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Odoo Online
On Premise
Odoo Apps Dependencies CRM (crm)
Invoicing (account)
Project (project)
Sales (sale_management)
Website (website)
Calendar (calendar)
Contacts (contacts)
Discuss (mail)
Employees (hr)
Lines of code 3559
Technical Name website_helpdesk_support_ticket
LicenseSee License tab
Versions 10.0 9.0 13.0 11.0 12.0 14.0 15.0 16.0 17.0

Website Helpdesk Support Ticket and Issue Management

Customer Helpdesk Support Ticket Management System

Website Helpdesk Support Ticket Management System Odoo App

This app allows the team to manage your customer support tickets, customer portal for support tickets, billings for paid customer support, and ticket timesheets.
It also provides a website form/page where your customers can submit a ticket after filling out the form on your website as shown below screenshots.

Main Features:
  • Allow your customer to send support tickets/support requests from your website and customers can also attach documents/files while creating tickets from the website.
  • Generation of a unique support ticket on submission and record it as a helpdesk ticket on the backend side of Odoo on the ticket menu.
  • Allow your customers to create a ticket also by sending an email which creates a unique ticket in the backend ticket menu too. For that, you will have to set up Catchall Email (Odoo Standard) as an incoming mail server or incoming mail server (Odoo Standard) to create a new record option.
  • Customers can check the status of all submitted support tickets by them on the portal my account page of your website and if customers have more contacts in the company they can also view tickets submitted by other members of the company too.
  • Allow your support team/users to print helpdesk support tickets in PDF format in the backend as shown.
  • Support User, Technician, and Support manager can communicate with customers using open chatter on ticket form and fill timesheets on the ticket form in the backend as well.
  • Support managers can close tickets and send bills to customers if paid support for invoice lines mentioned in the ticket form. Allow also to create bills/invoices from a list of timesheets that are billable.
  • Customers can provide feedback comment and rating of tickets so when the ticket is closed, the system will send email to customers for feedback and ratings automatically by email.
  • Manage your support tickets using assignments to a support team so the system allows you to select a support team on a ticket form.
  • Allow users to view prepaid hours of customers for helpdesk tickets form as shown in below screenshots.
  • Allow your manager to create customer invoices from timesheets as shown in below screenshots from the list of timesheets menu. So while working on any ticket, your users can fill the timesheets and if it is paid support then manager can generate invoices.
  • System allows you to create project tasks for helpdesk tickets directly from ticket form view so project task can also be integrated with helpdesk support ticket.
  • Allows support managers to create invoices from timesheets using the Make to Invoice button on timesheets list view for paid support hours.
  • System allows your user/employee (people working on tickets) to set Time In and Time Out on while filling the timesheets.
  • Allow your manager to create and manage helpdesk ticket stages under configuration.
  • Allow your manager to create and manage ticket types under configuration.
  • Allow your manager to create and manage types of subjects under configuration.
  • System also shows activity views for helpdesk support tickets as shown.
  • System will add a page on the website to create tickets, show tickets and search tickets which can be used by your customers on your website.
  • Note: Groups for helpdesk support ticket system - 1. Support User and 2. Support Manager.
  • For more details about the app please see below screenshots and watch the video.
  • Note: This module is compatible with the Odoo community edition.

Roles by Users:
    1. Support Manager
    2. Support User
    3. Customer

    Role of Support Manager

  • Assignment of ticket to support user / technician.
  • Communication with customers using chatter.
  • Timesheets fill for support tickets.
  • Ticket close and send invoice/bill to customer for paid support.
  • Creation of invoice/bill to customer from timesheets list view/menu.
  • Create and manage tasks for ticket.
  • Configuration of some settings under configuration menu under tickets.

  • Role of Support User

  • Working on tickets and communicate with customers for ticket from chatter.
  • Filling timesheets for ticket.
  • Communication with manager to discuss tickets.
  • Working on tasks under project.
  • Print pdf report of ticket.

  • Role of Customer

  • Creation of tickets from website and searching tickets.
  • Portal view of submitted tickets.
  • Chatter on the portal for customers so they can communicate with your team.

