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Technical Name tk_tender_management
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Lines of code 32265
Technical Name tk_tender_management
Versions 17.0 15.0 14.0 16.0

Tender Management Workflow

Tender Management Features


Advanced dashboard

The Dashboard displays tender details, categories, types, bidding status, pending tasks, and timeline.

Type : Bulk product single vendor tender

In 'Single Vendor for all Product' type, choose one vendor to fulfill all requirements in a single bid.

Add & Update tender price via XLS

Add and update tender prices efficiently using XLS files for data management.

Website visibility

Tender details are accessible directly on the website, ensuring easy and transparent information availability.

Tender auto expire based on dates

Tenders expire automatically based on predefined bid start and end dates, ensuring timely and efficient bid management.

Tender types & details

Manage various tender types, including bulk product single vendor or product-specific tenders.

Type : Product wise tender

Select individual products from multiple vendors, generating separate purchase orders for each selected vendor and product.

Tender description

A detailed overview of the tender, including scope, requirements, eligibility criteria, and submission guidelines.

Group by filters

Tender details are visible and organized using filters for easy navigation and information retrieval.

PDF Report

A static PDF report summarizing tender bid details, providing a comprehensive overview for review and record-keeping.


Vendor registration from website

Vendors can easily register their profiles on the website, select specific tender categories, and access relevant tenders.

Vendor auto approval functionality

A follow-up user can access tender bidding and grant permissions as needed.

Vendor registration email

Automated email sent upon vendor registration, confirming successful registration and providing relevant details and instructions.

Filter tender by category on website

Easily navigate and sort tenders on the website by category, simplifying the search process for specific procurement needs.

Vendor approval workflow

Implement a multi-vendor approval process with options for auto-approval or sequential approval by designated users.

Vendor approval by user

User-initiated vendor approval process ensures accountability and efficiency in granting access to procurement opportunities.

Tender category selection by vendor

Vendors select relevant categories, ensuring only matching tender opportunities are displayed to them.

Email Notification

Automated emails inform users about crucial updates such as bid submission, document verification, and bid edit requests.


Tender description & documents visibility on website

Tender descriptions and associated documents are easily accessible and visible on the website for user convenience.

Bid eligibility verification

The administrative team thoroughly examines the uploaded documents to evaluate the vendor's qualification for the bid.

Vendor bid submission

Vendor bid submission via XLS and manual methods ensures flexible and accessible bidding processes.

Request for changing bid workflow

An initiated request to adjust bid prices within the designated bid submission timeframe.

Bid evaluation

The assessment and analysis of submitted bids to determine the most suitable and advantageous proposal for tender.

Purchase order RFQ for selected vendor

A purchase order generated from a request for quotation (RFQ) for the selected vendor bid in tender bidding processes.

Bid PDF Report

A report summarizing bid details and submissions, typically in PDF format for easy sharing and reference.

Bid Documents

After application, vendors submit evidence for bid eligibility by uploading required documents outlined in the tender description.

Qualified & disqualified vendor workflow for tender

Following review, vendor is determined either qualified or disqualified from further bid participation.

Rank of vendor based on bid submission

Vendors receive ranks based on bid prices; example. rank 1 indicates the lowest bid among participants.

Bid filtration in backend

After receiving bids, backend filters them based on predefined criteria, considering only qualified submissions.

Selected & Rejected notification

Notification sent to vendors informing them of their selection or rejection in the tender bidding process.

Purchase Order

Purchase orders are accessible on the portal website, with notifications sent to vendors upon issuance.

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Tender Management

Advance Dashboard



Tender Details

Add product via .xlsx file.

Tender Type


Publish on Website

Vendor Portal

Vendor Register Portal Configuration

Before Vendor registration we need to configure vendor portal for that navigate to the "Settings" menu and select "Tender"

Vendor Register

During the vendor registration process, vendors are prompted to select the specific categories that align with their business. As a result, only tender opportunities within those selected categories will be displayed to the vendor

Followup Responsible

Mail notification for new vendor registration to followup responsible.
Followup responsible can give portal access to the vendor
Once the follow-up responsible individual grants portal access to a vendor, an invitation email is automatically sent to the vendor. This email contains instructions for the vendor to activate their account by setting up a username and password


