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Automated backups

A tool for all your back-ups, internal and external!

Keep your Odoo data safe with this module. Take automated back-ups, remove them automatically and even write them to an external server through an encrypted tunnel. You can even specify how long local backups and external backups should be kept, automatically!

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Connect with an FTP Server

Keep your data safe, through an SSH tunnel!

Want to go even further and write your backups to an external server? You can with this module! Specify the credentials to the server, specify a path and everything will be backed up automatically. This is done through an SSH (encrypted) tunnel, thanks to pysftp, so your data is safe!

Test connection

Checks your credentials in one click

Want to make sure if the connection details are correct and if Odoo can automatically write them to the remote server? Simply click on the 'Test SFTP Connection' button and you will get message telling you if everything is OK, or what is wrong!

E-mail on backup failure

Stay informed of problems, automatically!

Do you want to know if the database backup failed? Check the checkbox 'Auto. E-mail on backup fail' and fill in your e-mail. Every time a backup fails you will get an e-mail in your mailbox with technical details.

Contact / Support

Need help or want extra features?

Need help with the configuration or want this module to have more functionalities? Please create a bug report on the Github issue tracker

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on 9/16/22, 2:01 AM

Don't Work
on 5/7/22, 6:54 PM

Does not work. It is generating the zeroed database backup script. Without any data.

Wrong Backup Frequency
Hasan Nasr
on 8/29/22, 2:17 AM


The module is installed and configured to backup DAILY, but it makes backups every minute.  It's consuming space and server resources.

How to fix it please.


on 8/4/22, 10:38 PM

Hi Yenthe,

Iam using your backup module and it very effective.

I change my set-up to have the following:

Application Server
DB Server

This will cause an error since the DB Server does not belong to the same machine.

eg. App Server
DB Server

Could you please advise?

Thank you.

Don't Work
on 5/7/22, 6:54 PM

Does not work. It is generating the zeroed database backup script. Without any data.

on 4/12/22, 7:12 PM

How can i restore with .dump file?

Erro on install on V15.0 with lastest version, help fix it
on 2/26/22, 10:11 PM
Why Somebody shows up this msg while installing V15.0.0.1
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'paramiko'

Error on install V15
Precise Racing Products
on 11/9/21, 2:46 PM

When I try to install I am getting this error message

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'paramiko'

Add an option to backup the database directly for recovery
on 10/28/21, 12:26 AM

Thanks for developing  the module, 

Add an option to backup the database directly for recovery,

Even better, it can be supported in docker environments