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Technical Name ht_salon
Also available in version v 14.0 v 13.0
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Lines of code 43870
Technical Name ht_salon
Also available in version v 14.0 v 13.0
Salon Management

Complete Salon Management application with website and business operation features.

Highlights Of The Application
  • Manage the appointments.

  • Send an email to customers for appointment confirmation

  • Send an email to your regular customers for offers.

  • Manage salon membership

  • Manage salon different packages, offers, coupon codes, services.

  • Salon management application with website

Multi Language Feature

    >> Available languages.

  • Arabic

  • Norwegian

  • German

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • Gujarati

  • Hindi

Complete process for configuration and functionality explained below.

  • 1. Website

After installation, go to Website, here you will see header

You can see header of website provided with some menus

Scroll down to Website

You can see men And women pricing section to our website

Our Website provide service section

To describe your services.

Make an appointment section

To create your appointment for services

Artist director section

Hear, you can see your makeup artist profiles.

Galllery section of Website.

To upload your photographs in website.

There is pricing section of website.

To desribe your Offers , packages and membership pricing to our website.

There is testimony section of website.

To add testimony profiles of customers

Hear we can see Footer of Website

To provide information of Website

Hear You can see blog section.

To add your blog of Webiste And Provide Category of services blog

Hear you can see conatct page of website

Auto generate lead in CRM from website contact page.

Some more pages in website like About , Gallery and Services

Thier is descibe services and website information.

Also You can Drag and drop any Snippet in your Website.

  • 2. Configuration

After installation, go to Salon >> Configuration here you can create some important Configurations.

Service Coupon > here we can craete different types of coupon with fixed or percentage bases, with Discount amount and Description.

Service Coupon Details Tree view.

we can Download all coupon in xlsx.

Service COupon Detail XLSX.

Salon > Services here we can create different Type of Salon Services with their Category, we can add here that which product will used in these service, and price of that service with Description.

Salon > Services Kanban View.

Salon > Services search View.

Salon > Services groupby Products View.

Salon > Services groupby Category.

Salon > Services Tree view and XLSX report.

Salon > Services XLSX report.

Salon > section here we can create Different Departments available in Salon.

Salon > Package here we can create Different Packages available in Salon with Description, Type, Price, Discount Price, Services, Package Price.

Salon > Packages Tree view.

Salon > Packages xls Report.

Salon > packages search view by Type.

Salon > offers here you can create different types of offers with offer Start Date end Date, offer name, Services, Offer Price, Type.

Salon > offers Calendar View.

  • 3. Appointment

Nown go to Appointment >> Create, here you can create an appointment for your customers with important details like Appointmnet date, customer Type, Services, Attendee.

Then click on Confirm State to confirm That customer Appointment here we can send an email to that customer for Appointment confirmation click on Send mail button.

Appointment Calendar view.

Appointment Serach view (search by Date, month, Year).

Appointment deatils kanban view.

Appointment deatils kanban view by date.

Appointment deatils kanban view by Attendee.

Appointment deatils XLS

Appointment deatils Report

  • 4. Membership

Now, go tp Membership >> here You can create Membership with Name, Type, Description, Services, Fees, Discount price.

Salon membership Kanban View.

  • 5. Reporting

Now in Reporting here you can print Different types of Reports.

Now in Reporting >> Booking >> Appointment here you can Download All Appointments by Day, Month or specific Date Range.

Appointment Report.

Select Attendee Report by Day, Month or specific Date Range.

Select Attendee Report.

Attendee Report by Day, Month or specific Date Range.

Attendee Report.

service Report by All service and Top services.

service Report.

Package Report by All package and selcted packages.

package Report.

Offer Report by All offers and Discount offers.

Offer Report.

Coupon Report by All coupons and Discount coupons.

Coupon Report.


Is This app compatible with odoo community?
Yes, This app is tested with Community and Enterprise.

Need some customization in this app, whom to contact?
Please drop email at hello@harhu.com

Do you provide any free support?
Yes, we do provide free support for 1 day.


  • Do you need support on module?

    We offer free support of 1 hour if you are facing any issue with installation or setup. We make assure you are settting up with correct envirnment that our application support. We always welcome new changes/request be launch on the next revision of the applicaiton.

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