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Print any reports or shipping labels directly to any local, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer without downloading PDF or ZPL!

Odoo Direct Print PRO
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Product Barcode Label Building and Printing | Professional Tool to Print Labels | Barcode Product Label Builder | Product Label Designer | Sticker Label Maker | Dymo Label Maker | Barcode Label Generator | Direct Print

Odoo Product Label Builder
Garazd Creation
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A customizable RESTful API for Odoo

MuK REST API for Odoo
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The tool to build a deep and structured knowledge base for internal and external use. Knowledge System. KMS. Wiki-like revisions. Knowledge management solution. Notion features. Docket features. Helpdesk knowledge. Collaborative library. Knowledge-based. Internal wiki. Documentation online. Knowledge online.

KnowSystem: Knowledge Base System
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Unleash the robust features of the Odoo Gantt View Project with the base model. Bridge the gap between the smooth planning and Gantt View Project with the Odoo Gantt View Base module. Gantt Native Web view,Gantt Native view for Projects,Gantt Native Exchange for Project,Gantt Native PDF Advance,Gantt Native view for MRP,Gantt Native view for Manufacture,Gantt Native view for Leave,Gantt Native view for Leave Holidays,Gantt Native,Gantt chart,Project Gantt View,Gantt view for Projects,Project Gantt Native Web View,Odoo Gantt View,Leaves Gantt View,HR Employee Holiday,Web Gantt Chart View,Web Gantt View for Project,Odoo Gantt View Manufacturing,Odoo Gantt View Time Off,Base for Gantt view,Meeting Gantt View,MRP Gantt View,Manufaturing Gantt View,Gantt View Base,Odoo Gantt View Base,Web Gantt View,Odoo Gantt,Manufacturing Gantt,Gantt View Pro,Gantt Chart Project,Odoo Project Gantt Chart,Odoo Project Gantt View,Gantt View for Project Task,Gantt chart on the web,Gantt Native Report for Project,Track Leaves,Plan Leaves,ksolves gantt view,gantt chart widget view,Web gantt view for projects,Gantt View for Project tasks,Gantt view for Project Issue,fastest Gantt chart,project management,Manage leaves,leave dependencies,Planning view,Gantt Tasks,Odoo Web Gantt chart view,Odoo Project Web Gantt Chart View,All in one Odoo gantt view,Odoo Gantt Chart, Odoo Construction, Odoo Manufacturing,Gantt chart view,Project Web Gantt,Gantt View Base module,Gantt View App,Gantt view to Odoo 16,Gantt view to Odoo 16,Odoo timeoff

Odoo Gantt View Base
Ksolves India Ltd.

Real Estate, property, rental, ownership, installments, management, projects, marketing, villa, buildings, lands

Real Estate
Neoteric Hub

Optimize importing data from excel, especially import images and documents from URL or local file path, import employees, import customers, import products, import Lot/Serial Number, import Inventory Adjustments, import Bank Statement, import sales orders, import purchase orders, import pricelist, import invoices, import BOMs, import manufacturing routings, import Journal Entries, import timesheets, import project tasks, import working times, import work schedules, import manufacturing work orders, import analytic distribution

VKS Import Excel
Tuan Bui VKS

Design and publish ZPL labels with easy to use interface.

ZPL Label Designer
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List view search,Global Search,Quick Search,Search engine,advance filter,Field Search, advanced search,Tree view,document management system,Resize columns,Export Current View, auto suggestion,Hide column,show column,rename column,reorder column

List View Manager
Ksolves India Ltd.
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Doc report and docx report - Use MS Word template to design reports

Docx Report - Populating MS Word templates | Report Doc | Report Docx
Dev Happy

Set all relational fields domain by selecting its records unsing `in, not in` operator.

Advanced Web Domain Widget
Terabits Technolab

The tool to set up KPI targets and control their fulfillment by periods. KPI dashboards. Dashboard designer. KPI charts. Odoo dashboards. Analytic dashboards. Create dashboards. Customize dashboards. Chart Graphs. Key performance indicators. Dynamic KPIs. Smart goals.

KPI Balanced Scorecard

User Activity Log, User Activity Audit, Session Management, Record Log, Activity Traces, Login Notification, User Activity Record, Record History, Login History, Login location, Login IP

Advanced User Audit | User Activity Audit | Login Notification
Terabits Technolab

The module create RESTful API for Odoo and allows you to access and modify data using HTTP requests to manage fetch and manage data from the Odoo.

Odoo Rest API
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

It accesses Odoo using standard HTTP GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods and a simple JSON and XML input and output format

Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Spiffy Dashboard gives Dynamic, Smart, and Highly Powerful reports. It's an ultimately productive and effective tool that helps to save time and money for your business. Odoo Dashboard, CRM Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Invoice Dashboard, Inventory Dashboard, Chart Graphs Table View, All In One Dynamic Dashboard, Pie Chart Dashboard, Best Dashboard, Multiple Dashboards, Advance Dashboard.

Advance Odoo Dashboard
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Search on top of list view with your own customization fields. Advance Search, Advanced Search, List View Search, List View Manager, Global Search, Quick Search, Listview Search, Search Engine, Advance Filter, Advanced Filter, Field Search, Tree Search, Search Expand, Powerful Search, Search List View, Best Search List, Search List, Search Tree, Tree Search, Tree View Search, Search Range, Search by Range, Search by Date, Searchbar, Web List Search, Search on List, Easy Search, Fast Search, Search for x2x, Search x2x, Visible Search, Search Filter, Multi Search, Multiple Search, Fastest Search, Base Search, Voraussuche, Recherche Avancée, Chercher, Søke, Buscar, Zoeken, поиск, Dynamic Search, Search View, Domain Filter, Code Search, Odoo Smart Search, Elastic Search, Speed Search, Elasticsearch, Search Suggestion, Search Keyword, Dynamic Filter, Product Search, Search Autocomplete, Auto Search, Automatic Search, Configure Search, Quick Product Search, Optimize Search, Better Search, Linear Search, Binary Search, Sequential Search, Interval Search, Interpolation Search, Search Algorithm, Odoo Advance Search, Odoo Quick Search, Odoo Advanced Search, Configurable Search.

Advance Search & Quick Search
Ivan Yang

The tool combines users in roles and simplifies security group assigning. Access group management. Users mass updating. Access groups management. User access roles. User group roles. Access manager. base_user_role. Access organizational structure. Odoo user rights. Access rights. User security roles

Security User Roles

Committee Management, Committee Process, Committee Member, Committee Evaluation, Board, Council

Committee Management

Import Customers From Csv,Import Suppliers,Import Product image,Import Sale Order from excel,Import Stock,Import Inventory,import purchase order,Import Invoice,Import Bill of Material,Import Lead,Import Task,Import Vendor Detail,Import bank statement

All In One Import - Partner, Product, Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory, BOM, CRM, Project | Import Product Template | Import Product Variant | Import Product Image | Import Sale Order Lines | Import Reordering Rules| Import Purchase Order Lines
Softhealer Technologies
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