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Technical Name user_recent_log
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0
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Technical Name user_recent_log
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0

User Activity Log

With this module user can easily track their work history they have performed. Have a look at its features:

  • Admin has the rights to track user activity for every individual user. While every individual can’t track other user’s activity.
  • The activity can be creating and editing any record.
  • What changes were made and who made them can be easily known with this module. Again, the users other than admin can’t deleted records stored in user activity log.

Prerequisites before Installation

No prerequisites are required before the installation.


No configurations.

Below displayed is the menu page of this module. Click on the “Action” button and select “Recent Logs” from the dropdown menu to view the recent activities performed by user.

After selecting the recent log action, you will be displayed with number of records and you can easily choose from the list for which record you want to get a detailed information. By clicking on the arrow button of any particular record you will be redirected to that record and you can gain a detailed idea of what changes were made on that record.

After getting redirected to any particular record page admin can easily track down what modifications were made by user. As shown in the image admin can view the name of user, record name, last seen of the user visiting this record, and user activity.

Along with tracking the user activities we have managed to add a security feature that will restrict users to track activities or deleted any records of other users. While admin has the rights to access and watch every user’s activity.

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Chan Nath
on 8/5/19, 12:31 AM

Hello, just want to ask if what are the modules that can be tracked. I tried project,helpdesk and leave request and I don't get activity from those. Employee data change works fine. Thanks in advance for the help.

Re: Modules
Jainesh Shah
on 8/5/19, 3:02 AM Author

Hello Chan, Thanks for using our module, We again test this module in 11Community and we are able to get all the Log in Recent logs Button. Is it possible for you to share some more details or screenshot So that we can get clear Idea . Thanks, Aktiv SOftware

Doubt about files and changes
on 7/4/19, 2:00 PM

Hello, I wish to know if this works to see what a user has downloaded, i.e. If the user export a csv file, I wish to know what did they export.

Re: Doubt about files and changes
Jainesh Shah
on 7/5/19, 12:54 AM Author

Hello Rodrigo, Thanks for using our module. In this module we are not displaying the logs of what user has downloaded. But I appreciate your question we will update the module. I will let you know once the module is updated. Regards, Aktiv Software.

Jainesh Shah
on 5/21/19, 8:12 AM Author

Hello @oscar mojica, Yes this module works with enterprise. And will you please explain what you are trying to say about "click on action button, it only shows me the option to delete." ?

I can,t show the opcions
Oscar Mojica
on 2/6/19, 12:43 PM

Hello When I click on the action button, it only shows me the option to delete. the module works with enterprise? regards