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v 13.0 Third Party 215
Odoo Online
On Premise
Odoo Apps Dependencies Discuss (mail)
Inventory (stock)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 38071
Technical Name sh_pos_all_in_one_retail
Versions 14.0 15.0 17.0 16.0 13.0
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Odoo Online
On Premise
Odoo Apps Dependencies Discuss (mail)
Inventory (stock)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 38071
Technical Name sh_pos_all_in_one_retail
Versions 14.0 15.0 17.0 16.0 13.0
Enterprise Community Odoo.sh
New Feature : Multi Barcode At Product Creation Time
New Feature : Customer Maximum Discount
New feature : Category Slider.
New feature : show Real Time warehouse stock.
New feature : Disable new,delete,remove button from order line.
New feature : Min Max product price
New feature : Create a request for quotation and purchase order from the pos.
New feature for product varients popups. Using this feature you can select varients of that products.
Easy to create sale order/sale quotation from the pos order.
Easy to fileter order list with various states like paid, invoiced, returned etc...
Easy to create customer offline.
Easy to edit customer information in offline.
Easy to enable and disable coupon management for the particular users.
Well crafted and responsive POS theme.
Fully attractive 3 different theme styles.
Custom Primary, Header and Loading Colors.
Fully Responsive Modern Material Desktop Desing.
Craft your own styles with dozens of functions.
Attractive Buttons styles, Color Customization Form Styles.
Easy to set amazing google fonts family.
Easy to define mobile startup screen.
Numpad collapse expand.
Define suggestion related product in POS.
Easy to make product combo of several products.
Easy to create a bunch of multi-products in a single click in the POS.
Easy to add chatter in the POS at the portal.
You can manage long term history.
Scheduled activity inside the chatter.
Download POS receipt.
Group by none, session, user & status and sort by pos by newest and name on portal order history.
Enable/Disable the customer selection button in the POS.
Enable/Disable the Numpad,plus-minus button, QTY button, Discount Button in POS.
Enable/Disable the payment, price button in POS.
Set auto-lock pos screen.
You have to set "allowed employees" here so when the cashier change they (allowed employees) have to enter the password to unlock the screen.
We provide a carry bag option in the POS orders.
POS users can take the carry bag charges according to bags.
Here provide a separate option to enable "Enable Bag Charges" to add a carry bag to the POS session.
Easy to Cancel and Reset orders and set to Draft.
Easy to Cancel and Delete orders.
Easy to cancel POS orders, delivery orders & invoice.
Display the total number of items added in the POS cart as well in receipt.
Display customer order history in the customer view.
Display order history with full order detail.
Make re-order of any previous order.
Easy to reprint orders.
Create different keyboard shortcuts for POS.
POS users can work faster using shortcuts.
Just enable the "Enable Shortcut Key" group to create and use the shortcut keys.
Apply a different pricelist for the different order line.
Code for the selected pricelist: Set the pricelist in an encoded format. It just display code for that pricelist
Minimum value for a pricelist: When your selected pricelist price is less than the minimum pricelist then it shows an alert.
Set the custom logo in the point of the sale receipt and point of sale screen header.
Define loyalty progreams with reward features and redeem rules.
Create offer coupons.
Send coupons to your customer's email.
Show loyalty points on the pos customer list.
A loyalty program helps to increase your revenue.
Set multiple barcodes for a single product in POS.
Easy to add products in the cart using barcode.
Generates an alert popup for wrong/unknown barcode.
Add POS order notes and POS order line notes.
Global Note: This configuration is useful for define global notes in order.
Order Line Note: This configuration is useful for define notes in each order line in pos cart.
Display global notes and line notes in pos receipts.
Order list on POS Main screen and restaurant order list.
Search Order by date, name and number also.
Display orders session wise with current session and number of previous sessions, also day wise like last number of days.
Orders can be returned in full or in part.
Product can be define as non-returnable and non-exchangeable.
It will warn if the product is non-refundable or non-exchangeable.
User can be return products more than the order number. (* You have to enable 'Allow Return More Than Purchase Item').
Return & Exchange feature will maintain your pos stock quantities.
Easy to print return and exchange order information on order receipts.
