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Technical Name website_support_ticket_odoo_aagam
Versions 13.0 17.0 14.0 16.0 15.0
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Odoo Online
On Premise
Odoo Apps Dependencies Contacts (contacts)
Dashboards (board)
Discuss (mail)
Invoicing (account)
Project (project)
Website (website)
Employees (hr)
Lines of code 15763
Technical Name website_support_ticket_odoo_aagam
Versions 13.0 17.0 14.0 16.0 15.0

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Support : Community Enterprise

Website Helpdesk Customer Support Ticket Management odoo app, Ticket Issue Management module in odoo

Odoo Website Helpdesk Support

Module allows to create, manage Support Tickets for customers. Support team, manager access Tickets via Portal to manage Customer Ticket Issues from odoo backend.
Customer service center team manage

Helpdesk Support ticket management system

from odoo admin to resolve customer ticket issues, product issues using tickets status, filter tickets options. Create task, invoice/ billing payment and service request with timesheet to be managed in Odoo app.

Odoo Website helpdesk support Ticketing module

is providing customer care sevice interface/form where they can fill their issue request detail with attach documents from odoo website and create support ticket request. Helpdesk Support ticket will send by email to customer and agent/admin. Customer create tickets via support email also. App will create support ticket from email.

Online helpdesk support ticket odoo module

for customer support in Odoo website.

Odoo helpdesk workflow - odoo website and odoo backend :

Website Helpdesk odoo module in odoo apps, Customer Issue Ticket management in odoo 14,13,12, Download Website HelpDesk

Key Features of odoo website helpdesk Ticket management app :

  • Odoo Helpdesk Dashboard :

    Support Team, Agent, Admin, Manager can quickly manage customer support tickets and check tickets counts and status in odoo backend.
  • Customer Support system in odoo, Create Support Ticket By Mail :

    Customers send email to support emailId, helpdesk odoo module create support ticket via email for helpdesk.
  • Create Ticket with Attach Document :

    Customer create support tickets with attachment of documents and details from the odoo website. support users create tickets from the odoo website helpdesk admin system.
  • Reports of Helpdesk in odoo :

    Helpdesk report contain PDF file format for Helpdesk Support Ticket in odoo.
  • Create Invoice for customers ticket charge :

    Helpdesk Support Manager, Team, Admin Review ticket to add status of ticket, resolve the issue and close the ticket. Also, send invoice to customer with detail if required.
  • Odoo Customers Helpdesk Ticket Review / Rating / Feedback :

    Helpdesk report contains PDF file format for Helpdesk Support Ticket in odoo.
  • Communication in website helpdesk in odoo :

    Customer check the status of all submitted support tickets in the portal account of the odoo website and communicate also.
  • Customer Ticket Activity :

    We have added activity view while providing support on customer tickets in Activity view.
  • Customer Tickets manage in Status view :

    Odoo Helpdesk Admin / support manager can see ticket in status view and customer can check status of all support tickets submitted by his account.
  • Ticket Assignment and customer ticket management in odoo :

    Manage your support tickets using assignment to multiple support team users in odoo
  • Graphs and charts in Support Ticket :

    Users can see graphs, chart and statistics in different-different views for existing support tickets in graph view, calendar View, pivot View, activity view.
  • Partners Create automatic :

    If you need to add customer support ticket as parner then It will added in partner list.
  • Ticket Status mail sending :

    Helpdesk support user can send email to customer with status of tickets - Done, Start working etc..Email notification settings for every activity of support tickets
  • Odoo Website Helpdesk Views tickets :

    You can view helpdesk customers tickets in Kanban View, Calendar View, List view, Activity View, and much more
  • Roles and Rights

    Set roles and rights to support agent/helpdesk employee for work in helpdesk system.
  • Rating and Review on ticket

    The customer can submit rating and review/comments on particular ticket
  • Easily Download and Configurable

    Easily Download Website Helpdesk module from Odoo App store and Configurable.
  • Support in Odoo Community and Enterprise

    Website Helpdesk Ticket management module support in Odoo Community and Enterprise.
  • Support in Odoo Community and Enterprise

    Users able to create tickets, team manager assign tickets, user create task for that ticket, user create invoice for ticket, give rating and details for ticket, Close the ticket
  • Helpdesk Multilanguage support

    Helpdesk Support Ticket management module supported Odoo V15, V14, V13, V12 version with Multiple languages supported (English, Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Danish-dansk, Dutch-Nederlands, Spanish - Español, French-français,Russia-Russian) in odoo backend. Email us for your language support without any cost. We have used google translator for translation, let us know if any translation needs to update.

