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Turnover Analysis Report, FSN Analysis Report, XYZ Analysis, Non Moving, FSN with XYZ Analysis Report, Age Report, Age Breakdown Report, stock age, All in One Reports, Overtsock Report / Excess Inventory Report, Inventory age, Stock Movement Report / Stock Rotation Report, Out Of Stock Report

Advance Inventory Reports
Setu Consulting

Apps for cancel stock picking reverse stock picking cancel done picking reverse workflow delivery order cancel incoming shipment cancel cancel picking order cancel delivery order cancel stock move cancel done picking reverse picking process done delivery

Stock Picking Cancel/Reverse/Revert Odoo
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Past Date Stock With Valuation Report in XLS/PDF

Stock Inventory Valuation Report On Particular Date

Inter Company Transfer / Inter Warehouse Transfer This app is used to keep track of all the transactions between two warehouses, source warehouse and destination warehouse can be of same company and can be of different company. -Intercompany transaction (transaction between warehouses of two different companies) -Interwarehouse transaction (transaction between warehouses of same company) -Reverse transactions / Reverse transfer (Inter company transaction or Inter warehouse transaction) -Define inter company rules which will create inter comapny transactions record automatically -Create intercompany transaction automatically when any sales order validated in the company -Create interwarehouse transaction automatically when any sales order validated in the company

Inter Company Transfer
Setu Consulting

Inventory Report | Valuation Report | Real Time Valuation Report | Real Time Stock Report | Stock Report | Stock card | Stock Valuation Report | Odoo Inventory Report | stock card report | stock card valuation report | stock balance

Inventory Valuation Report
Equick ERP

Integrate your Odoo with DHL Parcel carrier (promoted by Vraja)

DHL Parcel Shipping Integration
Vraja Technologies

delivery order cancel cancel picking delivery cancel reverse delivery picking order cancel Stock cancel reverse accounting Picking Cancel Cancel Order Cancel Picking Cancel Delivery Delivery Cancel Cancel Receipts Receipt Cancel Cancel Order Cancel shipment reverse picking stock picking cancel in odoo shipment cancel stock picking cancel Cancel Delivery Order Cancel Outgoing picking Cancel Incoming Picking Reset Stock Move/Picking Cancel move reset move return move Reset Delivery Order reverse Delivery Order Return Delivery Order return picking return delivery reverse move stock cancel return stock stock return Stock Picking Cancel Stock Picking cancel and Reverse cancel accounting entries reverse stock stock reverse reverse stock entries stock entry reverse return stock entry stock entry return reset to draft reset picking reset to draft incoming shipment reset to draft delivery order reset incoming shipment reset delivery order reset picking/delivery reset picking stock return stock return to warehouse stock return to location stock return to stock location product return product return to warehouse product return to stock warehouse product return to stock location item return item return to warehouse item return to stock warehouse item return to stock location reset validate delivery reset validate delivery order reset validate incoming shipment reset validate picking reset validated picking reset validated delivery reset validated incoming shipment cancel validate delivery cancel validate delivery order cancel validate incoming shipment cancel validate picking cancel validated picking cancel validated delivery cancel validated incoming shipment cancel transfered delivery cancel transfered delivery order cancel transfered incoming shipment cancel transfered picking cancel transfer picking cancel transfer delivery cancel transfer incoming shipment reset transfered delivery reset transfered delivery order reset transfered incoming shipment reset transfered picking reset transfer picking reset transfer delivery reset transfer incoming shipment return transfered delivery return transfered delivery order return transfered incoming shipment return transfered picking return transfer picking return transfer delivery Return transfer incoming shipment return validate delivery return validate delivery order return validate incoming shipment return validate picking return validated picking return validated delivery return validated incoming shipment Reset to Draft Reset Picking Reset to Draft Incoming shipment Reset to Draft Delivery Order Reset Incoming shipment Reset Delivery Order Reset Picking/Delivery Reset Picking picking reset reset to new cancel done stock cancel done picking

Cancel Stock Picking (Delivery Order) & Reset to Draft
Craftsync Technologies

Reset Move | Delete Move | Balance Inventory | Cancel Move | Cancel Inventory | Reset Stock Move | Delete Stock Move | Cancel Stock Move

Reset Stock Inventory Moves

This module allows user to sign delivery.

Delivery Signature (Enterprise)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This module allow you return product, refund amount, or repair product.

Return Order Management (ROM)
Fortutech IMS Pvt. Ltd.

This module allow you to check real time stock information base on different location

Stock Inventory Valuation Report
Fortutech IMS Pvt. Ltd.

This module allows you to generate Stock Inventory Report with PDF and XLS format.

Odoo Stock Inventory Report(Enterprise)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

It will allow forcefully push the stock when it is unavailable

Force Availability button in Delivery Order

Import Stock Inventory Adjustment Which Help You To Adjust Your Inventory Adjustments With In Few Minutes. You Can Prepare The CSV/Xlsx/Xls File For The Import Time.

Import Stock Inventory Adjustment From CSV/Xlsx/Xls
YoungWings Technologies

Manage Stock Reservation and Release of stock easily.

Easy Stock Reservation Management
Craftsync Technologies

This Module allows you to generate Inventory Report.Inventory Report | stock mrp Report | Real Time mrp Report | Real Time manufacturing Report | Stock card | Inventory Report | Odoo Inventory mrp Report | location wise report.

Stock Inventory Report Manufacturing
Equick ERP

Creates warranty for the delivered item based on the serial number used on delivery transfer.

Warranty On Items
Harhu IT Solutions

This module helps you to import bulk products in inventory adjustment

Import Inventory Adjustment

This module allows user to sign delivery.

Delivery Signature
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Print stock ledger report warehouse ledger report stock incoming ledger report outgoing stock report Stock Ledger excel report stock Transactions reports stock card reports stock balance report stock book reports corporate stock ledger stock excel reports

Stock Ledger Incoming & Outgoing Report
Edge Technologies