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Odoo Online
On Premise
Odoo Apps Dependencies Inventory (stock)
Purchase (purchase)
Sales (sale_management)
Discuss (mail)
Invoicing (account)
Community Apps Dependencies
Lines of code 20406
Technical Name amazon_connector
LicenseSee License tab
Versions 12.0 13.0 10.0 11.0

Amazon Odoo connector

Amazon odoo connector will help you to handle your operations in odoo rather going to amazon backend again and again, it will automatically import the orders and shipment can be easily done and many more features in the module.

This module will provide with below features

  • Creating amazon instances
  • Import all marketplace from amazon
  • Import Products
  • Import MFN inventory
  • Import AFN inventory
  • Import category (Browse Node)
  • Import orders
  • Update Inventory
  • Update Price
  • Update Images
  • Update order status to amazon
  • Download Settlment reports and reconile in odoo
  • Automatic cron to import data in odoo

After installing the amazon module : Go to App > Amazon >Configuration > Seller click on create button and fill all the details required on that particular form and after that click on List Marketplace button as shown in below

After clicking on List marketplace you will able to see how many list of marketplace available for that particular instance as showed below.

You can click on to that it show all in list views like below.

Now open any record to make the shop to be active from which you want to import and update data vice versa

once its done with activating shop now click on dashboard to list the activate shop as showed below.

click import button it will pop one wizard and select what you want to get from amazon as showing category first in image and then click on Run button.

Once clicked on it will show list of categories which has been imported from amazon for that you have to Go to Amazon > Product > Categories as shown below.

Now after clicking on Amazon Categories the list of categories available after that open any of category to see rest of the details.

To import product mark import product as checked as shown below. And select date from where you want to import then click on Run button.

Once clicking on Run button now see the list product which have been imported into an Odoo. For that go to Amazon > Product > Product and click on it as shown below.

Now open any of it to see the rest of details available for that particular product like under Amazon Information > Amazon attributes > their relevant sub attributes .

To import inventory click on Dashboard then click on Import button and mark import inventory as checked then again click on Run button shown below.

Once done with importing list of inventory being imported to products.

Go to Amazon > Products > Products and open any of it and under that you’ll see the quantiy available to for that product.

To import order from Dashboard click on Import button then mark import order as checked and click on Run.

Once importing done now go to “Orders > all Orders will be seen imported into an Odoo or count of order imported from dashboard itself as showed in image.

Now click on all orders list of orders are available.

Now open up the orders to look the rest of details in it .

Under Amazon Information tab the fields which has been mapped with amazon.

To Manage AFN and MFN Product and order then in Amazon module and click on Configuration > MarketPlace and open any of the seller shop and scrolldown to Configuration Section under it there is Stock Configuration where you can see Warehouse and AFN warehouse as shown in below image.

To update inventory of product on amazon side we can do from Amazon > Products > Products click on it and open any of the product then click on Update Qty On Hand

once click on Qty Update it will open a wizard like below from where quantity can be entered and update to that particular product qty.

After that now go to Dashboard click on Update button which will pop a wizard and mark update inventory as check and click on Run button, After that you can have look in amazon side inventory will get update of that particular product.

To update price of product on amazon open any of the product then make changes of value on sale price fields, After that from Dashboard click on Update button which will pop a wizard and mark “update prices” as checked and click on Run button.

To update images of product on amazon side open any of the product then add images in line from images tab as shown below.

After clicking this will open wizard like below In which fill the details like Title link and image link in file location.

Now Go to “Dashboard” click on Update button which will open a wizard and mark update images as checked and click on Run button.

To export product to amazon side go to Amazon > products > products > click on create button mark Amazon Product and “To be exported” to True

now go to Amazon Information > Amazon Attributes tab on the same page and put the rest of required details.

Then select Product data which is having multiple type based on category wise it will display the different attribute information tab like selecting clothing it will show all the details related to cloth only like as shown below in the image .

To export variant product to amazon side go to Amazon > products > products > click on create button mark Amazon Product and “To be exported” to True

then go to “Variants” tab select variantion theme and add the attributes you need once you save that Product you will see the smart button at right top most as “Variants” like showed below
Now all variants are created it can be checked by clicking on variants smart button.

Before exporting enter all required fields in each variants before exporting to amazon,Once done now Go to Amazon Dashboard click on Export button and mark export product as checked and hit the Run button it will create new product to amazon web site like below.

Go to Amazon >“Settlement” click on “List of Settlement Report” and it pop one wizard as shown below.

Then click on “Get Report List” which will get the list of amazon report request Id for Go to Amazon > Settlements > Settlement Statement as shown below.

Now open any of from the list where you can see every detailed mention in it which is having on “Done” state as of now as in image

once clicking on “Process Statement” button it get change to “Imported” state

Now click on “View Statement”

Then click on “reconcile”

select account and click again on “Reconcile” button and come back to account bank statement and click on “Validate” button

After this finally come back to Settlement Statement to go there click on Amazon > Settlement > Settlement Statement you will see the report status as Closed

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