Easy to take return order using barcode print on the receipt.
Display all return and exchange order lists in the POS Order History 'Return Orders'.
Easy to manage return and exchange orders from the backend side.
Easy to take customer signature on the POS order with the customer name and date.
Customer signature will print on receipt as well with name and date.
Easy to enable or disable this signature features.
Create Product with product details such as product name, product type, product category, POS category, internal reference number, barcode, sales-cost price, internal notes, and many more from POS.
It shows an alert if you assign a product barcode that already exists.
Customize the POS receipt with dozens of options.
Print Barcode - QR Code, invoice number customer details (name, address, mobile number, phone number, email, etc...) on receipt.
Clear the cart on the single click. Remove products one by one.
Make a rounding amount total with 2 options, "Normal Rounding" & "Rounding To Fifty".
Print the round amount in the POS report.
Here two different views for product in pos screen Grid view and List view with lots of option like display product ref, stock, barcode etc...
Easy to set the default product view.
Easy to switch between grid view and list view during the running POS session.
Easy to define product images in the list view with different sizes (small, medium & large).
Display warehouse or location product stock in the POS products.
Easy to set the minimum quantity that displays in the POS order
Display product stocks using the selected location wise or warehouse.
It generates a warning popup if you order more than the minimum quantity.
Send POS Order to the customer's whatsapp.
POS Information in Message - It will Display Only POS Information in Message.
Send By WhatsApp - If you want to change anything in the message, also you can select more than one customer.
Send By WhatsApp Direct - If you don't want to change anything in message. (For only one customer).
Easy to create multiple barcodes in the product.
Easy to search product using multiple barcodes in sale order, purchase order, operation, invoices, bills lines.
Manage the cash flow in running POS session.
Easy to create cash in and cash out with reason in the cash register.
It will allow to set closing amount of POS session while close the pos screen.
Is Cash In Out From POS: If you enable this, then POS user can put cash in take cash out from the cash register.
Print Information In Receipt: If you enable this feature then you can print cash information in receipt.
Is Signature Part In Receipt: If you enable this feature then you can print the signature in receipt.
Easy to set cron time for auto valid pos sessions.
Easy to load product template in POS Screen.
Easily load different products template/pack/package/plan.
Easy to create a product template with different products and product unit price, qty, discount, etc.
Very useful where multiple products sales more.
Easy to define specific products and product variants to specific salespersons.
Easy to define specific customers to specific salespersons.
Make tags for products, also you can search products usign tags in pos.
Easy to import point of sale product using CSV/Excel.
Easy to import bulk POS order.
You can import product using the name, reference number & barcode.
If there is no customer created than it will create a customer.
Easy to update mass product categories quickly.
You can update both internal & POS categories.
The overwrite option for update the POS category.
You can update the product's internal & POS categories simultaneously.
Enable Order Line Label: If you enable this option then you can add a label in the order line otherwise you can't add a label.
Print Order Line Label In Receipt: If you enable this option then you can print POS receipts with order line labels.
Delete Label With Lines: Here if you enable this option then you can delete product labels with order lines.
Easy to convert POS product value from the Primary Unit of Measure to Secondary Unit of Measure.
Easily convert from secondary to primary and primary to secondary.
Easy to shows the secondary unit of measure price on the product.
It will auto-apply price list on primary or secondary unit qty.
It will auto add product with secondary UOM.
Here you have 3 option for discounts 1. Customer wise 2. Product wise 3. Global Discounts (fix and percentage).
Easy to know the total weight and volume of the point of sale order products.
You can display the product's total weight and volume in the POS cart.
You can display the individual product's weight and volume as well as total weight and volume at the end.
When you select a product, the weight and volume will auto-fill.
You can see the weight and volume in the backend also.
You can print product weight and volume in the receipts.

