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Technical name odoo_password_manager
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Technical name odoo_password_manager
LicenseSee License tab
Read description for v 12.0

Nowadays team work assumes a shared access to multiple IT services. Such collaboration is not simple, since definite users should know some passwords and not others. Besides, such passwords should be frequently updated, and team members should learn topical authentication parameters. Often this business process becomes a total mess and results in time losses and leak of important data. The situation is especially crucial in case you administrate customers-related services.

This is the tool to solve the trouble. The app let you organize the system of safe passwords keeping with multiple security layers to efficiently structure, find, and share password bundles.

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community.

The features marked by the icon are provided by the optional add-on Password Manager: Custom Fields (38 Euro extra)

Passwords are combined in bundles: each might be shared with any user and any user group. Look at the section Passwords Sharing Policies
The password manager introduces a few security layers to minimize possibilities of data leaks. Look at the section Passwords Security Layers
Passwords are located on the intuitive single-view interface, where users structure passwords by hierarchy of tags. Here you can show or copy any key in seconds if you have an access to that key
Any password might be linked to an Odoo partner (a customer, a supplier, etc.). In such a way sales or support team may access required partner infrastructure and services efficiently. Just press a button on a partner form view
The password manager let you work with a few passwords simultaneously. Click on a password kanban card to add the key to the selection, and then address any or proceed a mass action. Possible mass actions are defined by an Odoo admin on the configuration page
The tool provides the feature of automatic password generation. Users might at any moment create a new safe paraphrase based on specified length and requirements
Password strength is estimated in real-time to make sure users do not introduce too week keys
For each bundle you can define update policies in days. If the password has not been changed during the specified period, Odoo will generate an activity for responsible users. To maximize security, change you passwords regularly!
There are 2 menus to simplify working with passwords. The first - 'Passwords by bundles' - let users open keys of an exact bundle. The second – 'All passwords' – let users simultaneously open all available for him/her keys. In the latter case an extra paraphrase for each bundle should be entered
Create and show custom fields for your passwords to reflect your business specifics. The following types of fields are available: single line text (char), simple text without formatting (text), rich text (HTML-formatted text), integer or float numbers, drop-down choice with your own options (selection), checkbox (boolean), date or date and time, binary (a file to upload), reference to another Odoo document (e.g. for a sale order, contact; many2one)
Structure passwords by special types and choose fields for each types individually. Thus, set of columns for 'virtual servers' and 'email servers' might be different
The app let you import passwords from electronic tables using the standard Odoo import tools
The module features depend on your Odoo version. Please select required one on the top right of this page
Passwords kanban
Form view of a password

Passwords Sharing Policies

An access to a specific password is regulated on a bundle level. You may have as many bundles as you want. To share a bundle with a definite user, you should specify that user in the access levels' table. Alternatively you can assign a user group in the same table. For example, you can have a 'sales team' bundle and share it with all users with the right 'Sales Manager', or you can have a global bundle by sharing it with a user group 'Internal user'.

3 access levels to bundles, passwords, and tags are distinguished:

  • Administrator may access, update or delete this bundle, its passwords, and its tags. This user is assumed to manage access levels for this bundle, to modify update policies, and set the extra password. The bundle creator is always its administrator.
  • Full rights user may access, update or delete passwords and tags related to this bundle, but he/she can't change bundle itself and can't change bundle access levels or settings
  • Readonly access user may observe and address passwords and tags of this bundle. Such users can modify any objects.

Take into account that the rules are not applied for the Odoo super user. The Odoo super admin (with id 1) has full rights for all passwords and bundles, although he is also required to enter the extra paraphrase to open a bundle.

The setting 'Responsible for password updates' allows to assign a user who should regularly change the paraphrase in passwords according to the bundle update policies. For such a user the special activity is automatically and regularly created to make sure passwords are secure. There might be only a single responsible for a bundle, and such responsible should have either the 'Administrator' or the 'Full rights' access level.

Passwords Security Layers

Although, there is no way to provide 100% security in the Internet, this password manager tries to minimize potential risks.

First of all, the tool symmetrically encrypt all passwords. It means that to decrypt a password, plotters should know the exact decryption algorithm and a bundle decryption key.

Second of all, you can assign the extra security password for any bundle. In such a case to access passwords in the interface, any user should enter a paraphrase. Even if a user has full rights for a bundle, he/she should always know that password. Besides, that paraphrase might be changed at any moment by the bundle admin (if that admin himself knows that paraphrase). Be cautious: do not forget the password. It is hashed and even the PostreSQL super user can't recover it.

Third of all, the security rights are programmed in such a way they can't be changed without the tool source code modification. Even the Odoo super user is not able to change policies.


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Passwords are combined in bundles
Password bundles kanban
Passwords single-view interface
Passwords kanban
Password form view
Form view of a password
Passwords access levels
Manage access rights per bundles
Password generator wizard
Password auto creation
Extra password to open a bundle
Extra security paraphrase of a bundle
Bundle extra paraphrase required
Log in to a bundle
Passwords by partners
The button to open partner-related passwords
Password Manager configuration page
Passwords settings
Passwords by all available for this user bundles
All available passwords
Passwords' custom fields
Customize properties of Odoo password manager
Custom fields on password form
Customized password form views
Custom fields for password: add any data required
Types of custom fields for access keys
Import passwords from tables
Odoo standard import of passwords

Python dependencies

To guarantee tool correct work you would need a number of Python libraries: zxcvbn, cryptography:

pip install zxcvbn cryptography

Installation Tips

In order the widget works correctly, re-start Odoo server. If you faced the error 'Qweb2: Template is not found': restart Odoo server > refresh the page (Ctrl+Shift+R)

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