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Technical name education_core
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Educational ERP

The Ultimate Educational Management Software

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Educational ERP Core

Insight to Educational ERP

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An orderly composition leads to efficient tracking and better productivity. Educational ERP is a robust and comprehensive user-friendly ERP solution specially crafted for school administration. One can easily manage the details like student admission, their enrollment details, faculty records, Class Management and Subject management. Educational ERP manages and maintains a robust database storing all pertinent and real time information upon the students and faculties within the school. It acts as a single gateway to administer all the school related activities. Experience the smartest school management with Educational ERP.

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Student Promotion

Managing Core Process In Educational Institution


Student Application
Faculty Recruitment
Student Database
Class Room Management
Student Allocation to class
Academic Syllabus
Academic year Management
Exam Management
Student ID card
Faculty ID card
Student Documents
Subject Management
Faculty Database
Attendance Management

Student Application

It handles the registration and admission process for both existing and new students. It ensures smooth working of a school by placing all the applications received in order and as per the credits received.

Student Documents

Manages the database of each student along with their family information, previous schooling information, school transfer certificates and birth certificates along with the photograph.

Student Record

Maintains a strong database on student details like their gender, sex, age, blood group etc. It gives an overview of the student and his personal attributes.

Faculty Record

Efficiently manages all details pertaining to the faculties like their educational background, expertise skills and credentials. Each faculty is linked with employee, so that their pay slips and other monetary benefits are tracked accurately.

Admit student to Class

A student is rightly directed to specific division or class after verifying the student record from the application form. Enable the faculties to easily assign the students their respective class

Student and Faculty ID Card

With quick access to information upon students and faculties, one can generate both student and faculty ID card from the system in one single click.

Class Room Management

One can efficiently manage the class room via encompassing all details of the students and designated faculties. It gives an overview of the number of students in a class and their respective assigned faculties.

Subject Management

Via providing the pertinent information to students and faculties on the subject to be carried today, one can efficiently manage the class and keeping all subjects in focus. Time table management efficiently manages the above.


It keeps the record of different amenities like class board, chalks, cupboards, seating attributes assigned to particular class. The database ensures smooth allocation and replacement of the amenities in case of faulty reports.

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Exactly what I wanted... keep up the good work.
by on

All the people who are comparing it with OpenEduCare, listen! its different from that... OpenEduCare is made keeping more focus on university account...this one is more focused on school perfectly fits the school system followed in Asia...

Looking Good...
by on

good start but not easy to defeat OpenEduCat ..... more review after testing...

Looks pretty nice.
by on

It seems to be another open-sourced project revolution from Cybrosys. @CodeFinder, I am wondering about why you are worried about this project. If you have any reference for copycating, just bring it up. I strongly believe that anyone can start new ERP level project with their own views in future. For an example, So, If you can't accept it, better keep silent. @Cybrosys, I am expecting more modules in this "Educational ERP" project jsut like Open HRMS project.

Bring us a single line of code that is copied
by on

Yes, We will take whole credit for whatever we created. We challenge you to bring a single line of code that we copied from any other Odoo module not only from Openeducat. There is no such rule that no one is allowed to create a module with the same functionality as another module. It is very funny that you are saying this. If Openeducat is an educational ERP, what we published is also the same. Masters and features will be same. We cannot go for a different functionality and have features like 'Breeding','Hatching','Feeding', etc in Educational ERP for a change. Hope you can understand

Already Available as Name OPENEDUCAT ERP | Copying Others Module
by on

it's Already Available in Free so why are you taking whole Credit? Only the Module name is changed and some color and strings,Nothing much. core functionality are same. what do you think,people will not check anything and just give you credit of this free module? come on it's not Only you who can watch the code and module of others,if you can every one can.