Add New Prroduct Write name in wizard.

See "Add Bacode" button Press And Add Your Barcode.

Add Your Barcode In Text Box Save Or Dicard Your Barcode By clicking Icon.

Barcode Added Successfully.

Also Add Multiple Barcode By Clicking Save Button.

When Scan Product, product added in cart.

Product And There Barcode Save In Barcode.

In Customer see the option set maximum Discount.

Enable Feature Customer Maximum Discount.

See Discount in shop.

Set Discount In order line.

The Warring massage Pop that show max Discount of Product.

Apply Global Discount.

if the the amount is lower then set amount then apply discount.

Goto pos config setting and enable 'Enable POS Category Slider'.

Category Scroll in pos screen.

Sub category slider.

Goto general setting and enable the Inventor 'Real Time'.

Goto pos config setting and enable 'Display Warehouse Stock'. After that you can see the 'Update Qty Real Time'. Product qty will be updated across all pos sessions. 'Update Qty When POS Cart Change' : This option will update the product qty while you add product in to the carts.

Make same feature for the other pos session.

Product On Hand Quantity..

In PoS screen, Here you can see the product real time quantity. (This is the Mark Session).

Product Qty will update in the michel admin as well.

Goto user set "disable new/delete buttons".

See the two field disable in pos "new order" button and "remove order" button.

Goto user set "disable remove" button.

See the field disable in pos "remove" button.

Goto user set "disable remove order line" button.

See the field disable in pos "order line remove" button.

Goto user set "min max price in product".

See the two field enable in product min price and max price of product.

check the box of "allow confirm pos product sale price" for pop warning.

if price is less then minimum product price then pop warning message.

if price is more then max product price then pop warning message

if price is not match with min max then it generate warning message that not process for payment.

if price is between min and max then payment process its done.

in receipts print price of product.

Discount details in backend order.10

Enable 'Create Purchase Order' from pos setting.

You have to install purchase module first. Because this feature depends on the purchase module.

Upon installing the purchase module successfully, this option will appear.

In pos screen you have one button 'Create Purchase Order'.

After click on that button, it will create a puchase rfq, in this popup you can see the purchase rfq number.

Purchase rfq created in backend.

Simply choose 'Purchase Order' as the order state if you wish to create a direct purchase order.

Now just add some products in cart, select customer and click on 'Create Purchase Order'. After that popup will apear, here you can see the purchase order number.

Purchase order created successfully in backend.

If you add the section in pos cart, then it will added in purchase order as well.

Section auto added in the purchase order line.

Goto pos setting and enable 'Enable Product Variants' feature. Upon enabling that, three options will appear. 1. Group by Attributes 2. Auto close popup after single variants select 3. Display Alternative products Select as per your requorement.

Here in pos screen you can see the product templates with the variants numbers.

Click on any perticular products, After that popup will appear. here in popup you can see the variants of that products.

In popup you can search the variants also.

After that process the orders.

Now enable 'Display Alternative Products'.

Now you have to define the alternative product in the particular products.

In pos, you can see the alternative products in the variants popups.

Now enable the 'Group by Attributes'.

In pos screen product variants popup, here you can see the product variants with attribute group by.

Goto pos setting and enable 'Enable Sale Order' feature. Upon enabling that, two options will appear. 1. Quotation 2. Sale Order . Select as per your requorement.

Make one order in pos and click on the 'Create Sale Order'.

After clicking on 'create sale order' button, this popup appear. Click 'Ok'.

After that it will create quotation in sales.

For creating a sale order, select 'Sale Order'.

Now make order in pos and click on the 'create sale order' button.

Now click on 'Ok'.

After that it will create sale order in sales.

Order list filter by 'Paid'.

Order list filter by 'Posted'.

Order list filter by 'Invoiced'.

Order list filter by 'Return Orders'. It will show the only returned orders.

You Order list filter by 'Returned' and 'Paid'.

You Order list filter by 'Returned' and 'Posted'.

You Order list filter by 'Returned' and 'Invoiced'.

Goto pos session setting and enable the 'Offline Create Customer'.

After that you can create customer, while your pos service is stop/offline.

Fill the customer details and click 'Save'.

After click on save, It will display warningn.

Customer created and you can use those customer into create an orders. It will sync when you online.

Make new order with customer, which you created in offline.(Make sure pos is still offline)

Payment screen in offline.

While your server is online it will sync customer and orders as well.

