, support efficient and fast and many updates, it's really a good job from Droggol

Excellent from all points of view
Sergiu Baltariu
on 9/26/20, 3:00 PM

I congratulate myself for delaying the purchase of a new theme until Prime arrived!

Beautiful design, excellent blocks (especially for products), no problem with mobile devices, easy to use, very well documented. Now I'm excited to see what goodies can bring the next release! 


Endre Vestvik
on 9/23/20, 2:53 AM

A very well designed theme with lots of amazing functionality. Easy to use, very easy to make beautiful, well functioning pages, even for a web design novice like me.

Support from the developer is amazing as well. Very friendly and helpful. Wish we could use these guys for everything we do within Odoo and beyond.

Keep up the great work and the constant development and improvements of the theme!

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :-)
Kanak Infosystems LLP
on 9/4/20, 7:36 AM

Prime theme is best theme in Odoo.
I Ming Tseng
on 9/3/20, 4:06 AM

Very well designed and awesome support!
Sport Nutrition
on 9/1/20, 5:31 AM

The theme is very well designed. Easy to use. I must say as well that the Droggol team is very responsive and professional. Great experience! Would buy it eyes closed! 

Beautiful theme
Wilfried Sip
on 8/25/20, 3:52 PM

The theme is beautiful very easy to use. The documentation is very clear and good to understand. Support of them is perfect they will help you in any way they can. I think no other theme will be better then this one, its so good build and fast. Function you get are endless so many good features you have in it. 

Thank you guys keep up the good work. 5 stars well earned.

Julio Mérida
on 8/21/20, 9:44 AM

Awesome Product
Thomas Jacques
on 7/15/20, 2:52 PM

The theme is well designed and easy to use. I am very impressed with its performance as it has lots of new features. Thank you for your quick support.

Nice theme
Robin Edwards
on 7/12/20, 1:26 PM

Just started playing with it and I can say it is a solid theme. The theme has excellent customization options. Recommended.

Excellent features and quick support. Simply perfect!
Suhaim Jafar
on 7/5/20, 3:02 PM

The theme is well designed. The snippet tools and PWA features works out of the box. The theme has lots of configuration options and all features are well documented. The support is also excellent and fast. My questions are answered quickly.

Clean design with great features and excellent tools
Philip K. Dwyer
on 7/1/20, 9:46 AM

The theme having almost every feature that is needed for any eCommerce.Specially snippet builder tools are great I'm able to design my website pages within a few minutes. Personally, I think no other eCommerce theme having this many features. Great work by team Droggol.

Question about theme prime v.13
on 3/17/21, 10:35 AM Confirmed Purchase

Dera sirs,

We just purchased you them and there are 2 issues we do not find.

1- How can we show on products if they are available on not?

2- On the product list, the add to cart button disappear (only available when inside the product page). 

I thank you in advance for your help.

Marc Puig

how to upgrade to 14
on 2/19/21, 9:09 AM Confirmed Purchase

I have purchased 13 versions of the theme, but my version of odoo has been upgraded to 14. Do I have to buy 14 versions of the theme again?

There is another question. I have translated the theme of version 13 into localized language. If I use version 14, what is the fastest way to complete the translation of localized language, and can I reuse some of the translation results of version 13? How to do it?

My email address is yyd@canmem.cn , hope to receive your reply as soon as possible, thank you!

Nice Theme!
on 1/28/21, 3:46 AM Confirmed Purchase

Lars Fuhrmann
on 12/9/20, 6:53 AM

When will you provide the version for odoo enterprise 14?

Odoo 14
on 12/8/20, 7:26 PM

Funcionando nem Odoo 14.

Previsão para lançamento ?

Excellent template with many features and good support
on 11/24/20, 2:07 AM Confirmed Purchase

The template works perfectly well and good documentation, support efficient and fast and many updates, it's really a good job from Droggol

Pre-purchase questions
Emil Moldovan
on 10/15/20, 6:56 AM


We would like to buy this theme but we have some questions. Please be so kind and answer them.

1.If we buy the theme now, will you be giving us the Odoo v14 version of the theme free of charge? Or it's better to wait until you will launch the v14 version?

2.Can we build a personalized Homepage and use one of your homepage templates for the Shop page of the website?

3.Can we customize the product page?

4.Can we insert video in the Photo area of the Product page?

5.Can we create Landing Pages?

Thank you.

Best Regards,


I am very interested in buying the Theme Prime but first I want you to help me answer the following questions?
Samuel Mejia
on 10/8/20, 1:29 PM

It is compatible for odoo v13 online
My payment to odoo is monthly that affects something
How much does it cost and how long can I use Theme Prime?
Is it only one payment or how often do I have to pay?
Do I have access to updates?
What odoo modules do I have to have to install Theme Prime?
Does your tech support help me install the Theme Prime on my odoo?
Do I have access to technical support?
Are there any restrictions?

on 10/8/20, 1:05 PM

Good Morning,

As we know Odoo is already in version 14, I want to know if the theme would currently work for this version or if on the contrary they are going to update so that it is compatible and in how long would the update of this theme be ready to buy it

For v12 please
on 9/1/20, 10:30 AM

HI, i have odoo v12, i am very intetested in your theme but you no have for v12, please help me, rhanks

Fully flexible theme
Robin Edwards
on 7/12/20, 1:23 PM Confirmed Purchase

Just started playing with it and I can say it is a solid theme. The theme has excellent customization options. Recommended.

It is very good
on 7/7/20, 4:33 AM Confirmed Purchase

This is not only a theme, but also a website design system. There are many very good functions in it. I am learning. Thank you for the after-sales service. All the questions and demands have been answered in a very timely manner. It is very good