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Odoo Apps Dependencies Invoicing (account)
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Technical Name shopify
Versions 17.0 16.0 13.0 14.0 15.0
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Odoo Online
On Premise
Odoo Apps Dependencies Invoicing (account)
Sales (sale_management)
Discuss (mail)
Inventory (stock)
Community Apps Dependencies
Lines of code 14209
Technical Name shopify
Versions 17.0 16.0 13.0 14.0 15.0

Odoo Shopify Integration

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. By Connecting Shopify with Odoo Say no to spending lots of time by Automate almost all Operations like Import/Export Products and Collections, Import/Update Orders, Import Customers, Publish/Unpublish Products and Collections, etc. Analyze marketplaces with the help of Detailed Reports and Comparison to grow your business.

The Most Powerful Features

Import Operations

Import Products, Orders, POS Orders, Collections from Shopify to Odoo.

Export Operations

Export Products, Order Status, Collections from Odoo to Shopify.

Fraud Analysis

Display a fraud analysis and recommendations on the details page of an order.

Order Workflow

Manage Order's Workflow from Draft order to Register Payment.

Multiple Stores

Manage Multiple Shopify Stores from One screen.

Stock Management

Export Stock from Multiple Locations.

Collection Management

Import/Export Automated/Manual Collections with Full Details.

Price Management

Manage separate prices for each Instance.

Return/Refund Management

Complete Refund and Return Management from Odoo.

Real-Time Operations(Webhook)

Provide runtime sync of Products, Orders, and Collections.

Queue Jobs

Manage Queue Jobs for smooth import operations.

Activity Alerts

Alerts for any Failed Queue Job Operations with Detailed Configuration.

Detail Reports

Get full details of Marketplace Instances using Graph and Pivot Reports.

Stylish Dashboards

Stylish Dashboard gives a detailed Analysis with Date Range.

Smart Notification

Receive Order and Product Import Notification in any Odoo Screen.

Set Automatic Jobs

Configure Automatic Jobs according to your feasibility.

Detail Logs Management

Set Log Level to track every operation in detail.