Also you can edit customer while your server is offline.

Make some changes in the customer and click to save.

After click on save it will raise a warningn. (It will sync changes while server is online)

Customer changes is sync while your server on again.

Goto pos setting and enable product weight and volume feature.

set weight and volume information in products.

Now you can see the products weight and volume information in the pos cart.

Products weight and volume information in the receipts as well.

Products weight and volume information in backend orderline.

Go to pos setting and select default uom, check uom in receipt and display price in sec UoM.

Goto products and set appropriate secondary unit of measure.

In Pos screen, you can change unit of measeure.

It will change unit of measeure with price.

Unit of Measure details in receipt

Enable the "Show Menu Global Search".

We can configure object for global search from here. Global Search Bar

Goto User --> Allow to Portal User.

In portal those user can see his pos orders

PoS Order Filter by Days and Months.

PoS Order group by users, session and status as well.

Goto theme setting --> enable product bundle option.

Now create product and enable 'Is Bundle' and add bundled products in 'Pack/Bundle Product' Tab.

Now click on those buttons so it will calculate your bundle cost prise and sell price.

Bundle product in pos.

After select bundle product it will raise this wizard here you can see all products which are included with this bundle and select qty.

Bundle product in pos receipt.

Goto user setting --> Enable all pos setting which are require for spacific users..

After Apply.

Goto theme setting ---> Enable Auto Lock and set auto lock apply after delay time.

POS Screen Locked

Goto theme setting ---> Enable bag charges and add bag product category.

Make your bag products ...

set pos category 'bag' and set available in pos.

Here in pos, 'Bag Charges' button visible.

After click on that button, this wizard will popout, here you have to select one or more bag products.

Bag charges applied, see this info on pos receipt.

Goto user setting and enable 'POS Cancel Features'.

Now got point of sale setting and enable 'Cancel and Reset Draf' option.

pos order 13 in invoice stage

Now click on 'cancel'.

After click cancel order set on draft stage but delivery order and invoice are not canceled.

Now got point of sale setting and enable 'Cancel and Delete' with 'Cancel Delivery Order' and 'Cancel Invoice'.

Here pos order 18 in invocie stage with delivery order.

Delivery order in 'Done' stage.

invoice in paid stage.

Now goto pos order and click cancel button.

After cancel that order will be deleted from the list.

Invoice will also removed.

Delivery order also removed.

you can cancel more than one order. Just select order list and click 'Cancel and Reset Draft'

After that all orders are set in new stage.

you can delete more than one order. Just select order list and click 'Cancel and Delete'

After that all order will be delete.

Goto pos configuration ==> All Coupons, Coupons Tree View

Create a coupons with lots of options which are describe in below image.

To create a coupon for specific product.

In POS, there is button available for apply coupon, after click on that this wizard will appear, here you can create a new coupon or apply coupon code.

Create a new coupon from pos.

Apply coupon wizard.

Coupon applied details on receipts.

If coupon valid for specific customer, and applied on another customer so it will display alert warning.

If coupon already applied and you try to applied twice per order so it will display alert warning.

You can see the whole activity in pos order chatter option.

Goto pos setting and enable 'Enable Pos Counter'. and enable appropriate options.

You can see the counter in pos cart.

product counter details in pos receipts

Goto pos setting and enable 'Default Customer Feature' and set default customer.

Goto pos setting and enable 'Default Invoice'.

Goto user setting ---> Goto pos tab and enable direct logout and set default pos config.

Goto pos setting and enable pos shortcut keys and config them as per your requirement.

Goto pos setting and enable pricelist ---> Advance Pricelist, after that hare add your pricelist. Also set minimum value pricelist.

Here in pos cart you can set the pricelist among the product just click on highlighted icon.

After that this wizard will popout here you can select your appropriate pricelist.

Price applied for that product only.

Pos receipt.

Goto pos setting and enable "Enable PoS Notes"

We After enable that feature you can see those button in pos screen. One for global notes and another for line notes.

We After click on pen icon in order line, this wizard will popout, here you can add your line notes and also you can save this notes for future reference.

We Line notes added into line.

We Now click on "Global Notes", and add your global notes here.