Vendor's Eligible Tenders

Tender Bidding

Basic Flow For Tender Bidding Process

  1. Vendor Applies for Bid: Vendors submit their bid applications to express their interest in participating in the tender.
  2. Eligibility Verification: After applying, vendors must provide evidence to establish their eligibility for the bid. They are required to upload documents, such as "company information" and "balance sheet," as outlined in the tender description.
  3. Document Review by Admin: The administrative team thoroughly examines the uploaded documents to evaluate the vendor's qualification for the bid. Based on this review, the vendor is either deemed qualified or disqualified from further participation in the bid.
    • If vendor qualified for Bid Qualification Notification: If the vendor meets the qualification criteria, they receive a notification via email confirming their qualification for the bid. This communication allows them to proceed with the bidding process.
    • If vendor disqualified for Bid Disqualification Communication: In case a vendor does not meet the qualification requirements, the admin sends an email informing them about the disqualification. The email may provide the reasons behind the disqualification. Additionally, the admin may specify whether the vendor has the option to resubmit their qualification documents for reconsideration documents.
  • Step 1 : Applying for Bid
  • Step 2 : After applying, vendors are redirected to their bid or can access "My Account" to view all their submitted bids
  • Step 3 : Vendors are required to upload qualifying documents to be eligible for bidding on the tender.
  • Step 4 : Admin can either qualify or disqualify vendor from bid
  • Step 5 : Vendor can submit bid from website
  • Step 6 : The vendor can modify their bid after receiving permission to edit.
  • Tender Bid Selection

    The flow of the tender bidding process varies based on the specific type of tender(The entire process is handled by the admin)
    • When Tender Type is "Product wise vendor"
      • In the "Product Wise Vendor" type, you are required to select individual products from multiple vendors. Based on these selections, multiple purchase orders will be generated, each corresponding to the specific vendor(s) chosen for the respective product(s).(Please refer to the screenshot below for better understanding)
    • When Tender Type is "Single Vendor for all Product"
      • In the "Single Vendor for all Product" type, you only need to select a single bid. Instead of selecting each product from multiple vendors, this type allows you to choose one vendor who can fulfill all the requirements in a single bid submission(Please refer to the screenshot below for better understanding)

    Bid Selection : Product wise vendor (Screenshots)

    • When Tender Type is "Product wise vendor"
      • Upon receiving bids from vendors, the next step is to proceed to the "Bid Evaluation" stage on the tender.
      • Once you click on "Bid Evaluation," the bidding process is closed, and vendors cannot bid on the tender anymore. At this stage, a smart button labeled "Bid Evaluation" appears, and you can proceed to the bid selection stage to review and choose right bid for tender.
      • Clicking on the smart button will redirect you to view all the bids.
      • Selected Bid
      • Confirm Bid
      • Purchase Order
      • Notification: When a purchase order is created, a mail notification containing the details is sent to the vendor, and their bid status is updated to "Won" If no bid is selected, the vendor receives a mail apologizing for not being chosen, and their bid status is marked as "Lost"
      • Purchase order and bills on website

    Bid Selection : Single Vendor for all Product

    • When Tender Type is "Single Vendor for all Product"
      • In the specified tender type "Single Vendor for all Product", vendors are assigned ranks based on their bid Prices. For example, if your rank is 1, it signifies that your bid is the lowest among all the participating vendors.
      • After receiving bids from vendors, you can access the "Bid Evaluation" section in the tender. By clicking the "Legit Bid" smart button, you can view legitimate bids that meet the required criteria
      • Legit Bid
        1. In the "Single Vendor for all Product" type, you are required to select only one bid from a vendor to create a purchase order.
        2. For a bid to be considered "legit," the vendor must provide valid prices for each and every product included in their bid. This means that the vendor needs to specify a price for every product they are offering.
        3. If the vendor sets the price of any product to 0 or leaves it blank, their bid will not be considered "legit." This is because a bid with missing or zero prices does not fulfill the tender requirements.
        4. Only bids that meet the requirement of having valid prices for all the products will be deemed "legit" and eligible for further consideration in the bid evaluation process.
        5. In our example, out of the total 3 bids received, only 2 bids are considered "legit." By clicking on the "Legit Bid" option, you can access and review the bids that meet the necessary requirements
        6. Bid Selection
        7. Bid Confirmation
          • Mail Notification : Vendor bid is selected
          • Purchase Order
            • Once a purchase order is created, vendors can view the purchase order and associated bills on their website portal.

    Release Notes

    Version 1.2

    February 08, 2024
    • Bug Fixed .
    • New Dashboard .

    Version 1.1

    December 14, 2023
    • Bug Fixed

    Version 1.0

    March 23, 2023
    Initial Release
    • Tender Management New Release.


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