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Extra features for free 'Mail Messages Easy' app

Mail Messages Easy Pro: Show Lost Message, Move Message, Reply, Forward, Move, Edit or Delete from Chatter, Filter Messages in Chatter
Ivan Sokolov , Cetmix
117 | 9

It sends an e-mail from particular user's outgoing SMTP mail server. Use your own smtp server for sending mail from Odoo.

Outgoing SMTP Mail Server Per User
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
25 | 5

The tool to correct accidental mistakes in messages and notes

Message / Note Editing
Odoo Tools
96 | 4

The tool for private communication without interrupting followers

Private Thread
Odoo Tools
65 | 4

The tool to exclude automatic following for message recipients

No Auto Subscription
Odoo Tools
75 | 3

Extension of Scheduled Activities by Employee, Supervisor and Manager.

Schedule Activity Management Extension
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
33 | 2

Extra features for free 'Mail Messages Draft' app

Mail Messages Draft Pro. Create new message, change draft record, restore message from draft, share draft with other users
Ivan Sokolov , Cetmix
17 | 2

Customize 'from' and 'reply-to' addresses for Odoo models

Email From Tweaks Pro: Customize Email From For Odoo Models
Ivan Sokolov
7 | 2

The tool to make sure you do not loose any incoming messages

Lost Messages Routing
Odoo Tools
62 | 2

The tool to notify users of assigned to them activities

Activities Daily Reminder
Odoo Tools
24 | 2

Chatter edit delete items, message, chatter add notes, chatter notes, chatter comment, delete notes, delete note, message edit, message delete, chatter message edit delete

Chatter Message Edit Delete
Simple Apps
4 | 2

This module will help user to configure outgoing and incoming mail server.

Odoo Advance Email Configurator
Silent Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
26 | 2

Have a private group chat in a singal or group like skype or watsapp.

Discuss Extension
Jupical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
1 | 1

Modern presentation of the messages of your discussion

Mail modern view
Kywana dev solution
19 | 1

The tool to plan and generate recurring activities according to the flexible timetable rules

Recurring Activities
Odoo Tools
17 | 1

Adds menu to find old messages

Mail archives
IT-Projects LLC,Pavel Romanchenko
59 | 1

Allows you be sure, that all discussion participants were notified

Show message recipients
IT-Projects LLC,Pavel Romanchenko
14 | 1


IM Chat Extension
Geminate Consultancy Services
2 | 1

It sends an e-mail from particular user's company's outgoing mail server

Outgoing SMTP Mail Server By User & Company
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
5 | 1

Notifications to both the Odoo Inbox and Email

Inbox Notifications and Emails
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
21 | 1