We In Payment screen, here also you can add global notes.

We On pos receipt you can see global notes as well.

We Just click on 'Note Screen' Button, here you can see your save notes in pos.


Normally the user has a logo or brand color, so the user can change primary colors, hover color, active menu color using primary color as per his brand color.

Users can also change Secondary color, Secondary hover, Secondary active colors.

Here you have another color option is gradients color. You can also set gradient color for predefine theme 3 only.

You can easily change the color of Topbar(header) background color, hover color and active menu color.

You can customize your body with different options. There are two options for body background Image/Color. Also, you can change body font color and body font type with 8 different beautiful and clean font families (Roboto, Raleway, Poppins, Oxygen, Open Sans, Koho, Ubuntu).
Also, provide google font family in this Backmate theme. So the user has a large range of body font type and set as your choice.

To Set google fonts on Just copy name of any google fonts. In theme setting goto 'Header Body Color' and select font family 'Googel Fonts'. After that on field is visible 'Google Font Family' here paste your font family name and click save. (* Refresh browser 2 3 times if not affect).

Goto pos setting and enable "Allow POS Signature" also enable appropriate options.

Goto pos screen and click on 'Signature'. After that this wizard will popout, here draw your signature, add name and date and click Save.

Signature will display on pos receipt with name and date.

Goto pos setting and enable 'Product creation' feature.

See this animation to how create product from pos screen.

Goto pos setting and enable pos quick receipt.

See this animation for how to print quick receipt.

Goto pos setting and enable pos receipt exted feature. here you have several options like print barcode, QR code on receipt.

See this animation how to pos receipt extended work.

Goto pos setting and enable 'POS Remove Cart Items'. Here two different options for remove item one by one and another for empty cart.

See this animation image to how it works.

Goto pos setting and enable 'Rounding' features. also there are two different options one for normal rounding and another for Rounding to Fifty.

Normal rounding in pos cart.

In payment screen you can easy to enable or disable rounding.

Rounding details on receipt

Rounding to Fifty.

Rounding to Fifty on pos screen.

Rounding to Fifty on pos receipts.

Goto pos setting and enable pos switch view feature. there are several options to display product in list or grid view, with lots of products details as well.

How it looks on pos screen. also you can change product view list to grid.

Goto pos setting and enable Display Warehouse Stock. Here we have several options to display warehouse stock, location stock or set limit to stop selling after minimum stock qty accured

Here on pos screen stock details display on product image. Or click on stock icon on product.

After click on stock icon you can see the details.

Location wise Stock details.

Goto pos setting and enable Whatsapp Features.

Just Add customer mobile number in customer details.

Make order and create receipt, here you have two option to send on whatsapp. 1. Customise message and then send, 2. Send direct (Without message customise).

After click on 'Send By Whatsapp', here you can edit your message.

After if you are not logged on whatsapp web so it display this wizard. (Just Scan this code with your whatsapp).

After that you will redirect to that customer chat screen.

Message Sent

Goto general setting and enable product multi barcode feature.

In Product you can see the tab 'Barcode'. Here add your multiple barcodes.

Also you can search product using multi barcodes.

Goto pos setting and enable advance cash control and one more 'is cash in out from pos'. After that it will display some more options print, signature etc...

Now click on 'Cash Control' on pos screen. After that it will display this window, here we have 4 options as shown in below image.

After click on cash in, here you can add detail of cash in.

After click on cash in, download cash in receipt and there is place for manual sign.

After click on cash out, here you can add detail of cash out.

After click on cash out, download cash out receipt and there is place for manual sign.

After click on set closing button, here you can set your closing balance.

After set closing balance, you have two option 1. close session or just 2. clos pos screen.

After click on Payment, here you can see detail of cash payments.

For print report of cash in and out, just click on 'Cash In / Cash Out Statements'. here you have two option for print current session or between two days with pdf or just receipt.

After select current session and print receipt.

Print receipt for bwtween two days.

PDF reprot for between two days.

Goto pos setting and enable own customer feature.

Now goto customer detail view and set 'Allocated Sales Person'.

That salesperson can see those customer only.

