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Odoo SaaS Kit allows you to run your Odoo As A SaaS business. After installation and set uo you can sell Odoo As A Saas to your client via subscription based model, saaskit

Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
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Fleet repair vehicle repair car Maintenance auto-fleet service repair Car Maintenance Repair workshop automobile repair Automotive Service repair Automotive repair machine repair workshop equipment repair service Repair auto repair shop Auto Shop repair

Car Repair and Automotive Service Maintenance Management Odoo App

Auto Parts Vehicle Management Auto Parts Attributes OEM Original Equipment Manufacture Fleet Repair Vehicle Repair Maintenance Fleet Service Repair Automotive Make Model Year Type Grade Engine Transmission Brand Equipment Maintenance Repair Operation Assets Maintenance Equipment Repair Maintenance Request Auto Parts Repair Auto Parts Maintenance Machine Maintenance Machine Repair Product Repair Assets Repair Car Repair Maintenance Product Maintenance Odoo

All In One Auto Parts Management - Advance
Softhealer Technologies

Bus Booking Module Bus Management Reservation Management Transport Management Ticket Reservation Bus Reservation Transport Booking Odoo Bus Ticket Reservation Route Management Special Route Real Time Check In Trip Management Ticket Booking Cancel Booking Fleet Management Bus Booking Management System Book Bus ERP

Bus Booking Management-Backend
Softhealer Technologies

Farms as Cultivation area and can distribute into Blocks Crop Activities and Materials and fleet and equiments management Accident and incident management Soil and water analysis Disease and cure management Inspection of crop on every process Multiple Processes as tasks and timesheet for labours Production summary and budget and costing claim and claim request and payments Agriculture or Farming solution as service providers Farmer management Farming Solution Agriculture Services Agriculture Cultivation Soil Testing Geolocation Crops Pestisides Farm Management system Crops Management system

Advance Farm / Agriculture Management

Manage Queues in your store with Odoo queue Management module. Manage waiting lines with token system in your Odoo. the customer takes a token number and wait for their turn

Odoo Queue Management
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Milk Management solution Farm/Milkman Registration Daily trip management of raw milk Route and Vehicle Management Weight Management for incoming milk Quality Checks for incoming milk Collection Centers for incoming milk Instance billing for outgrower Loan and Advance payment for outgrowers Multi finish products from milk with bom templates Sorting of end products Grading of end products Packaging of end products Backorder for raw materials Catalog orders from sales Indent request for useful Multiple reporting

Milk Management System

Tour and Travel Booking Management Visitor Management Tour Booking Service Tour Agents Hotel Booking Room Management System Hotel Rooms Management Hotel Room Management Hotel Reservation Management complete Hotel Management Solution Odoo Reserve Hotel Rooms Hotel Operations Hotel Administration Hotel Marketing Hotel Revenue Management Hotel property management Hotel guest services Hotel Booking Management Hotel Management System Manage Hotel Booking Manage Room Booking Manage Rooms Booking Room Reservations Room Reservation System Room Reservation Management Manage Hotel Rooms Hotel Management Odoo App Hotel Management Odoo Module

Hotel Management System | Hotel Reservation System
Softhealer Technologies

Insurance Management System Life Insurance Health Insurance Property Insurance Liability Insurance Disability Insurance Travel Insurance Pet Insurance Business Insurance Auto Insurance Odoo App Insurance management Insurance Policy Insurance Approval Insurance Policy Reminder Insurance Policy Claim Approval Insurance Reminder Insurance management Insurance Renew Reminder Insurance Installment Reminder Insurance Expiry Reminder Insurance Policy Renew Reminder Insurance Policy Installment Reminder Insurance Policy Expiry Reminder Insurance Policy Premium Reminder Insurance Policy Premium Installment Reminder Fixed Premium Installment Premium Insurance Fixed Premium Insurance Policy Fixed Premium Insurance Category Insurance Policy Category Insurance Policy Insurance Policy Management Insurance Pricelist Policy Pricelist Insurance Policy Pricelist Insurance Terms Policy Terms Insurance Policy Terms Policy Claim Insurance Policy Claim Insurance Policy Claim Policy Claim Approval Incurance Claim Approval Policy Expiry Insurance Policy Expiry Insurance Expiry Renew Policy Renew Insurance Policy Renewal of Policy Insurance Renew Renewal of Insurance Policy Insurance

