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Lines of code 76
Technical Name website_google_tag
Versions 14.0 16.0 15.0 17.0
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Integrate Google Tag Manager script to your Odoo website


What is Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, or GTM, is a Google tool for integrating various tags, special scripts - small pieces of code, into your website. With this tool, marketers can connect your website with Google products, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Conversion Linker, and other third-party analytical and marketing services.

Google Tag Manager provides management of these kind tags, and allows you to add and configure the tags via web interface, without asking developers to make changes on your website. This is a quick and flexible way if you work with experienced marketers who can set up and maintain tag management. In other cases, if you don't cooperate with marketers or don't have enough experience with Google Tag Manager, consider using off-the-shelf solutions that already provide fully configured integration with services such as Google Analytics 4 or Facebook Pixel.

How to set up Google Tag Manager

After adding the GTM script to your Odoo website and configuring a container identifier in the website settings, you will be able to add tags through the Google Tag Manager UI. Firstly, create a GTM account to add a GTM container and get the container ID. After configuring on the Odoo side, go to your Google Tag Manager account and set up tags according to this Google manual https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6103696.

Props and cons of Google Tag Manager


  • flexible tool for experienced marketers;
  • allow connecting several tags to Odoo website;
  • does not require developer works.


  • requires a knowledge and experience of GTM using;
  • demands to configure eCommerce events manually;
  • does not provide complete information about the products for eCommerce events.
Compatible with the Odoo Google Consent Mode app
Easy & Simple

Easy to activate and configure


Multi-Website support


Free 30 days support and 180 days bug-fixing

Try me

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Adding a container ID
Go to the menu "Website" - "Configuration" - "Settings" and activate the "Google Tag Manager" option. Then enter Container ID.
Activate Google Tag Manager in Odoo 17.0
The GTM script code
The GTM script will be added to all web pages.
GTM script on Odoo 17.0 website
Testing Particularities

As the GTM script does not have to fire for internal users, there are several testing tips:

  • You will not see the GTM script if you are logged in to Odoo and you have internal user's access rights.
  • Log out from the system or use the incognito mode or other browser to test Google Tag Manager script.
Cookie Consent
Our solution is compatible with the Google Consent Mode Odoo app that allows to manage cookie consents and update the consent states by sending them to Google.
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    • Migration from 16.0.
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Very prompt response from developer.
Tom Wardrop
on 2/7/24, 3:30 PM

Appreciate the very prompt response from the developer.

Tom Wardrop
on 2/7/24, 12:55 PM

This has broken my odoo.

I've uninstalled the module but I still get this error on most pages:

UncaughtPromiseError > OwlError

Uncaught Promise > An error occured in the owl lifecycle (see this Error's "cause" property)

OwlError: An error occured in the owl lifecycle (see this Error's "cause" property)

    at handleError (https://website​/web/assets/1/c642ed6/web.assets_web.min.js:916:101)

    at App.handleError (https://websiteweb/assets/1/c642ed6/web.assets_web.min.js:1543:29)

    at ComponentNode.initiateRender (https://websiteweb/assets/1/c642ed6/web.assets_web.min.js:1006:19)

Caused by: Error: "res.config.settings"."has_google_tag_manager" field is undefined.

    at Field.parseFieldNode (https://website/web/assets/1/c642ed6/web.assets_web.min.js:7625:231)

    at https://website/web/assets/1/c642ed6/web.assets_web.min.js:8500:865

    at visit (https://websiteweb/assets/1/c642ed6/web.assets_web.min.js:4210:51)

    at visitChildren 

on 2/7/24, 2:40 PM Author

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your feedback!

We are truly sorry that you have encountered difficulties using our modules. We have just checked one more time our Google Tag Manager solution with the latest Odoo 17.0 updates, but there is no the error that you have mentioned.

This error could be caused by other third-party modules. Anyway, we provide support and assistance for our Odoo solutions, please contact us by email: support@garazd.biz.

We are confident that the error will be fixed.

P.S. Could you specify what is your Odoo hosting? If you use Odoo Online, on this hosting there is impossible to install third-party apps. In the case, if you have installed this app with the Import Module wizard on this hosting, you can get errors like this one. 

Best regards, Yurii Razumovskyi.

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