Manage Shopify Custom Product Line in Odoo Orders.
Reconcile Shopify Payouts transactions between Odoo & Shopify. New
Automatic fulfill already imported orders using update orders webhook. New
Systray menu for quick access Instances and show Quick details of Product, Orders, and Revenue.
General Dashboard to Compare Instances, Marketplaces, and more.
Instance wise Dashboard to analyse selling and top Products, Categories, Countries, etc.
Stylish Instance's Kanban view with Total Selling Charts.
One screen configuration for Instance with Smart buttons to Quick jump to Products, Orders, Logs, Queues, etc.
Activity Configuration to Notify about Queue failure.
Smart Alerts for Orders and Products Operations with configurable Alert Level.
Configurable Schedule Actions for various Operations.
The detail level of logs with configuration.
Queue Job management for smooth Import Process.
Detailed Reporting to analyse all Marketplace and its Instances.
Import Product Images, Stock, Price, Variants, Tags, Categories.
Import Orders using fulfillment status. Import POS Orders.
Automatic Workflow Management for Orders.
Shows the overall Risk Level for the order using Fraud Analysis.
Import Automated and Manual Collections.
Import Customers with full details.
Instantly created Orders, Products, and Collections with Webhooks. Also, manage Create, Update, and Delete operation in Webhook.
Export/Update Products with full details(Inventory, Price, Variants, Tags, Categories, and Images).
Manage Separate Pricelist for Shopify.
Publish/Unpublished Products from Odoo.
Export/Update Automated and Manual Collection with full details.
Publish/Unpublished Collections from Odoo.
Manage Partially Refund and Full Refund and Cancel Orders with easy single Screen.
Schedule Action for Update Order Status from Odoo to automize process.
Easy to Use and Configure Multiple Stores.
Get Credentials from Shopify.
Configure Instance in Odoo and set Credentials.
Configure Instance with Order Workflow.
Kanban Dashboard to perform All the Marketplace Operations at Once
Stylish Dashboard Preview helps you to Analyse and Compare Marketplaces.
Manage all your Import Operations from Single Screen.
Import Shopify Product in Odoo (Shopify Product Detail Screen).
Import Shopify Product in Odoo(Created Queue Job for Import all Shopify Products).
Import Shopify Product in Odoo(Process Queue Job and See Detail Logs).
Import Shopify Product in Odoo(Detailed Log for each Queue line).
Import Shopify Product in Odoo(Imported Product with all the Details).
Import Shopify Collections in Odoo(Shopify Collection Detail Screen).
Import Shopify Collections in Odoo(Imported Collection with all Details).
Import Shopify Orders in Odoo(Shopify Order Detail Screen).
Import Shopify Orders in Odoo(Import Order Screen).
Import Shopify Orders in Odoo(Import Order Processed Queue Job).
Import Shopify Orders in Odoo(Imported Order Screen in Odoo).
Marketplace Sales Analysis(Chart View).
Smart Notification.
Manage all your Export Operations from Single Screen.
Export Product in Shopify(Add Product to Marketplace Listing View)
Export Product in Shopify(Export Product in Shopify Marketplace).
Export Product in Shopify(Export Product in Shopify Marketplace Screen with more Export Options).
Export Product in Shopify(Exported Product in Shopify).
Export Collection in Shopify(Create Collection in Odoo).
Export Collection in Shopify(Exported Collection view).
Export Collection in Shopify(Exported Collection view in Shopify).
Update Order Status in Shopify(Update Order Status Screen in Odoo).
Update Order Status in Shopify(Update Order Screen in Shopify).
Refund Order in Shopify(Shopify Order Screen).
Refund Order in Shopify(Order Refund Screen in Odoo).
Refund Order in Shopify(Refund Invoice after Refund Complete).
Refund Order in Shopify(Refunded Order in Shopify).
Cancel Order in Shopify(Order Cancel Screen in Odoo)
Cancel Order in Shopify(Cancelled Order Screen in Shopify).

Yes, We provide 60 days free support for bugs.

Yes, This app perfectly works with Community, Enterprise and Odoo.sh as well. But does not work with Odoo Cloud Hosting(Odoo Online).

Yes, Shopify require Secure Endpoint for Webhook that's why HTTPS address is must.

Yes, You can Connect as many Shopify Stores in your Odoo.

You can configure to choose sync product with Barcode, SKU and Barcode or SKU. In your Odoo and Shopify Listings must not have duplicate SKU or Barcode.

Suggested Products

Odoo Proprietary License v1.0

This software and associated files (the "Software") may only be used (executed,
modified, executed after modifications) if you have purchased a valid license
from the authors, typically via Odoo Apps, or if you have received a written
agreement from the authors of the Software (see the COPYRIGHT file).

You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
by depending on it, importing it and using its resources), but without copying
any source code or material from the Software. You may distribute those
modules under the license of your choice, provided that this license is
compatible with the terms of the Odoo Proprietary License (For example:
LGPL, MIT, or proprietary licenses similar to this one).

It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
or modified copies of the Software.

The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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The best shopify connector on the app store.
on 12/5/23, 5:07 AM

Working with this app for several years now, after working years with another app. The app is much more stable and the Teqstars team is very reactive in solving issues if we ever find one.

Keep up the good job!

Re: The best shopify connector on the app store.
on 12/5/23, 5:14 AM Author


We greatly appreciate your loyalty and positive feedback!

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Great App and Support
on 6/13/23, 9:22 AM

The app is well developed and has become vital part for automated Shopify>Odoo integrations of orders, invoices etc. from our e-shop, which has thousands of orders. Also, I am glad with the support, who reply fast and efficient to any troubles we have. 

