Home Delivery All in One POS, Website and Mobile Orders for any Business



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Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales (sale_management)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Website (website)
CRM (crm)
Live Chat (im_livechat)
Project (project)
Purchase (purchase)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 8829
Technical Name home_delivery_odoo_pos_website_mobile_pragtech
Also available in version v 15.0 v 14.0 v 12.0
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Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales (sale_management)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Website (website)
CRM (crm)
Live Chat (im_livechat)
Project (project)
Purchase (purchase)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 8829
Technical Name home_delivery_odoo_pos_website_mobile_pragtech
Also available in version v 15.0 v 14.0 v 12.0

Home Delivery All in One POS, Website and Mobile Orders for any Business

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Home Delivery All-in-One app can be used by any business to receive orders from different sources. Businesses can receive orders from web stores, phone call centers, retail stores or through whatsApp. It provides a control system/panel which is the heart of the system to monitor orders placed by the shops or restaurant staff as well as the call center staff. The delivery control will provide a concise and precise view of the orders thereby enabling quick status check of the orders home delivery and any communication regarding the order between shop or restaurant and delivery boy. Through the delivery control screen you can assign orders to delivery boy and track delivery.


Website Store Orders

Process website online orders for Home Delivery

Mobile Orders

Process Mobile orders for Home Delivery

POS orders

Process orders through Point of Sale System

Delivery Control

Track orders received from multiple sources and schedule for home delivery

Delivery Boy

Manage delivery boy work allocation, Comissions and Tips

WhatsApp Integration

Communicate more effectively with customers using whatsApp Messenger

Delivery Boy Mobile App Android / IOS

Delivery boy can pick up deliveries, cancel them through a Mobile app

The Delivery Control app
consists of two screens

  • Delivery Control List view

    This is the list view of the orders which will be controlled by the delivery manager / user. Here the user will find all orders and its details like customer name, address, delivery type, Order comes from, Payment status, Order status/stage, etc. Also you will find here Action column where below buttons are available:-

    1. Assign Driver
    2. Collect Payment
    3. New Message
    4. Issue Details

    Whenever the order stage will change in the backend, the same status will get reflected on this screen. Once the order is in ready stage, the Assign Driver button will get enabled here and the delivery manager / user can assign the driver to this order.

    When a driver has some issue he/she will raise it using their mobile app and delivery manager / user will get notification under Issue Detail in the action column.

  • Delivery Control Detailed view

    This will provide complete information of a selected order for tracking and monitoring purposes. When the delivery manager / user clicks on any order, the user will see the detailed information about the order.

    Above form shows the map with Driver and customer location and route. So the delivery manager / user can monitor the current location of the driver. This form also show the following information

    1. Order details - like product name and quantity.
    2. Payment details - Paid or Unpaid
    3. Order status - like Assigned Driver, Delivered, etc.
    4. Message - message communication between driver and delivery control manager / user.

    Delivery Driver App

    • Login Screen
    • Job List
    • Order Details
    • Delivery Operation
    • Trouble in item Delivery Operation
    • Communication through Messages for a particular order

    Note The delivery app is only available in Android and IOS.

Configuration of
POS, Delivery Boy and Delivery Control

Give Access rights to the user; Manager/Administrator Level

Give Delivery Boy/Person access rights to the user (driver configuration)

Next step is to add Google Maps Api Key, Go to Settings -> Technical ->System Parameters

Create a new record if not exists, key as “google.api_key_geocode” and provide the google api key as value

Enable Google Maps Api key (Directions API, Places API and Maps Javascript API) and create an API key under your Google Cloud account

Add Delivery Boy in the warehouse, go to Inventory -> Configuration -> Warehouses and add delivery boy to the warehouse

Next step is to geolocate the address of the warehouse partner. To do that click on the address of the warehouse, then go to the “Partner Assignation” Tab and click on the Geo Locate button in order to get the longitude and latitude.

You can view all the delivery boys and create a new one as shown in the below screenshot

Configuration Of
POS Home Delivery

On click of “Home Delivery” Button, a popup is displayed (when creating home delivery order, the product and the customer has to be set beforehand, otherwise a warning is raised)

If you want to order at a different address then tick "Ship to different Address" and fill up the form.

If you don't apply "Ship to Different Address" Customer's Default address will be considered for home delivery.

Click on Create Button to create home delivery

Delivery Info on Receipt

Delivery Order in Backend

Detailed Delivery Order

Note : The Delivery Time shown is actually based on the logged in user’s timezone

If you select "Ship to different Address",In Customer delivery address is created.

A journal entry after payment of order is registered.

Once order for Home Delivery is created, If state of order is changed to Paid and Delivered without validating payment. An error message will be shown just like shown in the below image. To avoid this Error. Once order is created, Validate Payment from POS. After that we can change the State of Order to Paid.

Pos Orders on “Manage Delivery Dashboard” when the delivery order is created; State : Assigned

POS order detailed view

Website and back-end’s
order flow and configuration

Order Display

The order display app provides a platform to the department of business which requires to process the product before shipping to the customer such as food items.

Configurable order stages

The configurable order stages module brings the option to the customers of tracking delivery of the ordered product on the website

Allow the access of the order display screen to concerned user.

The order stage module provides flexibility as businesses as per the need can configure how many delivery stages will be shown to the customer and in which order.

Once an order is placed on the website, it appears in the sale app under the quotation, please see the below screenshots.

Once the order is confirmed, it starts reflecting in the order display screen from where the staff who is responsible for processing the order, can change: start and complete.

Assign the order to a drivery boy as shown below in the screenshots

Once the order is assigned to a driver, it appears in the respective driver’s job list.

From the job list, drivers can change the status of an order as ‘ACCEPT ORDER’, ‘PAYNOW’ and ‘DELIVERED’ etc.

From the job list, drivers can change the status of an order as ‘ACCEPT ORDER’, ‘PAYNOW’ and ‘DELIVERED’ etc.

Customers can view and track the delivery/shipment of the order. Navigation website -> My Account -> Order -> click on the respective order number’s hyperlink.

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Delivery Mobile App
For Driver

Pragmatic has developed a module related with Delivery mobile app which is specifically designed for the drivers, they can see their assigned delivery jobs and can update the status whether the job is done or not along with the status of payment. This Odoo app is connected with the delivery control application. From Delivery control app user assigns the driver to the delivery order and whatever status updated by driver in the mobile app reflects on the delivery control screen.

Overview Of
Odoo Delivery Driver Boy

Inventory> delivery boys> all drivers- user can view all the drivers

Sales> customer> user can create customer

Create Sales Order

After confirming the sales order, goto website and you will be able to see the same sales order which we created.

Click on assign driver against that sales order and select the payment method also

After assigning the driver, status of the sales order will be displayed as assigned with the driver information.

After assigning the order to the driver, Driver will now open the application on the browser and login into it

Go to website > open job delivery dashboard

Driver will open the sales order and he will be able to see all information of the order

It will also show the driver’s position on the map which can be tracked.

From this screen, driver will be able to set the status of delivered, cancel order, issue incase of any issue.

Driver can contact customer by clicking on the message button or call him directly by clicking on the call button

Paid status has also been updated to manage delivery dashboard

After assigning the order to the driver, Driver will now open the application on the browser and login into it

At the time of delivery, driver will click on pay now button and its status will be updated to paid and same will also be updated in manage delivery dashboard.

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