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Odoo Apps Dependencies Contacts (contacts)
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Lines of code 6366
Technical Name odoo_inbox
Versions 16.0 12.0 11.0 15.0 14.0 13.0 10.0

The next generation Odoo Inbox

Beautiful UI

Inbox is beautifully crafted and have a stunning design.

Compose Message

Compose Message with Email CC/BCC and Document Modal and Record.

Pane View

Inbox have pane view vertical and Horizontal.

Tags, Folders, Starred, Snoozed on Messages

Inbox is have more feature likes Tags, Folders, Starred, Snoozed on messages
Odoo Inbox

Odoo Inbox

Most Powerful Inbox Odoo Inbox Super Flexible Best Quality Most Complete

Odoo Inbox

Odoo Inbox is Powerful Mailbox UI with more features like Starred Message, Snoozed Messages, Beautiful Message Compose window, Email cc/bcc, Pane View for better user traversal, Themes, Tags, Folders Management, Label on Messages & much more... It is more than a mailbox, it is a suit of Powerful Mailbox Tools.

Key Features of Odoo Inbox

Experience the new Message Design.

Inbox Message Tools:

The tools are used to display messages beautifully & are very easy to use like they are in any mailbox like Outlook, Gmail etc...

Inbox Messages
Display Messages beautifully with emphasis on small details like title, description, timestamp & Recipient.
See it in action

Inbox Theme Configuration Options

Apply different theme designs & make it look all the more nicer and dynamic.
See it in action

Inbox Compose Message

The compose message window provides varied options like of using a template, select the subject as related to a particular document which can be a lead, sales order or an invoice.
See it in action

Reply and Forward Message

Reply & Forward at the same time which makes communication kind of easy not only to revert but also if a new recipient is to be added.
See it in action

Reply Message

Message/Thread can be replied to based on the messages, documents which make linking up of records & correlation very easy. At the same time makes traceability easy.
See it in action

Forward Message

Easily forward messages with the forward button on every message linked to a document, thread, or any other model.
See it in action
Search Message
The Inbox Search message user will Search by Title, Search by Email, Search by Recipients.

Email CC/ BCC

In-built option to send emails to cc/bcc.
See it in action

Multi-Language and RTL Support

Supports Multi-Languages with a provision to use it RTL wise as well.
See it in action

Messages Tools

Message can be marked as Done, Snoozed, starred etc.. with features like Move to a folder, tagging makes categorization, message managing fast & easy.
See it in action

Folders And Tags Editable and Deletable

Easily Manage Tags, Folders and be able to organize messages in folders or group them with tags.
See it in action

Pane View No Split

As its name suggests, lets you read the message in full with no splits.
See it in action

Vertical Pane View

Vertical split allows you to control the division between the message list and see the message window in a pane view side by side.
See it in action

Horizontal Pane View

It also allows you to see the list of messages, click on the message and see the details but horizontally.
See it in action

Message Details View when No Split on Pane View

Message Detail view is shown when No Split option is used and it displays the message in full screen.
See it in action

My Profile Link

My Profile allows you to edit your profile, change the picture or add/edit any details on your profile section.
See it in action


There is a Menu link which allows you to move out of the Inbox to any of the other modules like sales, purchase or any other.
See it in action
Define multiple emails in users See it in action
Show another/multiple email
Email defined in backend can be accessed from here and can read his email and can also reply from inside it.
See it in action
Go back to main user See it in action
Add Email Signature in user Preferences See it in action
Show Email Signature in new compose message See it in action
Odoo Inbox Live Demo
Explore Live Demo
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All Features

Compose message(s)

Compose Message with Email CC/BCC and Document Modal and Record.

Inbox message(s)

Inbox message display beautify with All the Small Details like Message Title, Short Description, Time, Recipient of Message.

Snooze message(s)

If user want a reminder of that message then it was easily snooze the message and get the reminder mail on that snoozed time.

Starred message(s).

Important Message will be starred message flag will apply on messages.

Sent message(s).

Easy to Compose message and Send to Recipients

Trash message

Use the message trash option to delete the unwanted messages.

Search message.

Allow to Search by title, Search by email, Search by Recipients name.

Create folder, Move to folder message(s)

Easy to move in Folder User want Group by Folder and move some message in Folder.

Create tag, Applying tags into message(s).

Easy to Create and Apply tags on message so Easy to Identify which message have personal, important etc..

Reply message(s).

Easy to Reply on message every message have "Reply" Option to Reply that message particular document or message.

Forward message(s)

Easily forward messages with the forward button on every message linked to a document, thread, or any other model.

Read message(s).

Easy to Read just click on message and you will get Details Message for read.

Unread message(s).

Showing Unread message Counter and Also Unread message is Bold and Dark Black Display.

Done message(s)

Easy Done Message(s) just click on Right Sign on message it will done and move in to Done Messages.

Pane View

Pane view will provide to Read Message with split windows so easy to Swicth on another message.

