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Point of Sale payment Integration with Pax Device No Need POSbox or IOTbox Payment Information send direct POS Screen to Pax Device

POS Integration Pax Device Terminal
TL Technology

cash in cash out own customer discount mass update product tags own product template auto validate pos quick print receipt import pos secondary product suggestion pos access right pos auto lock cancel whatsapp return exchange pos all feature Odoo All In One POS Retail POS All In One Point of sales All In One POS Responsive POS Order History POS Order List POS Bundle POS Signature POS Keyboard Shortcut POS Direct Login

Point of Sale Retail Shop| POS Retail Shop
Softhealer Technologies
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Print POS Receipts & Tickets using ESCPOS IP network printer. Works without IoT Box

IP Network Printer Drivers (ESC/POS)
Optima ICT Service LTD

Print pos receipts using ESC/POS network printer. No need to connect IOT box separately

POS Network Printer | IP Network Printer Drivers | (ESC/POS) | Epson Standard Code for Printers | Point of sale network printer
Creyox Technologies

Odoo POS Network printer allows you to print the POS order receipt using a network printer. It allows you to configure ESC/POS network printer with Odoo POS.POS print receipt with network printer|POS order receipt|POS order receipt print|Add network printer to POS|Connect Network printer to POS|Install network printer with POS

POS Network Printer
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Pos Multi Currency provide a multi-currency facility to your customers in POS.Multi Currency|Payment In Multi Currency|Currency|Multiple currency

POS Multi Currency
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Odoo POS Pharmacy Management is the complete solution for all your pharmacy needs. It allows you to manage every pharmacy operation with ease and efficiency. The module enables you to add medicines, doctors, salts, chemical classes, diseases, and much more. Also, the Odoo app offers a brand new and improved interface with icons, advanced search, and navigation tools for a more refined user experience. medical store management|medicine sale in odoo, pharmacy|medicine store, medical store|medicine store in odoo

POS Pharmacy Management
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

point of sales multi currency payment POS Multiple Currency payment pos payment different currency allow multi currency payment on POS MultiCurrency payment in Point of Sale MultiCurrency payment pos pay order with different two currency pos Payment Multi Currency payment on pos

POS Multi Currency payment in Odoo

point of sales payment methods pos invoice payment pos accounting payment pos register payment pos voucher payment pos Multiple and partial payments pos payment methods POS payments point of sales payments POS screen register payment on pos advance payment

POS Invoice and Register Payment

POS Product Multi variant Select Product Multiple variants POS Product Variants Point OF Sale Multi Variants POS Relevent Product Popup Product variant pop-up point of sales product template pos product attributes multiple product variants Odoo

POS Product Variants Popup | Point Of Sale Product Variants Popup | Point Of Sale Alternative Product Popup
Softhealer Technologies

Display POS Stock Quantity on POS screen stock Product stock in POS product stock Quantity POS Order stock POS Mobile POS Inventory management pos stocks pos item stock point of sale stock POS Product Warehouse Quantity pos product qty pos product Quantity

POS Stock in Odoo
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1ST POS Application Extend of Point Of Sale Odoo Supported Enterprise and Community Included 300+ features of POS Retail Stores & Restaurant Stores Supported

POS All-In-One(PRO)
TL Technology
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POS Kitchen Network Printer allows you to print the POS Kitchen Order Receipt using a network printer. It allows you to configure ESC/POS network printer with Odoo POS.POS Kitchen Network Printers|Odoo POS Network Printers|Network Kitchen Printers|Kitchen Printer Network|Odoo Kitchen Printers|Odoo Printers

POS Kitchen Network Printer
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Send POS Detail To FBR, Filter FBR Data Module, Sync FBR Data, Fetch PCT Code In FBR App, Connect FBR Portal With POS Odoo, Federal Board of Revenue Odoo Connector, FBR Odoo Sync, Odoo FBR, Odoo FBR Connector, Pakistan Odoo, Odoo Pakistan

POS FBR Connector
Softhealer Technologies

1ST POS Application Extend of Point Of Sale Odoo Supported Enterprise and Community Included 300+ features of POS Retail Stores & Restaurant Stores Supported

TL Technology

POS Loyalty and Rewards Redeem odoo apps is used to give POS loyalty redemption points for every purchase to your customers from point of sales screen. Customer can also redeem this loyalty points for other purchase from the point of sale screen Or use accumulated points to rank up for customers

POS Loyalty Program And Rewards | POS Loyalty And Customer Ranks
Dev Happy

You need to build a promotion program on pos odoo. This module will help you

POS Promotion | Pos Promotion Code (PRO)
Dev Happy

Manage SumUp card reader through SumUp mobile application (iPadOS, iOS and Android) from Odoo POS front end

Sumup Odoo Connector

Allows the POS user to add the products by scanning their Lot/Serial Number.|Serial Number|Product By LOt|Scan Product By Lot/Number|Lot/Serial Number

POS Scan Product By Lot/Serial Number
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

POS Session Sync order on POS Synchronization pos order sync on point of sale order Synchronization on pos sync session pos multi session sync pos session Synchronization pos backend sync pos sync backend all in one pos sync order pos order Synchronization

POS Multi Session Order Synchronization