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Odoo SaaS Kit allows you to run your Odoo As A SaaS business. After installation and set uo you can sell Odoo As A Saas to your client via subscription based model, saaskit

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Fleet repair vehicle repair car Maintenance auto-fleet service repair Car Maintenance Repair workshop automobile repair Automotive Service repair Automotive repair machine repair workshop equipment repair service Repair auto repair shop Auto Shop repair

Car Repair and Automotive Service Maintenance Management Odoo App

The fuel station management system assists users in managing pumps, nozzles, staff shifts, and daily fuel collections from allocated personnel. It tracks credit-based sales information, including vehicle numbers, and generates various reports such as Day End, Shift-wise, Payment Mode, Stock Summary, and Nozzle Summary in PDF and Excel formats. Additionally, it facilitates purchase management by automatically calculating unit prices based on entered subtotal and total quantity. The system also handles expenses, sales, stocks inventory, and accounting tasks, providing comprehensive ledger reports for effective tracking.

Fuel Station Management System
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Insurance Management System Life Insurance Health Insurance Property Insurance Liability Insurance Disability Insurance Travel Insurance Pet Insurance Business Insurance Auto Insurance Odoo App Insurance management Insurance Policy Insurance Approval Insurance Policy Reminder Insurance Policy Claim Approval Insurance Reminder Insurance management Insurance Renew Reminder Insurance Installment Reminder Insurance Expiry Reminder Insurance Policy Renew Reminder Insurance Policy Installment Reminder Insurance Policy Expiry Reminder Insurance Policy Premium Reminder Insurance Policy Premium Installment Reminder Fixed Premium Installment Premium Insurance Fixed Premium Insurance Policy Fixed Premium Insurance Category Insurance Policy Category Insurance Policy Insurance Policy Management Insurance Pricelist Policy Pricelist Insurance Policy Pricelist Insurance Terms Policy Terms Insurance Policy Terms Policy Claim Insurance Policy Claim Insurance Policy Claim Policy Claim Approval Incurance Claim Approval Policy Expiry Insurance Policy Expiry Insurance Expiry Renew Policy Renew Insurance Policy Renewal of Policy Insurance Renew Renewal of Insurance Policy Insurance

Insurance Management System
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Driving School / Institute Management By Inteslar

Driving School / Institute

Odoo Pharmacy Management App helps you to manage wholesale pharma stores. Users can configure access rights for the user and manager. Users can configure medicine type, medicine category and manufacturing company. Users can manage details of medicines, customers, vendors, employees and contracts. You can create or manage sales and purchase order details with medicines and required attachment of prescription. Users can see customer invoice reports in graph and pivot view and also print medicine expiry reports in PDF format.

Wholesale Pharmacy Management

The 'Visitor Management Portal' offers an effective solution for managing visitors efficiently. It facilitates tracking of visitor interactions, including employee information, check-in/out times, destination, visit type, category, reference details, location, and employee department. Visitors' details are accessible through tree and form views, and the system allows printing of visitor passes containing comprehensive information.

Visitor Management | Visitor Management System | Portal Visitor Management System | Portal Visitors
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Parcel or Courier Management System includes following features Shipping order for sender to receiver Arrival and delivery of package for shipping order Arrival location unloading anf allocation in location Package barcode and shipping order barcode Source to destination wise pricing Home Delivery and pick up obtion Invoice at sender or receiver end Courier Management Courier Transport Management Package origin or destination wise reports

Parcel Courier Management System

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