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This module requires Odoo Enterprise Edition.
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Backend themes might not work with Odoo Enterprise Edition. Please read the description carefully and, in doubt, ask the author before buying.
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Lines of code 4891
Technical Name sh_backmate_theme_enterprise
Also available in version v 13.0
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Included Dependencies
Lines of code 4891
Technical Name sh_backmate_theme_enterprise
Also available in version v 13.0

Backmate Theme

Are you bored with your standard odoo backend theme in the enterprise? Are You are looking for modern, creative, clean, clear, materialize Odoo theme for your backend? So you are at the right place, We have made sure that this theme is highly customizable and it comes with a premium look and feels. Our theme is not only beautifully designed but also fully functional, flexible, fast, lightweight, animated and modern multipurpose theme. Our backend theme is suitable for almost every purpose.

Key Features

Hot Feature

7 Form Elements Style
7 Amazing Tab Style
Progressive Web App (PWA)
Global Search
Custom Google Fonts
Modern, Material & Responsive
7 Beautiful Looks
Custom Theme Colors
Unique Loading Bars
5 Buttons Style
8 Unique Sidebars
3 Login Page
6 Section Separators
Custom List View Color
Stickly List, Form View
RTL Support
Night Mode
11 Popup Animations


Key Features

New 12 different loading style added.
Customisable progress bar added.
Chatter Position Added.
Easy to enable full size form view feature.
Easy to Enable Disable One Click Form Edit.
New Firebase Push Notification Added.
Easy to enable or disable global search option.
New Web Notification/Announcement Utility Added.
New Calculator utility added.
7 amazing tab styles for horizontal tabs.
7 amazing tab styles for vertical tabs.
7 impressive form elements styles.
2 ways to position your chatter.
Global Search
2 Checkbox Styles.
2 Radio Button Styles.
2 Mobile Icon Styles.
5 Sidebar SVG Background for Enterprise Theme.
Fully Customizable Backend Theme.
Amazing Google fonts.
6 Beautiful Separator Styles.
Fully customizable list view(Tree/Table View).
7 Predefined Material Responsive Style.
Freeze all the list views, list view footer, form views, chatters heading.
Custom Primary And Secondary Colors.
Customizable login screen with or without background image.
8 Different Sidebars and many more.
3 New Fully Customizable Login Screens.
Fully Responsive Modern Material Design.
Custom Google Fonts.
Customized Your Own Style.
List View Fully Customizable.
Top Bar Customization.
Night Mode.
5 Attractive Buttons.
RTL(Right-to-Left) Layout
Color Customization.
11 Unique Popup Styles.
Web Push Notification

Here in this theme new feature 'Web Push Notification' (Firebase) added. Using this feature you can send notification to all users like public, portal, internal etc...

Notification Gif
Web Notification

Here in this theme, you have another amazing utility is 'Web Notification'. Using this feature you can create announcement for your selected users. Here you have two types notification one popup and another like notice board .


Here in this theme, you have amazing utility is calculator.Easy to enable or disable this utility as per users.

Calculator Gif

Goto theme setting and select your loading style. there are 12 different well creafted styles available.

How it looks.

Goto theme setting and set progress bar height and color and click save.

How it looks.

Goto user preference and enable 'Full Size Form View' option.

After enable the option you can see this button in top right side in form view. Just click it and expand form view.

Expanded form view.

Here you can fix your chatter position in any screen size. Currently in enterprise chatter position is sided when screen size is larger.

Goto theme setting and select chatter position 'Normal'.

Chatter Posiotion Normal (Bottom).

Here in this theme you have another feature added is Web push notification. Using this feature you can send firebase notification to your all users like public, internal and portal. Here you have selection to select a specific user type and go for it.

Goto user setting and select firebase push notification user.

Now goto general setting and enable 'Web Push Notification' and fills the creadentials.

Send Notification Tree View.

Create a push notification and select an appropriate user type or all users and click validate.

Make sure your all user have to allow 'Show Notification' otherwise its not appear.

This is how notification looks

Here You have amazing feature is one click to edit form. That means you can edit form with click anywherer in form view. No more need to click on 'Edit' buttons. Also enable or disable this feature is user-wise .

Goto Preference

Enable 'One Click Form Edit'

Here in this theme you have another feature added is Web Notification. Using this feature you can send notification, alert, or warning or simple text message to your selected users Here is how to configure a notification, let's do it.

Enable these groups for those users who create notifications.

'Notification' Menu and tree view.

Here in this feature you have two different styles, One is message still display on users screen just like news banner.

If you want to send message like warning or quick information, so just enable 'Popup Notification', configure it and click on "Notify User".

Here in this theme, you have 2 tab styles Horizontal and Vertical for desktop, and each one has 7 amazing styles. Also you can define different tab style for desktop and mobile. So that will helps to improve your ERP Looks.

Video Tutorial Mobile Tab Video Tutorial Desktop Tab

Now you can change the form view style with 7 impressive form elements styles. That means you can easily craft your themes style. Watch video tutorial for more info.

Video Tutorial Form Style

Here in this theme, you can easily adjust chatter position. If you have large resolution screen (Resolution more than 1600px) so you can use chatter position 'Sided'.

Video Tutorial Chatter Position

User can bookmarks mostly used menus.(*First thing first you have to enable ' Activate Quick Menu Mode' from user setting.)

User can set any gradient color for sidebar in enterprise theme as well as 5 different SVG style for background.

