POS Coupons Discount & Gift Vouchers

v 9.0 Third Party 31

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Technical name pos_coupons_gift_voucher
Read description for v 12.0 v 11.0 v 10.0 v 8.0
Required Apps Sales Management (sale)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Inventory Management (stock)

POS Coupons Gift Voucher

This module is used to generate gift coupons/voucher for discount to be applied on POS order for particular customer.

key features:

  • Manage coupon max-amount once it used.
  • Manage coupon max-limit when it used by user.
  • Different options for coupon amount calculations.
  • Auto genrated coupon code.
  • Create coupon for specific customer.
  • Restrict coupon use using max-amount and max-apply-limit.
  • Create Coupon form with all the required field.
  • Coupon history when each time it used.
  • Coupon print options from front and backend side.
  • Create coupon form with validations.

POS Coupons Gift Voucher

Gift Coupons Configuration

You can configure gift coupon with many options like Minimum Coupon Value, Maximum Coupon Value, Maximum Expiry Date and set default values for coupons.

Gift coupon Error

At a time you can configure only one active Gift coupons.

Create Gift Coupons

You can create gift coupon with coupons amount(discount) and issue date.

POS Screen

In Point Of sale,You can see POS coupon.

Select a options for Coupon/Gift voucher

Create a Coupon/Gift voucher

You can create a new coupon/gift voucher from the front side.

After successfully created the coupon you can print the coupon.

Apply Coupon/Gift voucher code

Here you can enter automatically generated coupon code in POS sale order.

Validate Coupon Code

After entering gift coupon code,System validate the coupon code and apply coupon discount in POS order.

Invalid Coupon Code Error

If gift coupon code is not valid then it will be raise Error popup in POS.

POS Order Payment

After applying gift coupon code, customer can pay amount.

POS Payment

After done payment, see payment receipt.

Coupons History

You can maintain the history of gift coupon's used in POS order.

POS Order

No Customer Error

We can not use any gift coupon if there is no customer selected. It will be raise Error popup.

No Product Error

if product is not selected then It will be raise Error popup in POS.

Print Gift Coupon

Gift Coupon is available in PDF format

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