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Lines of code 454679
Technical Name lifeplus_central
Also available in version v 13.0

Life Plus

Life Plus is an automated tool that streamlines all functions such as Appointment, patient management, Physicians details, medical inventory and Laboratory Management.

v 13.0
v 14.0

v 13.0
v 14.0

Highlights Of The Application

Lifeplus is a specially design to manage the administrative, financial, and clinical aspects of a hospital.

All-in-one Lifeplus system that comes with integrated modules such as Appointment, Billing, Inventory, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Evaluation, etc. modules.

Managing patient flow effectively is a real-time requirement. We have made this tricky process simple.

Record every details of the doctors from their appointments to their treatments

Doctors can check treatment history and test reports of patients to make timely treatment decisions.

Allows managing prescription & Facilitates a paperless work environment

Gives patient medical history and reference doctor’s details.

Medicines, Laboratory and tests management

Benefits of Lifeplus

Record Maintenance.

Achieve good quality ratings

Establish your hospital as technically advanced

Improved Patient Care

Automate daily activities


Better staff interactions.

Simple and Easy to Use

Install Lifeplus Base Module.

Go to Settings - Lifeplus Base Select all modules & click on save. it will auto install required modules.

Go to medical menu here you can see all other lifeplus related menus.

Health Center Management

Health Center Management is Suitable for Multi-speciality hospitals, Nursing homes or Care centers. Manage basic information like number of buildings in hospital, Number of pharmacies in hospital, Total No. of wards, No. of beds, No. of operation theaters and their availability status.

Health Centers




Operating Theaters


Patient Management

Automating routine processes like patient flow management about patient appointment, Patient family information, Patient Medical history details, insurance details helps medical clinics and hospitals minimize their administrative expenses.

Patient's Personal Info

Patient's Addications

Manage patients with their lifestyle details including their daily routine,habits, their safety details and many more.

Patient's sexuality

Patient's safety

Lifeplus Socioeconomics

Record all the social factors of a patient like living conditions, education level, family affection & drug addiction that influence the health.

Inpatient Admissions

Manage inpatient hospitalisation, wards and beds reservations, add therapeutic diets beliefs, nursing plans and discharge plans. Automatically raise payment notification at the time of discharge.


Manage Physicians

Administer all your doctors with their complete details, doctor's speciality, weekly consultancy schedule and many more.


A prescription is a medicine which a doctor has told you to take. A prescription is the piece of paper on which your doctor writes an medicines name, no of Does unit, frequency and many more details.

Also We can download prescription report. Every prescription consists of five parts: prescriber info(hospital name, Address details), patients info, recipe(medication details, its dose, frequency), Details of how to take medication , Treatment Duration and prescriber's signature. we can see these all info in below report.

Lifeplus Evaluation

Evaluate your patients on periodic basis and record their vital signs, mental status, symptoms, diagnosis details and other important information everything in one place.

Create Invoice

You can also generate invoice of evaluation.


Also We can download evaluation Report.

Lifeplus Gyneco

Here, is the functionality of gynecology that deals with the health of the female reproductive system.

Patient's Information

Manage Gyneco related information from patient's profile.

Lifeplus Walkins

Record complete details of walkin appointments for your patients with details of all the previous evaluations, lab tests, medical history, inpatient admissions and prescriptions info.

Mark as Completed

Complete walkin process using this mark as complete button.

Consulatancy Invoice

You can Generate consulatancy invoice from consultancy invoice button.


Record complete details of appointments for your patients with details of all the previous evaluations, medical history, Patient type.

Laboratory Lab Tests

Configure all your lab test parameters once with their ranges to quickly generate your test result. Get 9 most widely used laboratory tests already preconfigured within the package.

Start Test

In just one click you can start Lab Test.

Complete Test

In just one click you can Complete Lab Test and also you can print the lab test report.

You also can generate Lab Test invoice from create Lab Test invoice button.

Lab Test Invoice

Get Test Result

You can see the result of patient's lab test.

Lab Test Report

we can download lab test report.

Patient Lab Test

If patient have any lab tests then it will auto display in patient's lab section.

Lifeplus Surgery

Revised Cardiac risk index

Configure all the operation theatres of your health centre and record required information before and after performing surgeries. You can record the team involved in the surgery and can also manage medical supplies used during each operation.

Confirm or Cancel surgery

You can easily confirm or cancel surgery using this given buttons.

Operation Theater

If operation Theater is not available then you can set Mark as not available.

You can again set operation theater as available.

Lifeplus Ophthalmology

Separately input all the findings of Left & Right eye with the required parameters during each visit and also print the evaluation report.

Start Evaluation

You can Start Evaluation by clicking on Start Evaluation button.

End Evaluation

You can End Evaluation by clicking on End Evaluation button.



You can also create the notes for ophthalmolody.

Lifeplus Pediatrics

Record full details for Newborn baby and perform the APGAR tests required immediately after the birth. Physician can also manage Pediatrics Symptom Checklist (PSC) to evaluate growth of the child. Newborns

In this Section you can see the details of newborn child.

Sing The Process

Do sing the process with this button


Findings and Tests

Patient's Pediatrics Symptom Checklist

Lifeplus Imaging

Management of different imaging tests like X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan. Print the test report and finally raise an invoice for each test. The module pre-configured with required imaging tests and also allows you to configure your own tests.

Start Test

In just one click you can start Imaging Test.

Complete Test

In just one click you can Complete Test and also you can print the Image test report.

You also can generate Imaging Test invoice from create imaging Test invoice button.

Imaging Test Invoice

Lifeplus Nursing

Nurse user type that helps to manage different administrative work of your care centers.


Ambulatory Cares

Ambulatory care refers to medical services performed on an outpatient basis, without admission to a hospital or other facility.

Get some extra features from medical configuration like ethnic group, genertic group, diseases, Disease Categories, Medicines, Dose Unit, Drug Route, Insurance and many more.

Ethnic group

Generic group


Here, is the list of occupations which is already configured you can also create new one.

To create new occupation go to medical -> configuration -> occupations.

Recreational Drugs

To create or manage already configured drugs information go to medical -> configuration -> Recreational Drugs.

Prdiatrics Growth Chart(WHO)

To create or use this preconfigured information go to medical main menu -> configuration.

Lifeplus icd10pcs

A medical procedure is a course of action intended to achieve a result in the delivery of healthcare.

To create new procedure go to medical -> configuration -> Medical Procedures -> procedures.

Physician Degrees

To create or use this preconfigured information go to medical main menu -> configuration -> Physician -> Degrees

Create and Manage Lab units, Lab Test Types and Lab Test Department From Medical -> configuration -> Laboratory.

Lab Units

Lab Test Types

Lab Test Department

Create and manage Imaging Test Type and department From Medical -> Configuration -> Imaging.

Imaging Test Departments

Imaging Test Type


Disease Categories



Dose Unit

Drug Route

Drug Forms

Medicines Dosage

Insurance Type


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