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Also available in version v 8.0 v 10.0 v 9.0 v 11.0 v 12.0 v 14.0
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Automated backups

A tool for all your back-ups, internal and external!

Keep your Odoo data safe with this module. Take automated back-ups, remove them automatically and even write them to an external server through an encrypted tunnel. You can even specify how long local backups and external backups should be kept, automatically!

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Connect with an FTP Server

Keep your data safe, through an SSH tunnel!

Want to go even further and write your backups to an external server? You can with this module! Specify the credentials to the server, specify a path and everything will be backed up automatically. This is done through an SSH (encrypted) tunnel, thanks to pysftp, so your data is safe!

Test connection

Checks your credentials in one click

Want to make sure if the connection details are correct and if Odoo can automatically write them to the remote server? Simply click on the 'Test SFTP Connection' button and you will get message telling you if everything is OK, or what is wrong!

E-mail on backup failure

Stay informed of problems, automatically!

Do you want to know if the database backup failed? Check the checkbox 'Auto. E-mail on backup fail' and fill in your e-mail. Every time a backup fails you will get an e-mail in your mailbox with technical details.

Contact / Support

Need help or want extra features?

Need help with the configuration or want this module to have more functionalities? Please create a bug report on the Github issue tracker

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Very good tool, however don't know how to disable it
on 9/17/20, 9:32 AM

I am really happy with the tool. It does the job.

However, I stumbled upon the following problem:

1. I don't need a database anymore, so I removed the backup settings.

2. Unfortunately, I still get a backup file every day.

3. Yesterday I dropped the database from PSQL.

4. Today I see an empty file with the dropped database name.

Please help.

Re: Very good tool, however don't know how to disable it
on 9/28/20, 2:40 AM Author

Remove the database backup record completely. That should always work :)

on 8/20/20, 7:31 AM

Rafael Pol
on 8/16/20, 3:13 PM

Hello, Could you please tell me if this module works within odoo.sh ? Regards.

on 6/22/20, 5:57 AM

I'v been using databases since my first project, now creating a new one called casinoshunter and going to use your database auto-backup. Hope this backup works properly, relying on it's reliability.

lê thị oanh
on 6/3/20, 11:01 PM

Hi Yenthe Van Ginneken, Thanks a lot this module, But let me ask if there is a difference in file size when using SFTP https://prntscr.com/stez4u

on 6/6/20, 12:34 AM Author

Hi! Zips are compressed so yes there is a difference. Your difference in size looks pretty big though. Be sure to test your backup so you're certain it works and behaves as you'd like.

its very good and powerfull tool
Husam M. Obaid
on 5/26/20, 2:13 AM

its very good and usefull tool and i have one note i like you to add it to your module Readme file to mention the required python libraries that is required to install before the user install this module thanks for nice module Regards, Husam

Re: its very good and powerfull tool
on 6/3/20, 3:15 AM Author

Thanks Husam! The required libraries are actually mentioned in the requirements.txt file (see https://github.com/Yenthe666/auto_backup/blob/13.0/requirements.txt)

Mario Gielissen
on 5/13/20, 12:52 PM

Thanks a lot!
Tran Bang
on 3/31/20, 12:55 PM

Dear Yenthe, I am using your app for backup of odoo 12 it ok and very good. But when i using it for bakup of odoo 13 then it not work, it just backs up and save bakup file at local. While i have connected to SFTP successfully. Please help me fix this problem. Thank you very much

Re: Thanks a lot!
on 4/13/20, 12:50 AM Author

Hi, please create a ticket with detailed info at https://github.com/yenthe666/auto_backup/issues

Looking for a solution
on 3/30/20, 2:47 PM

Yenthe, i am using PostgreSql for our database when i install the auto_backup software it asks for Paramiko software which i cannot find for the PostgreSql database on Windows Server 2016. Is this the only software that is compatible with your auto_backup application or do you have something that will work with our software? We are on Odoo 13.

Re: Looking for a solution
on 4/13/20, 12:51 AM Author

Hi! Sorry the dependency is needed. It should be possible to install pysftp on Windows though.

Thanks a lot! I donated €10 for this!
on 3/23/20, 7:06 AM
Re: Thanks a lot! I donated €10 for this!
on 4/13/20, 12:50 AM Author

Thanks a lot for the donation! :)

Very usefull, easy to install
Thijs van Oers
on 2/1/20, 4:54 AM

Thanks for this module Yenthe!

Re: Very usefull, easy to install
on 2/1/20, 9:15 AM Author

You're welcome, happy you like it!

Two separate backup tasks?
Siavash Asadollahi
on 1/6/20, 3:10 PM

Hi, Thanks for the very useful app. I just have a quick question, is there any way to have to different back ups running at different intervals? I'm trying to get a nightly back up locally and a weekly or monthly backup on a sftp server. Is it possible with your app? Thanks again. Siavash

Re: Two separate backup tasks?
on 2/28/20, 12:59 PM Author

Hi Siavash, Not really. You can create multiple backup records - for example to take one .dump backup and one .zip backup - but at this time they're all executed. If you'd like this you would need to add a bit of custom code to keep track of intervals per back-up record so it doesn't execute all backups blindly. Regards, Yenthe

