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Backend themes might not work with Odoo Enterprise Edition. Please read the description carefully and, in doubt, ask the author before buying.
Odoo Online
On Premise
Technical Name mm_awesome_backend
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Odoo Online
On Premise
Technical Name mm_awesome_backend

Awesome Backend for the Community version

Designed For End Users

Inspired from our experience in the web application developpement. Making the backend more awesome is not always easy, it requires more web skills and using new technologies. So we are very happy to share with you this module.

Not compatible with the enterprise version.

Not responsive, you can contact us if you need more features.


Link : http://backend9.odoo.malta.magnetomedia.net

User : demo Password : demo

Application Switcher

Navigation is more fluide

Backend Theme

New and Awesome Look


Before starting the installation, you should upgrade your Odoo Server. We use now Version 9.0c-20160118 (Community Edition)

1. Prepare folder for the module

Create for example an empty folder and name it extra-addons, then decompress the package. Hierarchy should be like:


2. Change the Odoo Configuration

Now copy the full path of the folder extra-addons and look for the file openerp-server.conf. Edit the file openerp-server.conf by adding the full path of extra-addons in the parameter addons_path using a comma



In the example above, the folder extra-addons is created in the folder /mnt, you can create it where ever you want.


Example. Example. In the standard installation of Odoo on ubuntu/debian the file openerp-server.conf is located in /etc/odoo/ So you can edit the file using the command vim /etc/odoo/openerp-server.conf

3. Install the module

To install the module you should follow these instructions :

  1. Restart the Odoo Server
  2. Log in your database as Administrator
  3. Activate the developper mode
images/about.png images/developper_mode.png
  1. Go to the menu Apps -> Update Apps List and Update the list
  1. Go to the menu Apps -> Apps and clear the filter then type backend


  1. Make sure that the Odoo Server is restarted, check logs.
  2. Make sure that the role used by Odoo has read access to the folder extra-addons and its children.

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Need future update
on 5/4/16, 4:38 AM

Hi thanks for this nice backend theme, but is there any update in the future. i think it can be more nice

I see the link now.. Thanks
on 1/25/16, 9:11 PM

The theme is perfect so far.. :-)

Not able to connect to the demo with credentials :(
Mathieu Laflamme
on 1/14/16, 1:04 PM

Good it works
Yug Faa
on 1/14/16, 5:20 AM

Are you kidding me?
on 1/25/16, 8:22 PM Confirmed Purchase

I just paid for this App and now I cant even download it ! WTF ?

Sebastian Klose
on 1/25/16, 8:34 AM Author

To access to the demo use : User : demo Password: demo