Menus Items Available:

  • Helpdesk
    • Helpdesk
      • Helpdesk Tickets
    • Analytic Account
      • Analytic Accounts
    • Invoicing
      • Timesheets to Invoice
    • Configuration
      • Helpdesk Teams
      • Stages
      • Ticket Types
      • Type Of Subject
Testing sample / demo users for below screenshots:

Role Name
Support Manager Peter Pinaker
Support User Martin Luther
Customer Colleen Diaz

Edition Compatibility:

Only Community

Form to Create Support Ticket by Customer Login with Azure Interior, Colleen Diaz [Website]

Filled Form to Create Support Ticket by Customer Login with Azure Interior, Colleen Diaz [Website]

Acknowledgement Thanks Message to Customer [Website]

Created Helpdesk Ticket Form View [Backend]

Support User / Manager ==> Martin Luther can Communicate Customer using Chatter [Backend]

Message sent to Customer from Chatter in the Backend [Backend]

Helpdesk Ticket in Work In Progress Stage [Backend]

Helpdesk Ticket in Needs More Info Stage [Backend]

Helpdesk Ticket in Needs Reply Stage [Backend]

Support manager can Create Task from Helpdesk Form [Backend]

Task Smart Button on Helpdesk Ticket Form [Backend]

Open Task Form View from Smart Button of Tasks on Ticket [Backend]

Support User can fill up Timesheets after Support Manager Assign Ticket to Support User [Backend]

Support Manager can Fill up Invoice Line on Helpdesk Form [Backend]

Support Manager can Create Invoice from Helpdesk Form [Backend]

Invoice Reference fillup Automatically after Create Invoice [Backend]

Open Invoice Form View from Smart Button of Invoice [Backend]

Analytic Account Smart Button on Helpdesk Form [Backend]

Open Analytic Account Form View from Smart Button of Analytic Account [Backend]

Set to Close button on Helpdesk Form View [Backend]

Support Manager Closed Ticket [Backend]

Sent Email after Closed Ticket and Email Form View [Backend]

Open Feedback Form from Email Form View [Portal]

Acknowledgement Message of Feedback [Portal]

Customer Rating Tab filled up from Rating Form [Backend]

Tickets Menu on Portal/My Account - Login with Customer (Azure Interior, Colleen Diaz) [Portal]

List View of Heldesk Tickets [Portal]

Ticket Form View with Chatter [Portal]

Message Sent to Backend on Ticket Form [Backend]

Manage Attachments on Ticket Form [Backend]

Open List View of Attachments from Manage Attachments Menu [Backend]

Support Ticket Kanban View [Backend]

Support Ticket List View [Backend]

Support Ticket - Calendar View [Backend]

Helpdesk Report (Pivot view) [Backend]

Added Helpdesk of Analytic Account Report [Backend]

Bar Chart of Helpdesk Ticket in Report [Backend]

Line Chart of Helpdesk Ticket in Report [Backend]

Pie Chart of Helpdesk Ticket in Report [Backend]

Bar Chart of Analytic Account in Report [Backend]

Line Chart of Analytic Account in Report [Backend]

Pie Chart of Analytic Account in Report [Backend]

Bar Chart of State in Report [Backend]

Line Chart of State in Report [Backend]

Pie Chart of State in Report [Backend]

Print PDF Support Ticket Report [Backend]

PDF Report of Support Ticket

Prepaid Hours - Analytic Account Menu inside Helpdesk [Backend]

Prepaid Hours Configuration on Customer Analytic Account [Backend]

Show Status of Prepaid Hours on Ticket [Backend]

Section to Show Customer Invoice Creation from Timesheet Lines / Timesheets Activities [Backend]

Configure Rate on Customer Form

View Tickets on Customer Form [Backend]

Fetch Rate from Customer Form on Project - Editable [Backend]

Fetch Rate from Project Form on Task - Editable [Backend]

Timesheet Lines to Create Customer Invoices [Backend]

The timesheet lines system will display only billable timesheet lines which have not been invoiced yet.

Select timesheet lines for which you want to create a customer invoice.

Click on Make Invoice wizard action to create customer invoice

Click Create Invoice Button on Wizard [Backend]

Created Customer Invoices after Running Wizard [Backend]

Customer Invoice Form View Sample [Backend]

Billable, Time In and Time Out on Timesheet [Backend]

Helpdesk Stages [Backend]

Helpdesk Ticket Types [Backend]

Helpdesk Type Of Subject [Backend]

Search Tickets [Portal]

Warning Message if entered wrong ticket no.

Search And Show Tickets [Portal]

Open form view of Tickets from check status button [Portal]

Ticket Activity View [Backend]

Support Ticket with Clock Activities button [Backend]

Support Ticket with Clock Activities [Backend]

Helpdesk Support Ticket New Groups (Support Manager ==> Peter Pinaker) [Backend]

Helpdesk Support Ticket New Groups (Support User ==> Martin Luther) [Backend]

Support Team List View Configuration [Backend]

You can create a different support team and assign tickets to the support team responsible to do work on that ticket.

Support Team Form View [Backend]

If you set any team as the default team then the ticket created from the website will be set as the default team but later you can change a team on ticket form.

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You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
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It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
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The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
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