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Department/Employee Wise Salary Rule Report

Salary Analysis Report
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
29.00 €

This Module allows you to track customer & supplier order list.

Sale & Purchase Order History
Equick ERP
10.00 €

odoo app will help to pass confirmation date manually while confirming sale order

Sale Confirmation Date
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
12.00 €

Use coupon programs in your eCommerce store

Sale Coupons for E-Commerce
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
100.00 €

Sale Today This Week This Month This Year Filters

Sale Days Filters
Faheem Khan
29.99 €

You can see Sale Delivery Details

Sale Delivery Notes in Odoo
10.00 €

Show delivery status in sales list view and form

Sale Delivery Status
5.00 €

This Module allows to create delivery order based on dispatch date in sale order.

Sale Dispatch By Date
Equick ERP
20.00 €

Quotation and Sale Order Double Validation

Sale Double Validation
Xpath Solutions
25.00 €

Sale Margin Report helps to profit analysis for product agaist the sales order

Sale Margin Report
49.00 €

Warehouse per Sale Order Line

Sale Multiple Warehouse
69.99 €

Add client description to each order line and show them in sale and delivery documents.

Sale Order Client Description
19.00 €

Sale Order Commission

Sale Order Commission
Grzegorz Krukar [grzegorzgk1@gmail.com]
10.00 €

Add Available Qty,Sale Price and Previous Order Price in Sale Order Line.

Sale Order Customization
Vraja Technologies
11.00 €
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Sale Order Date Filters
Shepilov Vladislav <shepilov.v@protonmail.com>
17.17 €

Sale order delivery address enhancements

Sale Order Delivery Address
Oregional Kft.
32.00 €

Sale order invoice address enhancements

Sale Order Invoice Address
Oregional Kft.
32.00 €

This module help you to calculate weight of a product in order line.

Sale Order Total Weight
10.00 €

This module is automatically fetch lot number in SO and in Delivery order

Sale Order auto Lot Selection
12.00 €

This module is automatically fetch lot number in SO and in Delivery order

Sale Order auto Lot Selection
Kiran Kantesariya
10.00 €