I got error. I'm end user.
on 8/17/20, 4:51 AM

Lỗi: Odoo Server Error Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\auto_backup\models\db_backup.py", line 18, in import paramiko ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'paramiko' During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\http.py", line 624, in _handle_exception return super(JsonRequest, self)._handle_exception(exception) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\http.py", line 310, in _handle_exception raise pycompat.reraise(type(exception), exception, sys.exc_info()[2]) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\tools\pycompat.py", line 14, in reraise raise value File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\http.py", line 669, in dispatch result = self._call_function(**self.params) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\http.py", line 350, in _call_function return checked_call(self.db, *args, **kwargs) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\service\model.py", line 94, in wrapper return f(dbname, *args, **kwargs) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\http.py", line 339, in checked_call result = self.endpoint(*a, **kw) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\http.py", line 915, in __call__ return self.method(*args, **kw) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\http.py", line 515, in response_wrap response = f(*args, **kw) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\web\controllers\main.py", line 1326, in call_button action = self._call_kw(model, method, args, kwargs) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\web\controllers\main.py", line 1314, in _call_kw return call_kw(request.env[model], method, args, kwargs) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\api.py", line 387, in call_kw result = _call_kw_multi(method, model, args, kwargs) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\api.py", line 374, in _call_kw_multi result = method(recs, *args, **kwargs) File "", line 2, in button_immediate_install File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\base\models\ir_module.py", line 72, in check_and_log return method(self, *args, **kwargs) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\base\models\ir_module.py", line 463, in button_immediate_install return self._button_immediate_function(type(self).button_install) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\base\models\ir_module.py", line 573, in _button_immediate_function modules.registry.Registry.new(self._cr.dbname, update_module=True) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\modules\registry.py", line 86, in new odoo.modules.load_modules(registry._db, force_demo, status, update_module) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\modules\loading.py", line 423, in load_modules loaded_modules, update_module, models_to_check) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\modules\loading.py", line 315, in load_marked_modules perform_checks=perform_checks, models_to_check=models_to_check File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\modules\loading.py", line 182, in load_module_graph load_openerp_module(package.name) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\modules\module.py", line 376, in load_openerp_module __import__('odoo.addons.' + module_name) File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\auto_backup\__init__.py", line 3, in from . import models File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\auto_backup\models\__init__.py", line 3, in from . import db_backup File "C:\Odoo\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\auto_backup\models\db_backup.py", line 21, in 'This module needs paramiko to automatically write backups to the FTP through SFTP. ' ImportError: This module needs paramiko to automatically write backups to the FTP through SFTP. Please install paramiko on your system. (sudo pip3 install paramiko)

If you need to install this module in windows 10
Ali Khankan
on 8/8/20, 5:43 AM

I followed you instructions to install on odoo 13 / windows 10 but it didnt work, i still get error "ImportError: This module needs paramiko to automatically write backups to the FTP through SFTP. Please install paramiko on your system. (sudo pip3 install paramiko)" , i already installed "paramiko" on the system.

have issue
on 7/19/20, 5:12 AM

When trying to open configuration window v12: ValueError: Field `sftp_host` does not exist Error context: View `db.backup.tree` [view_id: 1401, xml_id: auto_backup.view_backup_config_tree, model: db.backup, parent_id: n/a]

I tried hard to install the module but i wasn't successful
Tom Hermes
on 7/6/20, 8:36 PM

Hi all, i tried without success to install the module. I work on windows local host, i did exactly as Ruben Dario described. I installed: pysftp, cryptography and paramiko but i still get the error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'paramiko' Could it be that this causes the problem: "defaulting to user installation because normal site-packages are not writable" If yes, does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks Tom

If you need to install this module in windows 10
Ruben Dario
on 6/25/20, 8:04 PM

If you need to install this module in windows 10 for Odoo 13 follow these steps: 1. Add the path Odoo13.0 / python and Odoo13 / python / scripts to the Windows 10 PATH environment tags. 2.Verify writing in cmd python 3. download the file get-pip.py from the page https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py and save it to disk C 4. In cmd, execute the following two lines cd C: \ python get-pip.py 5. then run python -m pip install pysftp 6. install the auto-backup module as modules are normally installed. Remember to restart the Odoo-server and PostgreSQL_For_Odoo services once you have installed the module so that it works correctly

Odoo Server Error
Phuong Nam
on 3/12/20, 10:30 PM

Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Odoo 13.0\server\odoo\addons\auto_backup\models\db_backup.py", line 23, in import paramiko ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'paramiko'

Amazing plugin, but getting error on SFTP
Humberto Alonso
on 2/17/20, 7:41 PM

Hello, this is a amazing plugin, but I am getting this error after trying to do on SFTP can you help me what's the meaning? Thanks Connection Test Failed! Here is what we got instead: Raw

Do I have to install other modules first?
on 12/20/19, 12:06 AM

import paramiko ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'paramiko' ----But I tried searching for "paramiko", but I didn't find in odooapp that it is suitable for version 13

Trouble in use the module 2
Alivinci2008 srl
on 12/7/19, 9:55 AM

Sorry.. sure I downloaded the v.12 module.. I wrote here in v.13 was a my mistake.. Sorry again

Trouble in use the module
Alivinci2008 srl
on 12/7/19, 9:51 AM

Hi sir.. I tried to install more times this module on my virtual box with Ubuntu 18.04 and Odoo 12.0-20190813. I setup the backups and activate the Scheduled action or tried to run manuallly.. but unluckly any file .zip is create. In odoo log any error and any other message from this action. Any suggest for sort out this problem? Please help!!! Thank you Carlo