Insurance Management System
Softhealer Technologies

Manage your provider's and income subscriptions and following features. Subscription Management System Includes Manage your income or sale subcriptions Manage Your provier or purchase subcriptions Scheduler for reminder days before subcription end Auto set stage to renewal or close subcription Customer can create renewal request and based on request renew subscription Monthly or yearly revenue or payable reports Subscription anlysis or subscription ledger reports Sale Subscription Purchase Subscription

Subscription Management System

Auto Parts Base Odoo Auto Parts Management Manage Auto Parts Variants Find High Quality Auto Parts Handle Auto Parts By Make Model Year Type Find Vehicle Details Module Odoo Equipment Maintenance Repair Operation Assets Maintenance Equipment Repair Maintenance Request Auto Parts Repair Auto Parts Maintenance Machine Maintenance Machine Repair Product Repair Assets Repair Car Repair Maintenance Product Maintenance

Auto Parts Base
Softhealer Technologies

Parcel or Courier Management System includes following features Shipping order for sender to receiver Arrival and delivery of package for shipping order Arrival location unloading anf allocation in location Package barcode and shipping order barcode Source to destination wise pricing Home Delivery and pick up obtion Invoice at sender or receiver end Courier Management Courier Transport Management Package origin or destination wise reports

Parcel Courier Management System

Cloth tailor system online tailor request tailoring appointment cloth measurement tailor business cloth tailor shop stitching measurement request fabric tailoring tailor cloth management tailor measurement tailor orders cloth stitching tailor stitching

Cloth Tailor Management | Tailoring Measurement Shop | Website Portal Tailor Appointment | Cloth Sewing Management | Tailor Shop
Edge Technologies

Collection Management System includes following features Customer Registration and contract Trip management of raw materials Route and vehicle Management Weight Management for incoming goods at custimer end Weight Management for incoming goods at company end Calculated Tare and Moisture values Storage of material at collection centers Quality Checks for incoming goods Instance billing for outgrower Transporter billing Loan and Advance payment for outgrowers Multiple reporting waste collection milk collection vegitable collection goods collection

Collection Management System

GraphQL Subscription over Websocket for realtime updates. Odoo API Framework for REST API.

Odoo GraphQL Subscription

Management solution for workshop or autoshop or garage for all kind of vechile which include following features Online or offline jobcard request Vechile inspection and workorder Technicain work timesheets Spart part and service products estimation Quotation and RFQ or Invoices and Bills Notify manager and customer about renewal service by mail Schedule auto service remainder Message or mail from jobcards with clients Jobcard, inspection or workorder report Repair management Autoshop management Garage management Spare parts, techincial and workshop efficency reports

Advance Vehicle Repair Autoshop Garage Management

Retailer agrees to pay a seller or consignor for merchandise after the item sells or selling goods (clothing, furniture, etc.) through a third-party vendor such as a consignment store. the consignee is financially responsible (the buyer) for the receipt of a shipment also includes Multiple commision on consigment and multiple reports. Consignment Management System sale Consignment Management purchase Consignment Management consignee Management buyer Management consignment store

Advance Consignment Management

Real Estate Property Management

Real Estate Property Management
Bhargav Suhagiya

Hotel Management, Odoo Hotel Management, Hotel, Room Booking odoo, Amenities Odoo, Event management, Rooms, Events, Food, Booking, Odoo Hotel, Odoo17, Odoo Apps

Odoo17 Hotel Management
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

This Module Helps to Manage Patients Records, Doctors Details, Lab Management , Employee Management etc.

Hospital Management Odoo 17
Cybrosys Techno Solutions