User can set different SVG as sidebar background and customize sidebar background gradient color as per his choice.

Enable the "Show Menu Global Search".

Enable the "Show Global Search Configuration" group.

We can configure object for global search from here.

Select object/model, name field, model fields. For one to many fields, you can configure from the smart button.

Go to "Settings" => "PWA Backend Configuration".
You can configure PWA as per your choice.You have an option of app name, icon, display orientation etc.
*If you have external module "sh_pwa_backend" install So, please uninstall that and than update new version.

We have made 7 different beautiful theme style, You can select and use as per your requirement. You can easily customize that particular theme style, Normally user has its own logo or brand colors so the user can customize his theme as per logo or brand colors. These changes will be applied to everywhere in odoo.

Normally the user has a logo or brand color, so the user can change primary colors, hover color, active menu color using primary color as per his brand color.

Users can also change Secondary color, Secondary hover, Secondary active colors.

Here in this theme, you can set your choice fonts family from google fonts. For set google fonts family just follow below image.

You can set font color as per heading size(H1 to H6),paragraph(p).

You can set a button style with 5 different styles of the button like a leaf, square corner, rounded corner, with or without background, also you can enable icon with the button.

You can easily change the font size as per heading size(H1 to H6), paragraph(P).

Easily customize your separator line with 6 different styles like a ridge, dotted, double, etc and set the color of the separator.

Here we provide a feature to customize the list view.
There are mainly two types Bordered and Without border.
Easily set odd-even line background colors.
Easily enable or disable rows hover and set hover color also.

Backmate theme provides tools to customize the login screen.
Using this tool you can make an attractive login screen.
In this theme, there are three styles of the login screen.
You can also set the default odoo login screen.
In style 2 provide a feature to set a banner image in the login screen.
Easily set background color or image.
Easy to set a login box background color.
*Please note that login styles does not work with website modules.

Here you can set a loading gif image as per your choice.

Here we provide a 5 different style for buttons like a leaf, square corner, rounded corner, only border, with or without a background color, etc.

Here we provide a tool for customizing your separator. You can change the separator style with given 6 different styles.

Sticky Heading of List view

Sticky Heading of Form View

Sticky Heading of Inside Form View

Sticky Heading of Chatter View

Here we provide 2 types of checkbox styles.

Here we provide 2 types of radio button styles.

Here we provide 2 types of mobile icon styles.

Progress Bar

Here in this theme we have another beautiful option is customisable progress bar. Easy to customise progress bar with different options like height, color etc...

Loading Style

Here in this theme we have an option to change loader GIF image. Here we have more than 10 beautiful well crafted loader styles. You can choose it from the list for your theme.

Full Size Form View

Here in this theme new feature 'Full size form view' added. Using this feature you can enable form view width in full size as compatible with your screen width. Easy to enable disable this feature from user preferences.

Chatter Position

Here you can fix your chatter position in any screen size. Currently in enterprise chatter position is sided when screen size is larger.

bookmarks Quick Menus

Sidebar Style 1

Sidebar Style 2

Sidebar Style 3

Sidebar Style 4

Sidebar Style 5

Sidebar Style 6

Sidebar Style 7

Sidebar Style 8

Login Page (style-1)

Login Page (style-2)

Login Page (style-3)

Configuration View

Form View

Kanban View

Calender View

Pivot View

Graph View

Discuss View

Discuss View

Login Page 1

Login Page 2

Form View

Kanban View

Calender View

Pivot View

Graph View

Discuss View

Configuration Setting View


Easy to enable/disable night mode in a single click.
Night view available for all views (Kanban, List, Graph, Pivot, Form, Calender, Activity etc).
Provide eyes comfort to read the text and reduce eye strain.
It saves some small amount of energy and gives relaxation to the eyes.
Easy to improve text readability.
Night mode increases the concentration in work and decreases user distraction.
Night mode is better for battery life if you using odoo on mobile.
It looks cool and provides a fresh overall look.
It provides better contrast.


Night Mode Workflow

Application View.

Calender View.

Contact View.

Setting View.

Graph View.

Kanban View.

List View.

Pivot View.


RTL Workflow

Application View.

Calender View.

Contact View.

Setting View.

Discussion View.

Form View.

Graph View.

Kanban View.

List View.

Pivot View.

User can search any record of any object from this search view as well as he/she can search menu.

  • This theme works perfectly with Odoo Enterprise only.
  • Currently, The firebase notification is tested with android os.
  • Yes, you can install this theme with single click.
  • Yes, There is 7 different pre-designed well crafted themes.
  • Yes, we provide free support for 90 days.

Version 14.0.3 (19th August 2021)

  • New 12 Loading Style Added.
  • New Customisable Progress Bar Added.

Version 14.0.2 (22nd July 2021)

  • New Chatter Position Added.
  • New Full Size Form View Added.

Version 14.0.1 (26th June 2021)

  • Initial Release

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Great Module, Great Support - Full of Features, Amazing Value
Ryan Tris
on 8/4/21, 9:34 AM

Backmate is an amazing theme with many extra features. Not only can you full customize Odoo to fit your needs, there are many opportunities to enable convenience features such as one click edits on form views. This app is a must-buy. Softhealer has been extremely responsive in fixing any bugs that creep up. Their team is knowledgeable and kind. Would buy from them again! Don't this app!

Hello, this theme is great, is there a demo address?
tianshneg wang
on 8/11/21, 3:07 AM

Hello, this theme is very good, can you provide a demo address