Phone integration for Swyx, 3CX, Xelion, BroadSoft

v 13.0 Third Party 657
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Lines of code 930
Technical Name ringdesk
Also available in version v 14.0
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Lines of code 930
Technical Name ringdesk
Also available in version v 14.0

Integrate your PBX solution with Ringdesk

Get full call-control in ODOO


The Ringdesk App enables full call-control of your Swyx, 3CX, Xelion, BroadSoft PBX solution integrated into your ODOO. It enables you to work smart and efficiently. It will help you to improve the speed of handling phone calls and it will lower your administration time. Also, this App will add call detail information to the ticket and therefore improve your administration and handling history in a clear and transparent way.

Key Features
  • Quick-to-dial from ODOO phone numbers
  • Proper formatting of phone numbers in ODOO
  • Detect incoming phone call & customer recognition
  • Popup call registration form on the answer of each call with all contact details and notes
  • Registration of call details in ODOO, attached to related contact or leads
  • Create Contact and Leads from an active call on a click
To use this integration you need the following
  • Ringdesk account. Register on
  • PBX connector configured in Ringdesk
  • Get free support via

How does it work?

To use this service, you need to create an account in the Ringdesk portal. Each user that needs integration will need a Ringdesk user account.
Within the Ringdesk portal, you can select the PBX solution of your choice and follow the instructions to connect the PBX.
You will be granted 10 days free trial. After the trial period, we charge a small fee per user per month that will be invoiced through the registration of a billing method in our portal.
For pricing and more information, please read the following information:


  • Connects through a server-side plug-in on the 3CX server. Please read the installation manual for the Plug-in for Linux on our website.
  • For manual and pricing please read


  • Connects through the SwyxIt! Client API (Windows only).
  • For manual and pricing please read


  • Connects to the user account using the Broadsoft user account (XSI)
  • For manual and pricing please read


  • Connects through the server-side API with admin level account.
  • For manual and pricing please read


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on 4/9/20, 11:23 AM

Hello I work for odoo (mother company) this app seems interesting, I would like to know how many lines of codes are needed to integrate 3cx with odoo sh. I appreciate your quick reply.

Re: Interesting
Ringdesk BV
on 4/14/20, 1:24 AM Author

Hi, we couldn't understand your queries. If it is on the base of coding, it took many lines of code to integrate 3CX. Please clarify the question.

on 2/1/21, 11:08 AM

how many time for version 14 ??? 

Re: ODOO 14
Ringdesk BV
on 2/1/21, 1:51 PM Author

Hello eabatelec,

I think you mean to ask if we support V14? Yes! And we will change the V14 support soon with the next update of our App.

Trying to integrate on local instance
ERPBox Solutions
on 9/15/20, 3:18 AM


I am trying to integrate the module on a local instance on my system but I get the following error:



Error: QWeb2: Template 'ringdesk.options_menu' not found at Object.exception (http://localhost:8069/web/content/444-cd428d5/web.assets_common.js:3692:7)

at Engine._render (http://localhost:8069/web/content/444-cd428d5/web.assets_common.js:3737:103)

at Engine.render (http://localhost:8069/web/content/444-cd428d5/web.assets_common.js:3733:151)

at Class.renderElement (http://localhost:8069/web/content/444cd428d5/web.assets_common.js:4093:1137)

at http://localhost:8069/web/content/444-cd428d5/web.assets_common.js:4103:6

Also is there a pricing charge you have if we use 3CX via the module?

Re: Trying to integrate on local instance
Ringdesk BV
on 2/1/21, 1:55 PM Author

Hello ERPBox Solutions,

Maybe you can update the App and try again? We did several updates and improvements.

You can use the FREE trial to test the App and the pricing of the App can be found on our website. With 3CX you can find here more information: 

Ringdesk team

Error while installing
MASSABA KodjoDetorguen (Edouard)
on 8/7/20, 8:52 AM

Is this module compatible wth enterprise edition? When trying to install on my database (enterprise) i get this error: Error while importing module 'ringdesk'. Erreur lors de la validation de la vue Modèle non trouvé : ringdesk.calldetails Contexte de l'erreur : Vue `ringdesk.calldetails.form` [view_id: 3732, xml_id: n/a, model: ringdesk.calldetails, parent_id: n/a] None ringdesk.calldetails.form ringdesk.calldetails

ringdesk.calldetails.tree ringdesk.calldetails Call Details ringdesk.calldetails tree,form

Make a phonecall from Ringdesk Plugin to add call details

Ringdesk plugin helps you to easily logs all call activities related to a customer.

/tmp/tmpqvohb3mb/ringdesk/views/ringdesk_call_details.xml 2 Make sure those modules are installed and try again.