v 12.0 Third Party
Required Apps Email Marketing (mass_mailing)
Website (website)
Invoicing (account)
Technical Name odoo_online_website
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Required Apps Email Marketing (mass_mailing)
Website (website)
Invoicing (account)
Technical Name odoo_online_website


We are also giving one time free set up of Odoo SaaS on your Server when you purchase this module.


  1. The module provides the structure for the subscription-based service model to your clients.
  2. The clients can opt for only one trial period plan and once he paid his duration will be increased.
  3. The user can sell Odoo and its modules/apps (official & custom) as Odoo SaaS services.
  4. Saas Plans can be purchased directly from the community DB
  5. Lead, sale order, subscription plan generated on Portal DB when client signup and create instance from community DB
  6. The subsequent recurring invoices can be either created automatically (by enabling from the settings)
  7. Client Instance, main portal db and community db can manage on different server
  8. Client will receive an email with the his db instance when clients instance created from community DB
  9. Client Can see following details on his community db
    • Start and End date of subscription
    • Count of active users in clients instance
    • Invoices with status
    • User can cancel subscription
    • Number of created user
    • Ticket creation
    • Active User in Community DB
    • Mouli Payment
  10. Users for community DB directly create from website with following access right
    • Manager
    • View Bill/ Cancel Subscription
    • View Ticket only
  11. Email should be send to client when database is expire
  12. Database expires automatically after one month
  13. Client can create Question, Issue and Support Type of ticket from community DB
  14. Client can buy support hours and depending on number of support hours client will get support
  15. Ticket could be solved from portal db and portal user can chat with the client
  16. Email is send to the client when support hours are 80% used
  17. Client can reset password from community DB
  18. Recurring Invoices will be created in enterprise for billing.
  19. Sending recurring invoice via email to the client
  20. Database can be suspend and enable
  21. Moulli payment gateway
  22. Disable Odoo database from Subscription client record, if invoice is due after reminder send
  23. Customer can choose apps from shops and selected apps will be displayed on client's instance for trial

Under portal db

1. Create template form Plans menu under Saas menu.

Choose Saas Server and created Template then click on Create template db.

3. Template db will get created. As you can login to that template db from 'Log in template db' button, it will redirect you to the template db.

Under template DB

1. Install all the modules(Apps) which should be included in the plan. As you can see 2 users are created, one is Administrator go to that user. Set access rights in the admin user. Because when any client's database would be created, the system will use this template to give access to the admin user and only your company would have admin access.

2. In owner_template_login user, define the access because when any new client's database would be created, the function will use this template to give access to that user. - when client's db would be created he/she will only have specified access

3. Go to Settings->Users&Companies->OAuth Providers and click on Saas data.

4. Disable 'Allowed' checkbox if it is enabled.

Under Community DB

5. Activate the developer mode and then go to Technical -> SAAS Enterprice configuration -> Configuration Here enter all configuration related to Portal DB and then click on check connectivity . Then your community DB will get connected to Enterprise DB

Under portal db

6. Activate the developer mode and then go to Technical -> SAAS Community configuration -> configuration Here enter all configuration related to Community DB and then click on check connectivity. Then your Enterprise DB will get connected to Community DB. Create the Product with the name 'Subscription user'

Under Community DB

7. Click on Login & Register button then fill the details of customer and click on Next Button> Then Lead will get generated in the CRM module

8. Accept the terms and condition and then click on Register button

9. If user is already registered then user can click on Forget Password button, Reset user password link will get mailed to the user's email id

Current user's lead will get converted into the opportunity in Portal DB

Client's subscription get generated in Subscription module

10. User's instance will start creating and you will visit this Thank You page and instance link will get send to the registered email id

11.Go to My Portal menu here you can see the following details:

  1. Login: You can visit to your instance
  2. Total User: Total users created in your instance
  3. Subscription Date: The date at which client db is created
  4. Expiration Date: Expiration Date of client's DB
  5. Status: Status of your DB if it's expired or In progress
  6. Cancel: You can cancel your subscription at any time.

12. Click on Login then you can login into clint DB, Here you can see url of client DB, its start with the company name of the client DB.

Under portal db

13. Go to SAAS ->SAAS Client, here you can check the created DB

  1. Enable: You can enable and disable current client's DB
  2. Delete: You can delete the client's DB
  3. Manage Subscription: You can manage subscription details of client's DB
  4. Sync Server You can sync client server, its work like refresh button
  5. Sync Client: You can sync client, its work like refresh button whenever you will increase the number of user then use sync client button then increased user number will get reflect in Count User field
  6. Count User: Whenever number of users will increased in client's db then it will get reflected here at the same time it will get reflected in Community DB

14. Go to subscription. Client's subscription plan is generated

Under Community DB

15. Go to My Portal -> Payment Details, Here you can do payment via wire transfer or via Maouli transfer

16. User can create Ticket. And later this ticket details will be visible to Portal DB There are 3 types of ticket:

  1. Question: User can create ticket type question
  2. Issue: User can create ticket type Issue
  3. Support: User can create ticket type Support. To create support ticket user needs to buy support hours. When support hours are about to end for 80% then user will get email regarding ending of support hours.

17. User can see the status of the ticket. At the same time user can chat from the current ticket

18. Go to Portal DB -> Helpdesk

19. Go to Community DB and select the ticket

20. Go to Community DB -> My Portal -> Support Hours. Here client can buy support hours Without having support hours in bag client can't create ticket regarding support hours.

21.User can see total remaining support hours for his account

22. Support ticket type generated from by client

Under Portal db

23. When support ticket type is created then in the Helpdesk its ticket is generated with the timesheet. Client support hours = Purchased Support hours - Time used to solve support ticket type

24. Client will get email when his support hours are 80% used.

25. Go to Subscription -> Select Client -> Activate the Developer Mode Click on Generate Invoice Button to create the invoice of subscription of client

Under Community DB

26. Client can check his Invoice Date, Invoice Due Date, Amount Due and State of the Payment
Client can also print his invoice details in PDF Format

27. Client will receive Invoice once Invoice is generated

28. Client can generate different types of user for his community DB

While creating user from community DB, client can give following access rights to the user

  1. General Manager: General Manager has all the access rights accept creating users
  2. Invoice/Cancel Subscription: This user can access Dashboard and Invoice tab
  3. View Tickets:This user can only view tickets and he can send message from the tickets

29. When user is created then invitation email send on the registered email id. From that invitation user can be created in the community DB

30. Client will receive an email if his email is expired

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planet odoo scammers
on 6/2/20, 9:02 PM

they took my money and left me with a broken saas full of odoo server errors be careful

WARNING!! be careful when dealing with these people
on 6/2/20, 9:00 PM

your saas doesent work.. odoo server error everywhere. Planet Odoo will take your money and give you a broken and buggy solution. then they will hide from you, ignore you and take your cash. i bought the saas from them and they got my cash then started talking very disrespectfully no ethics at all so beware of planet odoo guys.

Do you have the demo?
on 4/8/20, 1:39 PM

Do you have the demo?