Re: Great App and Support
on 6/14/23, 4:36 AM Author


Thank you for your feedback! We're delighted to hear that our app has become an essential component for automating Shopify>Odoo integrations in your high-volume e-shop. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Thank you for sharing the 5-star rating & your positive experience with TeqStars Technologies.

The connector is very complete and assistance is always available
Jose Pool
on 4/21/23, 2:27 AM

The assistance is great, they attend to the emergency and act immediately, I really appreciate that, the connector has worked very well for me, it is a great tool, It has many configurations to customize it to your needs.

Re: The connector is very complete and assistance is always available
on 4/21/23, 2:45 AM Author

Hello Jose,

Thank you for your valuable feedback! It's great to hear that you've had a positive experience with the assistance provided and that a connector is a great tool for you. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Nice connector and good support
on 12/1/22, 6:17 AM

One of the best connector for Shopify / Odoo.  

The support team is nice and replies quickly to solve the issue.

Highly recommend!

Excellent support and functionality
Feathered Friends
on 5/24/22, 4:09 PM

One of the better connector options on the market. Very configurable, well-thought out and provides robust reporting on both performance and sales data. Allows for either Odoo or Shopify to become the ‘source of truth’ for accounting, and allows use of Avalara taxes on either side of the API. Recent updates included new tooltips to clarify how some settings function, but generally speaking, set-up is always a bit of trial of error and it is very flexible. Once connected, users can even dictate what kind of logging and notifications they receive from the Shopify instance. Updates are timely and support is responsive. Would definitely recommend. 

Don't buy this app! It's buggy and incomplete!
on 3/27/22, 11:02 PM

Don't buy this app! It's buggy and incomplete!

The developer denied the app wasn't working for days. Then he fixed a major issue and admitted their bug. Now, the app creates huge amount of duplicated products but the developer is not responsive.
You cannot export/import product costs between Odoo and Shopify and you cannot sync new prices between the platforms automatically.
Also, the app creates fixed and wrong pricelists for each product which results in wrong prices which then will be exported to Shopify.
It's a pain! Just purchase another app and save the headache!

Nice app and efficient support!
on 12/2/21, 3:53 PM

I am pleased with the product. It does the job I needed it for in very straightforward way!

Installation was from the text book, no surprises. It took me maybe an hour or two to get it running the way I wanted, mostly as I am quite new to odoo as well and I wanted special invoice posting to finance module. And I got it. The logistics side was plug-and-play.

A bit later there was one bump in the road, but Teqstar support was fast and efficient to point out the issue and get it straightened out. So back on track super fast, and pleased with their service attitude.

Excellent app and support
Alberto Cardenas
on 8/12/21, 9:44 AM

El conector Shopify funciona correctamente y es justo lo que menciona su descripción, es fácil de implementar y usar, muy recomendable, el soporte recibido por dudas fue muy rápido.

This is a great product with EXCELLENT customer support!
on 6/8/21, 7:51 AM

The experience with this connector was great. Fairly easy to install and pretty straight forward explanation available on youtube. To the few questions I had the customer service was super quick and friendly on skype which made us much more confortable. Higly recommend the product and the team!

Easy to use and have had no issues
on 5/31/21, 7:32 PM

Definitely give this module a try! It works as it should and have not come across any issues. Webhooks work as they should!

App works great with amazing support
Springboard Supplies
on 6/16/23, 7:51 AM

This app saves hours of order processing time and provides a seamless customer experience for updating order status in Shopify. The support provided by Teqstars is efficient and reliable. Have used other similar apps to connect Shopify in the past but this is by far the best. Thank you!!

Great app and great support
Laurene Maerten
on 2/21/23, 3:00 AM

The connector works really well and the support team is always very reactive and great at finding solutions. 

I strongly recommend this app. 

Re: Great app and great support
on 2/21/23, 10:38 AM Author

Hello Laurene Maerten

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience with our Shopify Connector. We are thrilled to hear that you found our product useful and easy to use.

We really appreciate it if you could give a rating as well. 