Compose Message with any document

If you want to Send message to Particulate Sale , CRM, Purchase or Any Other Document or Application which Supported Message then easy Compose message and Select Document and just send it.

Multi Language RTL Support

Multi language Support and also Support RTL.


Apply theme and looks beautify Inbox.

Super Fast load message

Loading Speed Super fast too many message will load in a Seconds and Easy to use

Email CC/BCC

Compose message have Email CC and BCC so easy to Send Copy of the message.

Labels on Messages

Labels on Message so easy to identify with labels.

Why Odoo Inbox

Odoo Inbox is one dynamic app used specifically for hassle-free emailing with loads of features which are missing in an otherwise default Odoo system but found by users in other emailing clients like Gmail, Outlook, MailChimp etc. It revamps & streamlines the way emailing is done in Odoo.

Full Documentation

We would like explain each and every feature of our Odoo Inbox that's why we have created detailed documentation. We are constantly improving and adding new content and videos.

A full documentation can be accessed after purchasing the module. It is available in /docs folder of docs module.
Coming Soon...
v1.12 -November 05, 2022
  • [FIX] Fixed the tag issue.

v1.11 -September 02, 2022
  • [ADD] Mapping of email to inbox for sent items sent through gmail or other 3rd party email.
  • [ADD] Need to set the author id to be able to map the user and email without catchall for both incoming and outgoing.
  • [ADD] Removed website dependency.
  • [IMP] Miscellaneous issues fixed.

v1.10 -September 18, 2020
  • [ADD] Improved Speed Loading Inbox 4x faster then Before.
  • [IMP] Code Improved.

v1.9 -September 14, 2020
  • [ADD] Document Link on Messages.
  • [ADD] Compose Message Select Document and Records.
  • [ADD] Compose Message Selectd Documents Followers See.

v1.8 -September 7, 2020
  • [ADD] Multi Company Support Now.

v1.7 -August 5, 2020
  • [FIX] When logged in and navigating on a frontend page, the accessible `ir.ui.menu` would be loaded in qcontext.

v1.6 -July 31, 2020
  • [FIX] When Click On Import Button throw the Error it was Fixed.
  • [IMP] Select2 JS Latest Library Updated.

v1.5 -July 27, 2020
  • [IMP] Performance Improvement.
  • [ADD] Tag User wise Different Create edit and delete.
  • [ADD] Folder User Wise Different Create edit and delete.
  • [FIX] Issue fixed Multiple Snooze not working.
  • [IMP] Summer-note JS Latest Version with emojie which used on Replay and Compose Message.
  • [FIX] Some CSS is Applied on Website so it was Only Apply one Odoo Inbox pages fixed.
  • [FIX] Pagination is not looks Good in so it was also fixed.
  • [IMP] When that Left top corner burger icon Click then small burger then not showing the Counting that was also showing the counting both small and full.
  • [IMP] Refactor code.

v1.4 -July 10, 2020
  • [IMP] Side menu hide/show.
  • [IMP] Compose Mail button move to left side top.
  • [IMP] Datetime format make sorter.
  • [IMP] UI Modification and minor bug fixes.
  • [FIX] Read previous inbox message which have bold text.
  • [FIX] Read Inbox previous notification (Notification no. Should be removed).
  • [FIX] Starred message should be removed from starred menu.
  • [FIX] Message should be delete from trash menu.
  • [FIX] Click on delete icon of any send message not remove.
  • [FIX] Click calender icon in snooze pop-up not open calendar.
  • [FIX] Select multiple messages and click on unstarred from dropdown menu. Selecte message should be removed in starred menu. -August 17, 2023
  • [IMP] Define multiple emails in users backend.
  • [IMP] Show another/multiple email: Email defined in backend can be accessed from inbox and can read his email and can also reply from inside it.
  • [IMP] Go back to main user. -September 19, 2023
  • [IMP] Add Dynamic Email Signature in new compose mail message. come from user Preferences in backend.

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The translation is not working
Ahmer Shahid
on 10/2/23, 8:15 AM

Hi Team,
I am using your module and the translation is not working, even though the above attached Multi-Language and RTL Support video is not available.

Re: The translation is not working
Kanak Infosystems LLP
on 10/4/23, 2:47 AM Author

Hello Ahmer,

Thanks for the purchase made. Kindly message from the module window and share a video. We'll have a look and get it solved asap.

Best Regards.

on 7/20/23, 9:39 AM

I would like to try a demo of this module. Do you have a sandbox instance of odoo I can try?

Also the links to the videos are private on youtube. Can you make them public so I can see the module in action?

Can a user has multiple email servers, e.g.: gmail, yahoo, etc.
Joe M. Munardi
on 6/9/23, 5:53 AM

Can a user has multiple email servers, e.g.: gmail, yahoo, etc.

Re: Can a user has multiple email servers, e.g.: gmail, yahoo, etc.
Kanak Infosystems LLP
on 6/9/23, 7:38 AM Author


yes, it is as in default Odoo.