Goto pos setting and enable own products feature.

Now goto product detail view and set 'Allocated Sales Person'.

Now goto product detail view and set 'Allocated Sales Person'.

That salesperson can see those products only.

Goto pos setting and enable customer discount feature.

Now goto cusomer and set appropriate discount.

While you select those customer, discount automatically applied.

Customer discount details in receipt.

Goto pos setting and enable 'Product Search by Tags' feature.

Product Tag Menu and list view.

Product tags form view, just create tag and select appropriate products. Also set color for that tags.

Tags visible in kanban view.

Goto pos screen and search product using tags.

Goto general setting ---> Technical ---> Schedule Action ---> Auto Validate POS. Just set time for auto validate.

Log tracker.

Goto pos setting ---> enable product template feature

Custom product Template menu.

Product Template Form View.

Goto pos screen and click on 'Product Template' button.

Here you can see the list of product templates and select and add to pos cart.

Goto pos config setting ---> Click on merge pos Categories.

After open 'Merge PoS Category' menu one popup will open and select 'Create all remaining categories on PoS' then you can see the remaining categories list in 'Select categories merge with PoS' and then you can add or remove categories from the list and click 'Apply' so all selected categories added in PoS Category.

If you select 'Linked all products with corresponding PoS category' then one checkbox 'Default check Available in PoS option in product' will be visible, this checkbox used to check option 'Available in PoS' in product, and click 'Apply' then all products category and PoS category will be linked.

Goto POS config setting there is a two different option for merge internal category with POS category as like. 1)Sync new product category with POS Category 2)Auto Sync New Product With POS Category

You can disable sync option for particular category after unchecking 'Sync with POS Category' option. 'Sync With POS Category' this option only visible after enabling this 'Sync new product category with POS Category' option in POS config Setting.

Goto pos setting and enable Bag Quantity features.

In product set bag quantity.

In product set bag quantity.

See below animated image for Bag Quantity works.

Goto pos setting and enable Order Line Label Configuration. Here you have several options like delete label wise products.

See animatated image for how label works.

Goto pos setting and enable global discount feature.

In pos screen you can set discount, fixed amount or percentage.

Discount applied.

Discount details in receipts.

Discount details in backend order.

Version 13.0.15 | Released on : 10th August 2022

  • UPDATE Multi Barcode At Product Creation Time.

Version 13.0.14 | Released on : 9th July 2022

  • NEW Customer Maximum Discount

Version 13.0.13 | Released on : 26th May 2022

  • NEW New Feature : Category Slider

Version 13.0.12 | Released on : 16th May 2022

  • UPDATE Compatible with restaurant.

Version 13.0.11 | Released on : 02nd May 2022

  • FIX Small Bug Fix.

Version 13.0.10 | Released on : 25th April 2022

  • FIX Small Bug Fix.

Version 13.0.9 | Released on : 19th April 2022

  • NEW Real time Quantity update.

Version 13.0.8 | Released on : 6th April 2022

  • NEW Disable Create/Delete buttons in order of POS.
    NEW Disable "Remove" Button in pos.
    NEW Disable "remove" button from order-line.

Version 13.0.7 | Released on : 24 March 2022

  • NEW Multi-language Added.

Version 13.0.6 | Released on : 22 March 2022

  • NEW Add Min Max Price in POS.

Version 13.0.5 | Released on : 12 March 2022

  • NEW Create Purchase Order From POS

Version 13.0.4 | Released on : 2 March 2022

  • NEW Product Variant Feature Added.

Version 13.0.3 | Released on : 1 March 2022

  • NEW Create sale order from pos.

Version 13.0.2 | Released on : 26 February 2022

  • NEW Order List Filter Added.

Version 13.0.1 | Released on : 22 January 2022

  • Initial Release.


We have added predefined some languages(English, German / Deutsch, Arabic, Spanish / Espanol, French / Francais, Chinese) in module, If you want to add other language you can contact us on support@softhealer.com. We use google translator tools for multi-languages so possible translations can be not accurate. we accept suggest to make more accurate translations also on support@softhealer.com.

english germany arab spanish Chinese French

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