Please feel free to contact us at info@teqstars.com for any help you needed.

Best regards,

Team TeqStars

what about new Shopify app
In Out Xolutions SAC
on 6/6/22, 1:11 PM Confirmed Purchase

Hello whit this new version of Shopify is diferente the way that app connect and there is no password, now i cant connect my new shopify to this modulo, do ou have the update now and the video to show how to connect ?

Re: what about new Shopify app
on 6/6/22, 11:28 PM Author

Hello There, 

Thank you for contacting us. 

If you have a token, you can enable Token and put a token in the instance credentials. If you don't have a token, you only need your Shopify app's password. 

If you didn't find the password or need our help please contact us at info@teqstars.com



Great connector !
Fast Access Security
on 4/1/22, 2:38 PM

App works great. 

It took some time to set it up properly but we are very happy with the final product. 

I wish the product costs would import from Shopify and/or sync with Odoo. 

But if I had to do it again i would still use it. 

Tejas is very responsive and helpful when needed.

Simple question before purchasing..
Catalina Garza
on 1/13/22, 4:05 PM

Hello ! Does version 14 of your app work with Shopify theme version 4.7.2 ?

Thanks !! 

Re: Simple question before purchasing..
on 1/15/22, 2:49 AM Author

Hello Catalina,

Yes, it will work definitely.

For any kind of buying support or demo of our apps please write to info@teqstars.com

We will be happy to help you.


Team TeqStars

Nice app and easy to start
on 11/23/21, 3:30 PM Confirmed Purchase

I am quite pleased with the product. It does the job I needed it for. Installation was straightforward and easy. It took a maybe half a day to get the hang of it, but then it was really efficient.

Good value for price
Vladas Latvenas
on 11/2/21, 7:38 AM

It would be impossible to do Shopify/Odoo accounting without this app. With this app we were able to almost fully automate our operations. Thank you!

They helped make it custom for our needs!
Justin Crowe
on 6/14/21, 8:16 PM

They have been amazing- and I'm a needy customer!
We have a custom pre-survey form that gathers specifics for each order placed in our Shopify store. This info is crucial to our manufacturing, and Teqstars did an amazing job customizing our connector to these unique fields. They were fast and easy to communicate with when we worked out the details and delivered the final within a week! 
The connector itself is straight forward and easy to navigate. I even changed up our shipping method in Shopify after we installed the connector and it took just a few seconds to realign the webhook to pull all our orders in successfully. 

Very helpful!
on 6/7/21, 4:03 AM

The Teqstars team was very helpful and fast. From demo to integration, the team was very responsive and helped us integrate smoothly. Post integration, their support has been excellent hence 5/5!

Version 11 ?
David Thiercelin
on 4/15/21, 3:54 AM

Hello support,

Is there a version 11 possible of this module?

Thank you

Re: Version 11 ?
on 4/15/21, 5:20 AM Author

Hello David,

Thank you for showing interest in the Shopify connector. Currently, we don't have Shopify version 11.

Thank You. 

Richard Friedrich
on 3/18/21, 3:33 AM

I can highly recommend the Shopify Connector from TeqStars Technologies. They did a great job and also helped us integrating their solution! Excellent work!

on 11/16/20, 2:53 PM

Hi there!

I just wanted to confirm that your connector will automatically import the products from Shopify to Odoo and vice versa?

We have 400,000 product variants and maybe 10,000 top tier products. 

For example. A front bumper is the top tier product, but we can paint it 10 different colors, so there is 10 variance of a product. 

Our website is: www.revemoto.com if you need any references as well. 

Also, I need it to send over order from Shopify to Odoo automatically after 24 hours an order has been placed, etc. 

Could you confirm this is what it does? Thank you!

on 11/17/20, 11:24 PM Author


Thanks for your interest in our Odoo Shopify integration. 

Sorry for the delayed reply. We were on the Diwali Holidays. We will reply to you via email. 

Thank you!