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e-Invoice in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA | tax invoice | vat | electronic | e invoice | accounting | tax | free | ksa | sa |Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority | الفاتورة الضريبية | الفوترة الالكترونية | هيئة الزكاة والضريبة والجمارك

e-Invoice KSA | tax invoice | report | qrcode | ZATCA | vat | electronic | einvoice | e-invoice sa | accounting | tax | Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority | invoice
Genius Valley
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Asterisk Plus CRM integration

Asterisk Plus CRM

The Minimum Order Amount App for odoo empowers your e-commerce business with the ability to set minimum order requirement to complete a purchase. Encourage customers to enhance their shopping experience by adding more item to their cart, ultimately increasing your average order value and revenue.

Minimum Order Amount | Restrict Orders
Weblytic Labs

Now you can limit your customer from bulk orders of any individual product. Add checkout restrictions based on product. so that customers can only order products in a quantity specified.

Limit Cart Quantity | Minimum Order Quantity | Maximum Order Quantity
Weblytic Labs

Accounting Reports, Asset Management and Account Budget, Recurring Payments, Lock Dates, Fiscal Year For Odoo 17 Community Edition, Accounting Dashboard, Financial Reports, Customer Follow up Management, Bank Statement Import, Odoo Budget

Odoo 17 Accounting
Odoo Mates , Odoo S.A.
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Ai as employee. 1 click Tweak odoo. 48 Functions odoo enhancement. for Customize, UI, Boost, Security, Development. Easy reset data, clear data, reset account chart, reset Demo data. For quick debug. Set brand, Language Switcher all in one.

odoo17 Tweak,Ai Employee,Boost,Customize All in One. Customize,UI,Boost,Security,Data,Development Enhance
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Payroll For Odoo 17 Community Edition

Odoo 17 HR Payroll
Odoo Mates , Odoo S.A.
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Accounting Reports For Odoo 17

Odoo 17 Accounting Financial Reports
Odoo Mates , Odoo S.A.
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Restrict Menu Items from Specific Users

Hide Menu
Klystron Global

Preview reports and pdf attachments in browser instead of downloading them. Open Report or PDF Attachment in new tab instead of downloading.

Open PDF Reports and PDF Attachments in Browser
Ivan Sokolov , Cetmix
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Module provide feature to admin to take backups of his instance's database and later download them.

Odoo Database Backup
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Generic Payroll system Integrated with Accounting

Odoo 17 HR Payroll Accounting
Odoo Mates , Odoo S.A.

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Sales Dashboard Looker Odoo

Odoo 17 Assets Management

Odoo 17 Assets Management
Odoo Mates , Odoo S.A.
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PostgreSQL Query Deluxe
Yvan Dotet
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This module is used to customized receipt of point of sale when a user adds a product in the cart and validates payment and print receipt, then the user can see the client name on POS Receipt. | Custom Receipt | POS Reciept | Payment | POS Custom Receipt

POS Custom Receipt
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

Apps basic Hospital Management system Healthcare Management Clinic Management apps manage clinic manage Patient hospital manage Healthcare system Patient Management Hospital Management Healthcare Management Clinic Management hospital Lab Test Request

Basic Hospital Management System in Odoo

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Remove Powered By Odoo
A Cloud ERP

Show row number in tree/list view.

Row Number in tree/list view
Synodica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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