This module allow you manage your customer support ticket, ticket portal, billings for support, Timesheets.

Website Helpdesk Support Ticket and Issue Management
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
9 226 | 8

This module allow you to manager any type of project with its job costing (contracting) and job cost sheets.

Project Job Costing (Contracting) and Job Cost Sheet
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
151 | 6

Add base for gantt view

Base for Gantt view
107 | 6

Added support Gantt

Gantt Native view for Projects
Viktor Vorobjov
210 | 6

Added support Gantt Chart Widget View

Gantt Native Web view
Viktor Vorobjov
350 | 5

Project CheckList SubTask Checklist Project SubTask CRM Check List Project Checklist Employee crm_checklist Sale Order CheckList construction checklist Read Only User Hide Any Menu multi level approve website document attachment product attachment

Project Task SubTask Checklist
140 | 5

The tool to make sure required jobs are carefully done on this task stage

Task Check List and Approval Process
Odoo Tools
38 | 4

Introducing the Gantt view to Odoo 11 community version for projects and tasks.

Project Gantt View
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
35 | 4

Add gantt view for Project Tasks

Gantt view for Project
88 | 4

This app allow your helpdesk team to have service level agreement(SLA) on Help Desk.

Help Desk Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
22 | 3

The tool to quickly access and simply reference tasks by automatic numbers

Task Auto Numbering and Search
Odoo Tools
9 | 3

Project Subtasks management and Task Delegation

Task Delegation and Subtasks
134 | 3

This app helps to create a meeting from the task and sync it to the calender

Calendar Synchronization For Tasks and Meetings
Edge Technologies
9 | 3

This app allow you to create and manage budgets based on analytic account/project for job contracting and construction.

Budget for Job Contracting and Construction Projects
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
31 | 2

This module provide Construction Management Related Activity.

Construction Management
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
100 | 2

The tool to notify users of assigned to them topical tasks

Tasks Daily Reminder
Odoo Tools
29 | 2

App for Project Risk Management for project tasks risk management for tasks prioritization of risks management app project task risk management application Risk management activities for task Risk management activities for project

Project and Task Risk Management
Edge Technologies
2 | 2
Project Management Dashboard
Zadsolutions , Ahmed Hefni
101 | 2

This module is useful to generate repeated task. First need to create template for repeated task. Select template in project and easily generate task on fire. Project Task Templates Odoo, Project Task Custom Templates Odoo Multiple Task In One Custom Template Module, Make Template Of Different Project Task Odoo, Feature Of Build Task Combo In Quotation, Project More Task Template Odoo task product template app build project task combo odoo task custom template module project multi task template make template of more task Project Custom Task Template 项目自定义任务模板 Modèle de tâche personnalisée de projet Projekt Benutzerdefinierte Aufgabenvorlage Modello di attività personalizzato del progetto Plantilla de tarea personalizada del proyecto Modelo de tarefa personalizada do projeto

Project Custom Task Template
Softhealer Technologies
37 | 2

Project task timer can be started and ended by the assigned person of the task and based on that, timesheet entry is generated.

Project Task Timer with Start/Stop/Pause
Edge Technologies
35 | 2