  • HelpDesk Ticket Filter Options

    Odoo HelpDesk Tickets Filter Option available with Team, Assigned, Date with Status display

Odoo Website HelpDesk Management

Module - Menu Available :
  • Helpdesk
  • Dashboard for Tickets
  • Ticket Filter Option
  • Helpdesk Tickets List
  • Invoicing
  • Timesheets to Invoice
  • Configuration
  • Helpdesk Team
  • Tickets
  • Views

If you need any help, want more additional features then feel free to contact us . Email for support:

Website Customer HelpDesk Management module support Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise both

Odoo Helpdesk Dashboard - Customer Support Ticket based Website HelpDesk Management in odoo

Customer Support and Helpdesk system in odoo

Odoo Helpdesk tickets Filter Options with Team, Assigned, Date with Status display (New feature)

Customer Support and Helpdesk system in odoo

Click on Settings => User => Support User (Support Agent/Users Group) of this helpdesk support module

Support Ticket Management in odoo

HelpDesk Team Configuration

You can add helpdesk team and assign to support user.

HelpDesk Team Configuration in odoo HelpDesk Team odoo apps

Ticket Types

Helpdesk Ticket Types odoo app download

List View - Tickets with Status

Helpdesk Ticket Management System in odoo 14

Support User can communicate with Support Manager(Admin).(Cannot Create Task and Invoice)

Odoo 14 Helpdesk support module for v14

Kanban View - Tickets with Status

Customer tickets status (New, Pending, Progress, Resolved) - You can modified as per your requirement

Helpdesk Ticket Summary

Form View - Detail page of Customer Ticket

Odoo Website Helpdesk Support Ticket

Activity View - Tickets with Status

Manage customer tickets and see all tickets in the activity view

helpdesk support ticket management for odoo 13

Calendar View - Tickets with Status

Manage customer tickets and see all tickets in the calendar view

customer support portal in odoo apps

Website Support Ticket Form

Customer can generate ticket with detail and document attachment

odoo 14 module for ticket portal

While login as Portal,name and email automatically fill.

Thanks Message- When ticket is created.

Customer Tickets in Portal/My Account

odoo helpdesk support ticket module v14

Your Tickets on Portal/My Account

odoo helpdesk support ticket module v14 odoo helpdesk support ticket module v15

Customer Close Ticket from Portal

odoo helpdesk support close ticket module download odoo helpdesk support close ticket module download

Customer Create Support Ticket Via Email

odoo helpdesk support create ticket module v14

Customer Get Ticket Detail In Email

odoo helpdesk support ticket module v14

Website Chat Box for Sending Message

Customer and Support user can communicate in chatter message box with document attachment

Customer Support and Helpdesk system in odoo

Backend Chatter Box for Send Message

Support Manager reply in chat message box from backend

See Message sent by Customer and Attachments in Ticket Detail

issue management for customers support in odoo ticket attachemnt customers support in odoo

Create Tickets from Admin

Ticket Report Print from Admin

Manage Customer Tickets Document Attachments

Support Manager Assign Tickets to => Support User

Support Manager(admin) can create task(Optional)

issue management in odoo module

Manage Assign Support User for Assigned Ticket

Support Manager can create and send Invoice/Bills to customer for payment

Manage customer tickets module in odoo

Invoice/Bill Sample

Status of Customer Ticket - (New, Pending, In Progress, Solved)

helpdesk report in odoo

Manage Timesheet for Support User/Support Manager

Timesheet and Customer Support Ticket Hours

odoo apps for helpdesk odoo 12

Click on button to enable close ticket

Raise Support ticket on Odoo

Closed Date will be listed

Odoo Helpdesk and customer support management

Closed Ticket

support ticket management module in odoo helpdesk

kanban view of closed ticket

customer support ticket odoo module download

Calendar view of closed tickeet

Calendar view in helpdesk odoo 14

Pie chart of Closed ticket

Odoo HelpDesk Customer Tickets Status in activity view

Activity view of closed ticket

odoo Website Helpdesk Support Ticket

Pivot chart of closed ticket

Ticket Management System for odoo

Add Customer Ratings

ticket management in odoo 14 13 12

Customer Rating Section

ticket management in odoo 14 13 12

Add Your Rate and Comment

ticket management in odoo 14 13 12

Thank you Page of Submit Rating

ticket management in odoo 14 13 12

Show Rating in Backend

ticket management in odoo 14 13 12

When Portal User reply to admin

Call center management in odoo

Customer Replied Section will be shown

Online ticketing system for customer support in Odoo

Manage Tickets Report

Odoo Website Helpdesk and Support System Module

Report view in Bar Chart

Customer Support system in odoo, Helpdesk system in odoo

Report view in Line Chart

Report view in Pie Chart

Print PDF Support Ticket Report

Tickets view for User login

Tickets view for Team user login

team manager odoo apps helpdesk

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