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POS multiple warehouse point of sales multi warehouse point of sale multiple warehouse point of sale multi warehouse on pos warehouse management pos different warehouse pos product stock pos stock management pos inventory pos stock on different warehouse

POS Multi Warehouse Product Quantity

A Screen for kitchen staff in backend

POS Kitchen Screen (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

POS Realtime Update, used to send real time notifications in the pos. It will update the pos product, customer, pricelist items and account taxes data in real time. It will require to enable the websocket. Pos Product Update |Pos Customer Update| Pos Pricelist Items| Pos Account Taxes |Pos Partner Data

POS Realtime Update
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

This module Allows you to print POS receipts and Bar/Restaurant bills directly using Bluetooth, Built-in, USB or IP Printer on SUNMI/Android devices

POS Restaurant Bluetooth/Built-in Printer

This module is very useful for restaurant owners who want to automate food ordering at the convenience of customer sitting at a particular table. | Table Booking | Table QR Code | QRCODE | QR Code | Table QR Code | POS Table QR Code

POS Scan Table QR Code (Restaurant)
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

The user can display the product quantities on the Odoo POS with the module. If set, The user cannot add out of stock products to the POS cart.Show product quantity in POS|Out of stock products|Added product quantities|POS product stock|Show stock pos.

POS Stock
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
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The POS user can synchronize one POS session with other so they can send quotations from one POS to another in case of multiple orders.

POS Order Sync
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

auto sync pos customer automatic sync pos products point of sale product real-time update pos product and customer real-time update auto sync pos customer updates auto point of sales data sync pos session data synchronization automatically sync pos product

Auto POS Sync Products and Customers

Accept Multiple and Partial Payments on POS and adjust POS payment pos partial payment point of sale partial payment point of sales partial pos payment pos wallet payment POS customer credit payment POS Customer Wallet pos credit pos enable partial pos Multiple payment

POS Partial Credit Payment Odoo

Print POS gift receipt print point of sale gift receipt print Print POS gift card print point of sale gift card print generate gift receipt from point of sale screen point of sale order gift receipt print from pos gift card receipt print pos receipt gift

POS Gift Receipt Print

POS Kitchen Screen Odoo Send Orders Straight To Kitchen Management POS kitchen Display Kitchen Screen System Digital Kitchen Display POS kitchen Screen Software Kitchen Management Restaurant Management Restaurant Order Management Streamline kitchen O0perations POS kitchen Screen Setup Real Time Order Tracking Print POS Kitchen Receipt Print Kitchen Receipt From POS Receipt Print POS kitchen receipt print point of sale kitchen receipt pos kitchen alert pos kitchen ticket pos restaurant note pos restaurant kitchen Receipt Kitchen Order Receipt Print Kitchen Order Screen Kitchen Items Screen Products Screen Kitchen Products

Point Of Sale Kitchen Screen
Softhealer Technologies

App Credit Payment on POS and adjust POS payment pos partial payment point of sale partial payment point of sales credit payment pos credit payment pos wallet payment POS customer credit payment POS Customer Wallet pos credit payment pos partial credit

POS Customer Credit Payment Odoo App

POS electronic invoice for Saudi Arabia distribution according to ZATCA requirements

Saudi Arabia POS e-invoice Phase 2 (Integration Phase)

Our odoo Point of Sale split bill module allows the user to split orders by persons. You can split the order and get reciespt of the splited amount. POS split bill | split by person | split order | split invoice | pos split invoice | devide amount in group | split by group Point of sale split bill | split bill on point of sale | pos restaurant split table | pos split restaurant table Odoo POS Split Bill | Point of Sale Split Order |Invoice Splitting in Odoo | Split Payment POS Module | POS Order Split by Persons| Bill Splitting and Invoicing | Splitting Orders by Customers | POS Multi-Invoice Generation | Odoo POS Split Amounts | Separate Invoicing for Split Orders Delight POS theme | Advanced POS theme | Theme POS | Odoo POS theme | Shopon POS | Multipurpose odoo pos theme | point of sale theme | ShopOn POS | POS restaurant theme | POS theme | all in one pos | pos layout |pos order| pos visibility control| product suggestion|Odoo POS customization |New customized pos theme for the modern generation | POS Brand New User Interface| Redesigned Look for POS | New Look and Features to existing POS Design| Gen X | Design |Custom POS theme |Retail POS system |POS customization | POS theme in Odoo | POS Dashboard | POS Mobile interface | POS tablet interface Simplify Access Management | Manage - Hide Menu, Submenu, Fields, Action, Reports, Views, | Restrict/Read-Only User, Apps, Fields, Export, Archive, Actions, Views, Reports, Delete items | Manage Access rights from one place | Hide Tabs and buttons | Multi Company supported. | Access Manager

Point of sale split bill | Point of sale split order | POS split bill | POS split invoices
Terabits Technolab

This module is used to configure ingredients for pos restaurant foods and manage inventory for such foods(products) in backend | Pos Product Bundal | Product bundal | Inventory for BOM

POS Product BOM (Ingredients)
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

Using apps POS Closed Session Report generate pos session report pos Closed sessions report POS-BOX Compatible pos day summer report pos daily reports pos session report pos z reports for POS Cash register pos session report pos sales report pos report

POS Cash register Z-Report in Odoo

All in one pos Reprint pos Return POS Stock pos gift import sale from pos pos multi currency payment pos pay later pos internal transfer pos disable payment pos product template pos product operation pos loyalty rewards all pos reports pos stock pos retail

POS All in one -Advance Point of Sale All in one Features for retail

Credit Payment on POS and adjust POS payment pos partial payment point of sale partial payment point of sales credit payment pos credit payment offline pos wallet payment POS customer credit payment POS Customer Wallet pos credit payment pos partial credit

POS Customer Credit Payment Offline Mode Supported

POS User Permissions Access Control for Point of Sale User Roles in POS Security Settings for POS Role-Based POS Access Point of Sale Authorization User Privileges for POS Access Rights Configuration Role-Based POS Restrictions POS User Access Management POS User Security Permission Levels in Point of Sale POS User Role Assignment Secure POS Access Customizable Access Controls for POS POS Extra Access Rights Restrict Access Point Of Sale POS Disable Customer Button POS Deny Numpad POS Restrict Plus-Minus Buttons POS Disable Quantity Button POS Discount Disable POS Payment Button Disable POS Disable Price POS Access Rights Odoo

Point Of Sale Access Rights
Softhealer Technologies

Using this module you can add payment in Dual currency.

POS Multi Currency Payment | POS: Show Dual Currency | Multi Currency Payment Venezuela | Base Currency USD and 2nd Currency is Bs